How to choose your socks

socksDane asks, “What should the socks match? The shirt? The pants?”

Good question, one often overlooked. The simple answer I gave was: “the socks should match the pants and shoes – all three should create a seamless look.”

However, you can get even more complex. So, if you don’t want to be confused, just stick with that simple rule. If you want to know more, keep reading. The basic rule covers off “colour,” but it doesn’t focus on all the elements.

The elements you need to consider are:

  • colour
  • weight
  • length
  • shoe

Most of the time, heavy/thick socks are not appropriate. When you’d expect to wear them: when playing sports, or in heavy shoes such as hiking boots.

When in business shoes of any sort, you want a more formal sock in something like silk or thinner cotton.

Ok, I know it feels weird, but you really do need to wear longer socks when you’re in business pants. Yes, yank ‘em up too. No bunching at the ankles. At all other times, in casual socks, wear crew (the ‘normal’ guy sock) or ankle socks.

Ankle socks are perfect for running shoes and anytime shorts are worn – this way, you don’t have a giant sock pulled up your leg visible for all to see.

Most business shoes are black or brown, so stick with those colours for socks, but a grey is also acceptable. Some people like neutral/nude socks – I think they are out of fashion and rather ugly.

Should you wear socks with patterns? In most cases, no. You can get away with subtle patterns, such as stripes or diamonds, but always in the same colour/shade.

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    • Mike Sigers

      I LOVE socks that rock !

      I also love a fresh haircut. How about some haircut tips ?

      For a big sales call, I get a fresh haircut, a close shave and new socks.

      Makes me feel invincible.

    • Arieanna

      Thanks for your comments, Mike! You’re the second person today to ask for haircut advice, so I’ll be roaming around that area soon.

    • Dane Carlson

      Thanks for the response, Arieanna. I’ve often wondered about socks but never had anyplace to ask.

    • Arieanna

      Happy to help :)
      Feel free to ping any other weird fashion questions off me.

    • Melissa

      I should print this out and give it to almost everyone I meet. Here in Germany, people like wearing socks with cartoon characters, in all colors imaginable. Oh yea, they’d wear them with sandals too! haha

    • craig

      I keep losing socks in the washing, so I mix and match the leftovers when I’m feeling a little crazy. ;) I think I’m getting crazier as I lose more socks…

      And thick socks do have their uses when you keep forgetting to buy innersoles for those laceless shoes that stretch!

    • Arieanna

      lol, those are both funny incidents, Melissa & Craig. I can’t imagine seeking colourful socks peeking up all over the place.

      And, Craig, get some new socks! Costco is great for socks, and so is Winners. Buy them in bulk if you have to.

      Here’s a tip – if you lose a lot of socks, try to get a high volume in similar socks, so when you “mix & match” you’re using the same style sock.