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Christina and her cosmetics!  Gotta love that!

I kept seeing in my stats that lots of people were finding their way to eBeautyDaily in a search for Christina Cosmetics, so I thought I had better see what the buzz was about – and, lo and behold, what an interesting product this is. Imagine, a makeup so good for your skin that you don’t have to even wash it off at night (but certainly you should wash your face every night anyway!). Sort of like a good moisturizer with extra features! This is what Christina Cosmetics says about their treatment foundation:

The first anti-aging, anti-blemish foundation for all skin types, including delicate, sensitive and problem skin. Christina is the only makeup in the world with a dual delivery system that simultaneously delivers treatment foundation and a fresh dose of vitamins A, C, and E serum every time it is used. [ed. note: see the system at the bottom of their home page.]

This formulation offers 100% clinically tested, non-irritating ingredients; natural moisturizers, natural sunscreens, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and herbs that help rejuvenate and renew the skin, as well as having excellent color and coverage. Makeup healthy enough to workout or even sleep in!

Also in the product line is an Argeriline-based serum, called the 5 minute Face Lift. I have done a bit of research in the past about Argeriline, as it is a main ingredient in the serum I currently use (which, by the way, costs about 4 times as much as this one!), and it is a fairly new and effective “botox in a bottle.” The recommended concentration of Argeriline is 10%, and I cannot find any information on the concentration on the Christina Cosmetics web site, so if anyone knows, I sure would appreciate the tip!

The Treatment foundation retails for $36.75 for a 2 oz bottle, and the 5 minute Face Lift has an introductory price of $19.95 (size unknown). As always, I would love to hear from anyone who has tried these products!
And, isn’t Christina cute? She reminds me of Olivia Newton-John.

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    • http://christinacosmetics jessica

      is all of your products noncomedogenics, nonacnegenic, and hypoallergenics

    • Christina Jones

      Jessica, I would recommend you go to her site, and find out, because I am not sure about that! Thanks for the comment!

    • anna chiaravalloti

      Hi, I was trying to get onto christina cosmetics website and I am having a hard time. Does anybody know the telephone# I wanted to order pefect pigment and don’t know how to get through. thank you

    • http://ChristinaCosmetics. sheila

      I want to try Christina Sullivan’s treatment foundation but I keep getting only perfect pigment. Has anyone been able to purchase this treatment foundation?

    • Kathy Wilson

      Your customer service is always busy and I have waited and waited and never been able to talk to anyone. I do not like your product. I tried to stop the automated sending of the product but have not gotten any email response that it has been cancelled. Please have someone verify in email to me that it is cancelled. Let me know if it is cancelled for Kathy Wilson at 18827 Appletree Hill, Houston

    • Christina Jones

      I just wanted to be sure you all know that I don’t represent Christina Cosmetics in any way at all. I am just a gal named Christina who happens to write about a lot of different cosmetics. ;) I hope you are able to get in touch with the company and resolve your issues, and please feel free to look around eBeautyDaily or email me if I can help you find something else you might like to try. I have tried a ton of foundations and have researched a ton more, and I would be glad to help if I possibly can. Good luck to you all!

    • Ryan

      Christina Sullivan is a family friend of ours, and she filmed some of the testimonials at our house. The example for “Rosacea” is my mom, who pleaded with Christina to take her picture out. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t, and they had a huge falling out. We invested tons of capital in the product and she tried to rip us off and dissolve our partnership, but STILL use the money we gave her.

      Obviously, we’re not on the best of terms…

    • Perfect Pigment User

      I have been using perfect pigment and LOVE it! It is the only foundation that works with my rosacea and blends in to look natural on my skin. It does everything the commercial says it does and I highly recommend it. I did not know about the serum but am now interested in checking that out too.

    • Jody

      I love Perfect Pigment also. I have been using it about two weeks now and it is great! My only problem is that three of the colors are already almost gone and I don’t get the next one for six more weeks! Any suggestions without having to pay a whole lot more?

    • Diane

      Ryan I was just wondering if your mom likes the product and just got into a dispute with Chistina?

    • peggy fitzgerald

      I just want to purchase Perfect Pigment POWDER COMPACT only is that possible?

    • Christy

      Looking for a customer service number, for Christina Perfect Pigment. Thanks

    • Maria

      I would love to order the perfect Pigment. I saw it on the TV. I have not been able to get the phone number. I’v try on website is impossible. Can someone please help me! Thanks, M.E.T

    • Betty

      I haven’t had any problems with the web site..keep trying. I Google Christina Cosmetics and up pops the site where you can order. I love the product and the facial mist but like the Christina on this site I couldn’t find anything about the serum. I wrote to the Christina Cosmetics web site and didn’t receive a response to my question about the amount of the face lift ingredient.

      The Christina lip gloss is lousy and I have noticed that the amount of product in the compact goes pretty fast but I have to admit, it does what she says it will do. I like it better than Bare Essentials and the Senna powders taht are more expensive.

      I have also tried the Garden Botanika products and highly recommend them for aging skin. They are pure and although I’m old, I still get break outs from some cosmetics and this stuff doesn’t break me out…I’m talking about their skin care products. Their Heart fragrance line is fabulous as well as their Pumpkin Ginger. Their eye primer is also very good and I use it under my eyes as well as a concealer.

      Oh yah, one more thing. I found an el cheapo lip pencil (lipstick) from Wet N Wild and love it…it actually stays on for more than ten minutes. Look for it at drugstores and grocery stores.

      Those are my new discoveries.

    • marguerite

      perfect pigment 18007661661 i hope this helps

    • Barb

      I just googled christina cosemetics, and then her site was like the 3rd one down on the list. I ordered the product, and as I was checking out, it gave me a few pages of order add-ons that I could take advantage of. The serum was one of them. I do not think you can get to it though unless you are checking out with an order. I hope I like the product. The infomercial says that it is only 24.95 to try, but when you order, you have to be prepared to authorize a 2 time payment of 24.95, so I guess the moral is to make sure that you cancel service if you don’t like it before the 2nd payment is applied.

    • Linda Abbott

      I ordered this product with high hopes. The website screwed up and double ordered (and double charged). Since the makeup was too light, I thought I’d exchange one for the darker option. The agent on the phone told me I didn’t have to send the one I had back and that she’d send me a new dark package. After a month of waiting, I called to see where the makeup was. I was told that the other agent had given me misinformation (would have been nice if they had called me back to tell me instead of waiting for me to call). I sent the product back and waited again. The product I had sent back was a complete package, unused. After another month and another complaint, I got a box containing 2 compacts of used dark makeup. In addition to the used makeup, I didn’t get any concealer, lip gloss or brush. I called again and complained. They said that I’d have to send the stuff back again and promised a shipping date of April 20th…and that it might take 10-14 business days to get it. There’s no reason for only takes 2 days between where they ship from and my house, but I waited the time. Time’s up. No product. My advice is to find a mineral based makeup NOT made by this company. There are lots of them out there. They don’t understand customer service.

    • Tahhnie

      I think that I can help. The website is And the order number is 18002921262. The customer number is 16154498877. I think that those informations can help.

    • mary lou audenried

      I purchased perfect pigment after viewing your commercial on TV. The offer was 24.95 plus shipping and handling…….I received the package and the charge to my credit card wasn’t 24.95 it was 49.90 plus shipping charge of 7.95! I want to hear from you asap.

    • Betty

      Perfect Pigments are now available on with shipping is $44.

      I haven’t found any info on the serum and sure would like to know if it works.

      I bought the Senna minerals and it is ok but I really prefer Perfect Pigments (PP)by Christina. I have switched form Bare Essentials to PP but the amount of PP in the compact is scant. Too bad this is something of a rip off because it is a great product.

    • Christina Jones

      Thanks for the info, Betty – this does sound like it is a great product but perhaps the business plan leaves something to be desired? I sure hope they can get it together, sounds like they have something good going.

    • betty

      Yeah, they do but it still seems like a “As seen on TV” since they don’t give you much product and you get the lip gloss and concealer whether you want it or not.

      Did you ever find out the % of Argerline in Christina’s product? If it has the recommended 10% it is a steal. So far the least expensive I’ve found is $38 Unique Image and I have no idea if they are reputable or not.

      What have you heard about the $140 Infusion product? I think both Sephora and maybe Ulta carry it. Does it work or is it more “fairy dust” like the Freeze products?

    • Christina Jones

      Honestly, Betty – with all of this negative conversation about Christina Cosmetics products, I have not bothered to research them any more, but you are right, the Argeline products are sooo expensive.

      I am also not sure what Infusion product you are referring to – if you could give me a bit more info I could surely look into it for you, or ask some other folks for their opinions.

    • sharon hughes

      I would just like to say how disappointed in the ordering process of perfected pigment was.
      I saw the infomercial & decided I would like to try the product.
      I use BARE MINERALS & the start up kit was only $40.00 – not $200.00, (a 2 month supply)as the program implied, never the less I thought that your product was less expense @ the advertised price of $24.95 + S&H, & seemed to be ( by your words ) a better product.
      When I called to order there was no live person to talk to – ok. When I had already placed the order & of course, given my cc # I was informed, by automated operator that in 30 days I would be charged the (for lack of a better expression)2nd 30 days of the 2 month supply.
      What I can do is call the customer service line (yeah!) ask for them to cancel the order & wait 2 days to see if they have successfully canceled & call back to confirm. At this point I have wasted 20 min of my time – I AM NOT AUTOMATED – trying to order a product & then cancel; that I feel was deceptively advertised as far as the cost.
      At this point I am looking in to contacting the better business bureau.

    • Daisy Kappen

      I wanted to give Christina Cosmetics a real good try. I love the simplicity of the foundation, blush and eye shadow in one small compact. All four shades match my skin perfectly. The concealer gives great coverage and at the same time, it is very light. The lip gloss/lip color is okay, if you don’t like bright colored lipstick. It would have been perfect, right? BUT—my skin started breaking out! I gave it a whole month, but it just didn’t work for me. Can anyone give me their opinion on Bare Essentials? Sheer cover?

    • Betty

      I have worn Bare Essentials for years with no problems. I just love Perfect Pigment and haven’t had any break out problems form it. I cannot wear liquid or stick foundations…they all make me break out.

      I would go to Ulta or a store that carries Bare Essentials to get the correct color. Sometimes the online colors are deceiving.

      Senna, Philosophy and Loreal all have mineral powder foundations now. I haven’t tried them so I can’t say much about them.

      Also Bare Essentials has come out with a super duper BE for $60 and I can’t imagine what is in it that makes it that special. Normally their foundations are about $25.

    • christine phillips

      I too have had trouble with the customer service phone numbers as well as how long it takes for the product to ship —-but I like the product so much that I put up with the delays. I’m on my 3rd compact (each seems to last about 2 months) I’d like to try any other products that Christina manufactures but I agree it’s difficult to get past the “as seen on TV” assortment and I certainly don’t need all that lip gloss that comes along with the compact.

    • Carol Nixon

      DO NOT BOTHER ORDERING PERFECT PIGMENT. I ordered some in the Spring, was charged double what I was told over the phone by a woman who hardly spoke any English. Had to make several long-distance phone calls to get things straight. They continued to charge my account, finally they gave me my the credit I was due and said for my “troubles” they would send me a free long distance calling card. I have never received the “free” card, but did get a $60.14 charge today on my account for Freedomstarr LD today for my “free” phone card I never received. I had to make a phone call to my credit card company and a toll free call to Freedomstarr LD and got the biggest jerk I have spoken to to tell him to credit my account. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT NOR MAKE ANY ATTEMPT TO ORDER FROM THEM — THEY ARE TROUBLE. Stick with Bare Essentials — they treat you great and do not try and stick it to you!!!

    • Linda

      I hope everyone listens. My trip through Christina Cosmetics customer disservice department was a similar nightmare. They charged me $117. and I never did get it straightened out. They “made up for it” by sending me extra compacts (which had been used!). I finally gave up. There are way better mineral makeups out there than this product anyway, and they won’t steal from you, won’t lie, etc. Beware! Go elsewhere!

    • Betty

      I love my Perfect Pigments makeup. No longer do you have to deal with the company directly…go to QVC and enter Perfect Pigments. They have the single order of the compact, lip gloss and concealer for $44…no multiple orders and multiple charges. You can’t get more reputable than QVC.

      I like Prfect Pigments by Christina better than BE for some reason and I used BE for years.

      Has anybody tried the new $60 BE to wear at night as a treatment?

    • Dianna

      I just received my Christina perfect pigment compact and have worn the makeup for 2 days. I do not like it. It makes me look older. It makes my eyes burn. The coverage is not good. It looks like MAKEUP! When I use it for eye shadow, it shows up NOT AT ALL! It is way to light for my complexion, although I ordered medium. The lip gloss is a nice texture, but makes me look dead. I will not be reordering. I hope I can cancel this before they take out another payment. I am going back to Bare Escentuals. I love it! Should have known there couldn’t be an improvement over BE.

    • KY

      Help i just ordered CC thiinking great something to cover my pores i come here and am terrified by some of the horror stories. what on earth do i do

    • Christina Jones

      I just wanted to insert another note that I have nothing to do with this company at all. I get emails nearly every day from dissatisfied customers thinking I am part of the company, and I am not. Good luck to you all with problems, I hope that the company resolves them to your satisfaction!

      KY – Since you have already ordered it, you might as well give it a shot, but definitely, with these problems in mind, keep all of the packaging materials and your receipts! Good luck!

    • Daisy Kappen

      I agree with Christina J. Just because it didn’t work for me, it doesn’t mean it won’t work for you, KY. If it does, you’re lucky cuz it’s nice having foundation, blush & eye shadow in one small compact. Coverage is excellent, I just wish I didn’t break out. I was watching an infomercial last night on Dermacia. They claim that mineral makeup doesn’t let your skin breathe causing your face break out. I thought that might have been the reason for my skin breakouts with Christina Cosmetics. It was good coverage, but I felt my skin not being able to breathe. And what about Bare Essentials which works for a lot of people? BTW, thanks Betty, for the tip on BE. I’m using Senna cosmetics now and I love them but have not tried their mineral foundation. Maybe I’ll try that when my liquid foundation is gone. I’m still on my quest to find the best mineral foundation for me. ;-)

    • Betty

      Daisy, you are so welcome. I’m sorry the Christina/Perfect Pigments didn’t work but so far for me, mine does. Just goes to show you “different strokes for different folks” is really true.

      I think it’s a toss up between BE and Senna. I saw and put a sample on my wrist at my beauty salon of a new mineral make up that comes in a tube with the brush at the end. I loved it it had that luminous look (not sparkles) but it was $58. Not! I can find a good mineral make up for half the price.

    • Christina Jones

      I am a BE girl myself, I really do love it, but I need to try some more of the multitude of mineral foundations around these days. I can get in such a rut. LOL Keep your eye out, I will post about it when I do. If you all have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to email me!

    • Dianna

      I returned the Christina cosmetics perfect pigment makeup. I did not hear from the company, so I wasn’t sure what was going on as far as my next payment not being taken out of my account.I looked on my bank statement, and Christina Costmetics has made a deposit to my acct. for a refund. Of course, I’m still out the shipping, but I was happy they did this.

    • Traci

      For those of you deciding on mineral make-up, I recommend getting it from sheer miracle. It’s awesome, and does not have any extra ingredients in it like some of the other ones. the website shows you a list of ingredients in each item. My skin has been clearer and more radiant looking than ever. They even have sample kits for 16.50 apiece. they also have samples you can get seperately for 3.50 also my orders are here within 2 to 3 business days. I use the pure emu oil also and I love it. It’s Thanks for listening

    • Marjory

      I ordered a one time only shipment of Perfect Pigment & really like the product.After reading all the comments I am not sure I will re-order due to everything I have read about their problems. I went to QVC & cannot find this product there, as Betty suggested. Does anyone know if QVC dropped them for some reason?

    • Tammy

      I had some problems at first with the customer service and believe me I was ready to just forget it and cancel my whole order. I am glad I didn’t I love having this little compact. I can’t believe everything is all this little thing. The makeup looks great and feels very nice on my skin. My only down fall with the product is it does seem to go a little fast as someone has already said. I am going to keep giving it a try, I even have my mom trying it. So I always tell everyone that I know, never believe what you hear, you have to try for yourself, as everyone has their own opinions on everything. So I would say go on and give it a try it could be great for you!!!! I say Thanks Christina and great job!!

    • mei

      so i just watched the christina cosmetics perfect pigment infomercial. it really does work? i mean is there an age line where if you’re too young you’re not supposed to use it? y’all’s cusotmer service nightmares are really freaking me out though…i really want to try it! tell me what y’all think.

    • Gail Ables

      Dear Mrs. Jones,
      Have you ever considered changing your first name?

      Mrs. Ables

    • Betty

      Mrs. Ables…that is about the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard. Ms. Jones does not need to change her name…people just need to be more attentive when attempting to order the Perfect Pigments by Christina.

    • Gail Ables

      I agree with you and that was my point.
      It was supposed to be ridiculous. I WAS JOKING! LOL=laughing out loud.


    • Christina Jones

      LOL Gail – thanks for lightening up this thread a little – believe me, if I didnt think this post (well, mostly the comment section of it at this point) was pretty important for readers, I would have gotten rid of it long ago. I get emails nearly every day assuming I am that Christina. That said, I am NOT changing my name. LOL ;)

    • Betty

      I get it…I wan’t sure so I was a little grumpy..sorry I actually was having a rotten day.

      Hey, why not rename this to something really gross like Fe-Fe’s Finds.

      How do you like that Christina?


    • Christina Jones

      LOL Betty – my best girlfriend calls me Bessie – so perhaps something like Beauty with Bessie might be more appropriate. ;)

      No worries about being grumpy – it is hard sometimes – well often – to read humor into writing, especially sarcasm. Gail’s a tough Texan, she can handle it. ;)

    • Betty

      I’m a Texan, too so Gail and I can just square off if need be. :)LOL

      Bessie’s Beauty…hummm….no not snapy enough. You could put some humor in it…Mortar and Trowel Beauty Blog. Now that should send people flocking to this site. :)

    • Maggie

      Hi My name is maggie. I am the customer service rep for Christina. Sorry your having so much truble getting ahold of me. I take as many phone calls i can a day. And try to get back to as many people as i can. But feel free to email me and i will try to get back to you soon i will also check this every day or so and help with as much as i can

    • Christina Jones

      Betty – Morter and Trowel – fabulous!! :)

      Maggie – thanks so much for commenting, I am glad a rep for the company has found this, as I am sure that your company would like to know about these issues. Sounds like you desperately need some more help in the customer service department, I hope they will get you some soon.

    • Gail Ables

      Bring it on, Betty!
      (And I hope your day is going better :) )

      I’m actually a damn yankee, (which is where my sarcastic streak comes from, I think) but I’ve been here for over 23 years, and everyone else at my house is native Texan, so there ya go.

      How about Spackle ‘n’ Sparkle? If that ain’t snappy enuf for ya, then ya better check the elastic on yer drawers!

    • Betty

      Well it certainly sounds like a lot of Texan has rubbed off on you…what a blessing. :) I know that because of the elastic in yer drawers comment. It don’t get much more Texan than that!

      Honey, it’s way to hot to fight…bring on the Margaritas and we can surely come up with a name for Christina’s site. Now, she may not be able to print it but you know we can.

    • christine

      I’d written earlier about my trouble with customer service but also how much I like the product. Somehow, my subsequent contacts with the service department have gone so smoothly that I suspect they’ve read some of these posts and shaped up!! I continue to enjoy the product for its quality, convenience and ease of use. I think nearly any product is worth a try at least once, so for all of you “on the fence” just try it. If it fits your life, great; if not, there is another product out there that will. Happy hunting.

    • betty

      I’ve said it again and again…go to QVC and order it. It is a couple of dollars less AND you never have to worry about customer service with QVC. It’s $44 plus S&H and that’s a one time cost. You get the same deal, compact, brush, lip gloss and concealer.

      I am a devotee of Perfect Pigments by Christina and continue to use it with no problems except when I buy next time it will be through QVC so I don’t have the hassles I read about in these posts.

    • Marjory

      I cannot find the product @ QVC. How long has it been since you ordered this product from there?

    • http://Christina Becky


      I have to questions the first one is for Betty. What is the item number from QVC for Christina makeup? Second question is for Maggie customer service rep from Christina. What is your E-mail address? You told us to E-mail you with questions but didn’t leave an address. Thank you.

    • Maggie

      my email is
      and to answer your other question QVC is no longer selling Christina make up

    • Betty

      Maggie & Becky: I sure can’t find it on QVC anymore. It was listed under Perfect Pigments which is what Christina’s product is called. I don’t know what happened. It hasn’t been that long ago that I saw it on there…I reported on it in one of my recent posts.

      I may or may not buy again from Christia’s website although I love the compact. I loathe the gloss and concealer…and wish I didn’t have to pay for those items. They just aren’t up to the standard of the powder wheel and brush.

      Sorry to have lead everybody astray but I swear it was on there. I don’t know what happened to it. Guess QVC was getting complaints about the scant amount in the compact and probably Chrhistina’s company couldn’t keep up with the demand for the volume QVC ususally sells.

      I’m exploring a new mineral foundation by Eminence Organic Skin Care. I’m trying to find it for less than $58 which is what they are charging at my beauty salon. It has the luminosity built in…I don’t mean sparkels, I hate that and I’m too old for that; however the luninous look is flattering to older skin as well as young.

      Anybody know about this product line?

    • Marjory

      It would be nice if these products could be purchased singlely, however, after having used them for just three weeks, I will continue to order the kits. I love the gloss and concealer and hope they continue to come with the kits. My skin looks so much better, it’s unbelievable.

    • Maggie

      just to let you know that all kits come with the lip gloss and concealer

    • Katianna

      Hi I was wondering if someone knows how to order the lipgloss that comes with the perfect pigment. I still have the full compact of pigment but I was traveling to Miami and since they were not allowing any liquids or jells after the brittain scare they confiscated my lipgloss. I don’t really like the pigment but it was the best and prettiest lipgloss shade I ever owned. How can I order the lipgloss without ordering the whole kit? Their site is not very efficient. Please help. Kat

    • Katianna

      I also wanted to add… I have been using Bare Minerals Escentuals I will never stray again, I wanted to try something new so I tried the perfect pigment, I am glad I did because I would have never found the perfect lipgloss for my skin color, but I love Bare Minerals, you may try them on ebay they sell trial sizes of different shades. I have Graves disease and Hypothyroidism my skin is sooo prone to acne, but since I have been using bare escentuals mineral make up I have maybe but one or two very small ones during my 5days (blush) other wise I love my skin. I am a sincere believer in natural medicine, I check every ingredient on everything I buy, for me or my family. Bare Minerals HONESTLY has only minerals in it. Not One chemical. Try it. You will never regret it. I would still love the lip gloss from Christina, I love it!

    • Betty

      Dang! I love the compact and don’t like the gloss but I gave mine away already. If I order more of the makeup I will galdy give you the gloss.

      Wanna give me your compact? I use the light one, how about you?

      I suppose I can let you know via this site, when I buy more.


    • Katianna

      I used it a little since I was trying it. If that’s ok with you, I always wash and disinfect my face before I use any make-up. you can write to me at thank you :)

    • http://ChristinaCosmetics Maria

      I was going to order the perfect pigment but after reading all these horror stories, I decided not to. I didn’t know that they automtically charge your credit card and keep sending the product. I would rather be the one to let them know if I am going to re-order or not. I am glad I found this website!

    • Katianna

      They are not all horror stories…lol. Some people actually love it. It all depends on your skin type and the look you want for your self. You won’t know unless you try it. They do give you an option to sign up for the automated shipping, you have to pay attention to the steps as you check out and read everything, line by line. I checked NO but we will see if they try to force it on me. I will definitely let you know. Hugs. Kat

    • Marjory

      I signed up for the one time only and will order it that way each time, as I’m not a big fan of automatic shipments, either. I love the product, it just took a couple of days to discover how best to “swirl” the brush over the color to achieve the intensity you need for your skin shade. I have never used anything except creme make up before and have seen the improvement in my skin in the three weeks I have used this product. I have actually had co-workers tell me that something is different about me and how pretty I look. I have always had sensitive skin and use ProActiv all the time and they work really well together. I have ordered a Sheer Miracle kit just to compare product, as someone a while ago said it was really good and less expensive.

    • Irene


      It was nice of you to comment, but it would have been nicer if you gave us your email address or phone number. I have not been able to find either for Christina Cosmetics, and like so many, I have had problems with my order.

      So when you check back in – give us the information we need.

      Thank you, Irene

    • Maggie

      my number is 8005437207 and the email is

    • http://ChristinaCosmetics Maria

      Thanks Katianna and Marjory. I will re-think about ordering this product. You sound very convincing.

    • Katianna

      Betty, thank you… pls let me know when you order the pigment I would love to purchase the gloss from you or maybe anyone who doesn’t want or like the lip gloss. I am using the light kit. Thanks. Kat

    • Betty

      Ok Kat, it is a deal. Just don’t get impatient…I don’t need any pigments at the moment.

    • Katianna

      I won’t get impatient…lol. I have waited for the love of my life for 5 years, patiently…lol, I don’t get impatient very easily…lol, Thank you very much Betty, I do appreciate it. Hugs. Kat

    • http://AOL Susan

      You have got to be kidding with this customer service….Forget the product, as the business side of this company stinks…have tried to return product and they gave me a completely wrong address. Was this a mistake or do they want to charge me another $24.95??? Have all intentions of contacting the BBB if I do not receive my money back…

    • Betty

      OK, Kat, if you can wait, then we have a deal. You don’t need to purchase it I was thinking a straight trade – you want the concealer? I don’t. I sue Garden Botanika’s eye lid primer for both my lids and under and like it since it is creamy and doesn’t show up my lines.

      Also GB is having a big sale right now, shower gels and lotion for $3.45 a pop. I just received a couple of fragrances I’ve never used and love them. Very clean and fresh scent and in this Texas heat, the lotion acts like a mild cologne in terms of fragrance. Can’t get any easier than that.


    • Marjory

      I ordered a Sheer Miracle kit that Traci suggested.It took only 3 days to get my order delivered.It cost a little over $44.00 and has generous sized jars.The Buff Apricot blush(you apply with a cotton ball,by the way)is a fantastic shade & looks unbelievable on!I will try it for a few days and see how it compares to Perfect Pigment, which I am still having great success with and love.

    • Betty

      How is Sheer Miracle listed on the net? I Googled Sheer Miracle and found nothing…could it be under any other name?


    • Daisy Kappen

      Hmm…I googled it and found it everywhere.
      Here is a link:

    • Betty

      Yeah, me too after the first attempt. I should have know when it came up with some strange stuff. I re-Googled it and like you said, there it was all over the place. My bad.

    • Patricia L.

      I ordered Perfect Pigment three weeks ago and have not received the product nor have I been able to contact the company. I will not reorder even if I get the product and like it. Too much hassel!! Also I think the advertised price of $24.95 was misleading (false advertising) when in fact it really costs $50.00

    • Linda Abbott

      Well, folks, if you’re thinking of ordering this product, think twice…any product that gets this volume of negative commentary should be avoided. My experience was nightmarish and wound up costing me about $120. Having said that, I don’t like the product because it makes me look older and I sure don’t need that! I’m going back to the pigment I’ve been using since 1994. I have both the light and the dark stuff and each has been used only once. If anyone wants them for $10 each, let me know.

    • Daisy Kappen

      Linda, what product have you been using since 1994? Just wondering cuz I’m still looking. I know a lot of people have had some bad experiences with Christina Cosmetics, but it has worked for some. It didn’t work for me so if you’re not picky and you want to try it, I have the Perfect Pigment 2 compact. It is for Olive, Tan or Darker Skin. Sorry, I kept the brush cuz I love it. I’ll keep the lip gloss but will give up the concealer. I think $10 is reasonable. Just a thought. E-mail me.

    • Marjory

      Daisy have you looked at the Sheer Miracle?I have only worn it for two days but really like it too.They have several colors to choose from of everything so you don’t have to worry about it being too light or too dark or just not the shade you want. You can also mix it with your moisturizer & use it as a cream foundation. No automatic shipments to worry about & it takes just a few days to arrive. The Earth’s Beauty Mineral makeup website has $1.00 sample sizes of everything you can buy to see if you like it first.I haven’t tried that one yet, but it’s next. I have been reading on these websites that mineral products do shut off air to the skin but that’s suppose to be good? Says it closes off the pores so your skin doesn’t produce lots of oils to combat impurities in the air that clog the pores and cause break outs.Wonder if it’s true?

    • Linda Abbott

      Hi, Daisy, When I was on a cruise ship, there was a presentation from the spa. It was a bronzing type of mineral makeup where you used very, very little of it and just slowly changed the tones of your face. One color worked for everyone. You just brush your brush against the cork of the container, tap the powder into the brush and then start to lightly apply it to cheekbones, across the forehead, then lightly across the cheeks across the nose and also on the chin. Since you don’t put the stuff under your eyes, it highlights the eyes without having to use any makeup there. This gives you a glow without having to use makeup to do it. It doesn’t fill in wrinkles, but because of the tone of the makeup, you don’t see them. I find that I don’t need a concealer to fade out my age spots either because they visually disappear also. If you want a deeper bronze look for the summer, after you’ve gotten the sun-kissed look the first time around, you can put more on until you’re happy. I also put it on my shoulders and lightly brush my chest so my face doesn’t look out of step with the rest of me. I sometimes use it for my eyes, but more often use it on my lips and put some gloss over it. After all, all we are trying to do is look natural, not made up, right? I’m 62 and find that wearing foundation or even Bare Essentual makeups emphasize my wrinkles and makes me look older. I can see the years peel off with this stuff. It’s called California Sun Glow by Steiner. One bottle of the stuff lasts years. If you want the Christina stuff, email me at

    • Betty

      Hey Linda, I’m about the same age as you are and was thrilled to learn about the Steiner California Sun Glow. When I went to the site I saw what I thought was the Indian Earth line. Is it is the same stuff that is about $10 at Walgreen’s? I don’t mind paying for cosmetics but I sure don’t want to pay triple for something that I can get for less…I’m sure you don’t either. Is this stuff different? It comes in the same container and everything.

      I’m always looking for a natural make up that won’t accentuate my lines. I hate older ladies that look like clowns and it sounds like you are the same. Are you already tan? I’m not at all…so will I look strange in this stuff since I’m fair and have no tan at all?

      I’m anxious to jump on the bandwagon but I want to know for sure before I leap.

      Thanks for sharing your good luck with us.

    • Daisy Kappen

      Hi, Betty. ::::waving:::: Glad the re-googling got you to the right site. :-)) Thanks Marjory & Linda for your beauty tips. I might try some Sheer Miracle samples and see how it goes. I also went to Steiner Leisure website (Thanks, Linda, now I want to go on a cruise…LOL!) Not sure how that’ll work for me…I have Filipino skin and I am tan pretty much all year long. I don’t mind paying the $35 to try the smaller CA Skin Glow but I need a little more convincing.

    • Betty

      Has anybody tried Jane Iredale mineral makeup? It is higher than most about $40+ but it sure has high ratings at all the places I Googled. There is a shop here that sells it and I may go to get a look at the colors and try on to get the exact color. The pressed minerals is highly rated and I think the liquid mineral spheres are good, too but may still need some tweaking. It’s one of those line supposedly sold in physician’s offices, etc but I found it online.

      So anybody have an opinon on this stuff?

    • Linda Abbott

      Hi, Daisy and Betty! First to answer your question, Daisy. I tried Indian Earth and I found that it was too red. While I respect American Indians, I don’t want to look like one! This is much more golden bronze without going yellow or orange in tone. I have a somewhat sallow skin and can’t take yellow or orange toned makeup. California Sun seems to have exactly the right balance of color. I’ve let other people with different toned skins try it and it worked for all of them as well. No, I don’t have a tan. I stopped doing that when I found out that natural tanning AND self tanners both make my dark spots darker. Don’t need that, either!! Betty…the beauty of this stuff is that you control the amount you put on. On your skin, it should work by glowing up the areas you put it on. If you want to go darker or more tanned, just put some more on…SPARINGLY!!! A friend of mine went gung ho with it and wound up looking like she was a member of another race! lol. I just brush the cork, and then, with the bristles facing up, I tap the heel of the hand holding the brush against the heel of my other hand, which puts the powder into the brush and then I start out really, really light, just in case I still had some powder on the edges of the brush. After I’ve gone over my cheeks, I continue in one sweep over my nose..horizontally towards the other cheek..just like a suntan would do. Then I go up to the outer corners of my forehead and brush lightly in the center, then a quick brush across my chin and down my neck and chest. Then the shoulders and I’m done. If you consider that the first pot lasted me 4 years of every day use and the second one equally long, it’s a pretty cheap product. The problem I had, besides with the God Awful customer service and overcharges, with Christina Cosmetics, is that the colors are really flat. They have no life at all. That goes for the dark and the light and/or mixing the two. I looked more flat, dead and wrinkled after I used it than before I applied it! With California Sun, my flat, dead and wrinkled skin looks alive and vibrant…I’d pay twice what I paid for it..but don’t tell them!

    • Betty

      I think you have me talked into the Steiner California Skin Glow. I’m still looking for somebody who has used the Jane Iredale minerals…go to thier site – it looks interesting but I tried a pressed mineral powder once and I looked flat – so I’m leary.

      I may just go oder the Cal. Sun Glow, goodness knows I need something to make me look more alive. I need a creamy concealer around my sad old eyes so do you use this stuff around your eyes or just leave any type of concealer you may use untouched? I appreciate the instructions and I can go for the lenght of time it takes to use it all up…that’s pretty amazing that’s the only thing that makes me think it will be too much color on this old pasty white skin…with some blothces here and there. I’m ready for the leap…push me over…I expect a miracle! Heck, I bought the Perfect Pigments for $50 and I’m hesitating to buy this for $35…what’s with me? I just don’t want to be too dark or streaky looking.

    • Linda Abbott

      Hi, Betty,

      I know you won’t be disappointed in this thing. I don’t know why I keep trying new stuff…I’ve been so happy with this one for so long. It’s just me, I guess. I love trying something new. I have blue veins in the crevases of my undereye puffiness and I don’t use any concealer with this stuff. You just don’t see them when the rest of the face has that glow. I’d try not using it at all at first. Also, I learned a good tip your eyes and your lips before doing your cheeks. It will tell you how much glow to put on without looking made up. That tip has served me well! Just remember…start out easy. You can overdo it because it is a powerful pigment..but a gorgeous one and the only one you’ll need. If you need any help or have any questions, email me at A word about their brush…the original brush I got was fabulous. The latest brush they sell is their weak link. It’s too long and it’s too soft..and it, in that state, loses bristles. If you have to get it, cut off about 3/8 inch. The brush will be firmer, wider and more manageable.

    • Betty

      Thanks Linda…you are a wealth of information and I can’t wait to receive my California Sun Glow.

      Since I also ordered some free samples of the Jane Iredale pressed mineral powder foundations I’ll let all of you know how I like that. I bet I am a devoted California Glow Gal just like sounds like it will give me the lift I need.

      I forgot one thing, does the Glow have shimmer or sparkles in it? I hope not…that seems to look awful on my skin.

      Thanks again, Linda

    • Linda Abbott

      Hi, Betty,
      You bet it shimmers…but you only really see it when you use it as a lipstick base..otherwise it just works, but it doesn’t scream like some of them do.

    • Christina Jones

      Hey Betty – if you didn’t see it, I tried Jane Iredale – it is really nice – I have a post about it up here.

    • Kelly

      I just bought Christina’s Perfect Pigment and my son took the DVD player when he moved out and the one on the computer doesn’t work.

      I was in the hospital when I saw the infomercial and so drugged up that I don’t remember how to apply it.

      Can anyone tell me how to use it?



    • Marjory

      Betty, I ordered my Jane Iredale online @ the Dermstore. They have free shipping & ship the same or next day.I ordered the 24 Karat Gold Mine multi-pack that has 6 different shades in it and they can be used on the cheeks, eyes, hair, body, you name it.I have been using both Perfect Pigment & Sheer Miracle to see which one I like best and they both are great but I think Perfect Pigment looks better on.Sheer Miracle made a shipping error on my blush but sent the correct product the same day and told me to keep the incorrect one.A girl in my office ordered Perfect Pigment and guess what? They doubled her order & she could never contact the customer service dept.

    • Betty

      Marjory: I’m sorry to hear that Perfect Pigments hasn’t gotten it together, yet. I love the compact and wanted to order from them again, but I’m afraid to do so.

      I am going to try the Jane Iredale and the California Glow. I’m also going to try a new mascara called Kiss Me by Blinc. It is supposed to make tubes around your lashes and it won’t give you racoon eyes and it comes off with just warm water. I’m also going to try Iredale’s Magic Mitt to clean the face…it is supposed to exfoliate and make one’s face cleaner than with soap…we shall see.

      I’ll be having a littel make-up fest just like you when my orders arrive! I can’t wait.


    • Maggie

      for everyone having problems wanting to return PP the address is P.O. Box 1246 Camarillo Ca, 93011 Make sure you let us know who you are and why you want to return it so we can fix it. Sorry some of you are having problems im doing my best to figure them all out

    • Marjory

      Thanks Maggie but I like my product and have never had a problem! How old of a company is Perfect Pigment? Are these start up problems?

    • Kelly


      On the Perfect Pigment, do you just swirl the brush on the powder? I bought it and I tried it but it does nothing much. Do I wet the brush or just use it dry?

      I like the colors but I don’t want to have to use foundation under it. Can you tell me more about using it.



    • Betty

      Kelly, I push the silver part of the brush tube up so the bristles are short and tight and then I use the white around my eyes on the upper cheekbone. Then I push the silver tube all the way down and swirl it over the entire compact and brush it on my face till I get the coverage I want. Some places on my face need more and others less. As I recall you can use the two darker colors for your cheeks and eyelids. I’ve done this on occasion but I have a couple of eye and cheek colors I like and so I just use those on top of the Perfect Pigments foundation. I forgot to say I swirl the entire foundation (all four colors) over my face and eyes.

      I bought the setting spray and love it. So when I’m all done I spray my face with the setting spray and I’m done. Doesn’t take but a minute to do. It washes off easily and on occasion I’ve slept in it just because I was tired and didn’t feel like washing it off. I don’t recommend that but hey, nobody’s perfect all the time. :)

      Like I said, I love it but I’m hesitant to reorder because of all the negative comments on this blog. I was lucky the first time and I had no problems getting it or having any crazy billing problems. So I’m trying a couple of new things (Jane Iredale and California Sun Glow)but haven’t received them yet.

      Hope that helps, I’m sure there are others that can give you more details than I on the proper application.


    • Kelly

      Thanks Betty. I got up this morning and did all that you said and I like it. I guess it helps with the brush being in or all the way out. I’m very happy with it. I don’t have the setting spray though.

      In time I might try the Jane Iredale and the California Glow but I will and see what you think of them.

      I had no problem ordering or getting my stuff. I did the one time charge and got it in exactly one week of ordering.

      Thanks again.

    • Betty

      Good, I’m glad my instructions helped. I’m also glad to hear that you didn’t have any trouble ordering it…I may buy it again but I want to see how I like the products I ordered.

      You bet, I’ll let everybody know how I liked the Iredale and California Glow stuff. I also ordred an new mascara called Kiss Me by Blinc. It is supposed to make little tubes on your lashes that won’t come off till you take it off with warm water. Anybody out there ever tried the Kiss Me mascara?


    • Maggie

      PP has been on the market for only a year and a half so ya it is just start up problems

    • Marjory

      Kelly, I sent a reply this AM but looks like it never got to you.Glad you had better luck with your PP application. I swirl over all the colors a couple of times and then over just the two darker shades a couple of times then apply with the brush partially closed like Betty does.I feel part of the secret is that I use Sheer Miracle powder blush with it (Apricot Buff or Winter Mauve, apply with cotton ball, by the way)and my regular eye make up. I don’t think PP compact works for all that…I need a little more color but love the foundation. I use the mist before as a moisturizer and afterwards to set it.

    • Marjory

      Thanks for the info Maggie.

    • Katianna

      I have had the same problem with my brush, it seems like it is falling appart (it’s brand new) and by the time I am done applying the pigment my clothes are covered in the bristle hairs. How is that supposed to be good for my skin when the brush is crappy, it makes me think the whole product is too. I have been using Bare Minerals Escentuals for 3 years now, I never needed to put a concealer with that and with perfect pigment I do. I am going back to BE. But I still love the gloss :)

    • Betty

      My brush is still in great shape and I love the brush because you change the strength of it to apply more or less of the product. Sounds like yours was defective…I don’t know but it’s a shame.

      I wore BE for ages and then it seemed to just stop looking good on me. I looked pasty and flat. It is probably my age but it is a great mineral product.

      Has anybody tried thier $60 mineral product that is worn at night? I’m curious what so expensive since it is pure minerals also. Hummm, could this be a marketing technique, ya think?

    • http://Christina Becky


      On the beginning of this site your have two links one to Sheer Cover and the other is to Larenim Mineral Makeup. Have you or anyone tried either of these? I’m really intersted in Larenim as I see on there website they have something you can wear all night and much cheaper than Bare Minerals. Also, they have samples for 3.95. I tried Sheer Miracle and I’m not happy with the foudation but I like the blush and green corrector.


    • Kelly


      Thanks. No I didn’t get your reply the first time. You and Betty have helped. I really like it but it the coverage isn’t as much as I’d like. I will keep playing. I don’t think it will last for two months though. But you all are talking about different products I might want to try. That Kiss Me mascara Betty talks about sounds really good. I will have to check into that.

      Thanks again


    • Betty

      Hey, I just found a dispensing cosmetic brush for $11.99 at Resin Images. They ae perfect for mineral powders and also for mixing flat minerals with highlighting powders in one tube and it combines together and comes out onto one big brush.

      For the person whose brush fell apart, while I was looking for the dispensing brush, I ran across the same type of brush Perfect Pigments uses for about $5 at Choice Brushes. I really like the ability to control the strength/length of the bristles. Walgreen’s Drugs may have them, too.

      Just some new discoveries while surfing I wanted to pass along.


    • Betty

      Kelly: Perfect Pigments doesn’t last very long. I bounce around with my cosmetics so I still have some but am at the bottom of the compact. That’s the one problem I have with the product. Further I wish I could just order the compact and not have to deal with the concealer and lip gloss. Did you think about purchasing the finishing spritz? That seems to help it stay on longer.

      I’ll post about the Kiss Me mascara as soon as it arrives and I’ve tried it a few times. If you want to look at it again I just Googled Kiss Me Mascara – it’s by Blinc if you need that info. The Iredale pressed mineral samples were listed at Aesthetics Northwest.

      You would think we are all going on the red carpet but hey, I’m determined to find “my” makeup the one that makes me think I look great. :)

    • Kelly


      I don’t use the concealer or lip gloss either. I am just so simple. I didn’t know about the finishing spritz until I started reading here.

      I just looked at the Kiss Me Mascara and it sounds sooooooo great. I really want to try it but that will wait.

      Just had a burst appendix in June and that led to poisoning my insides that led to full hysterectomy so no more money for fun stuff. But soon I will be like you and will again be determined to find “my” makeup.

      I want to look good now while I don’t feel good. LOL.

    • Betty

      Well Kelly, could things go any “wronger” for one person at a time? I’m sorry to hear that you have been so ill and I hope you are well on the road to recovery.

      I’ll be sure to let you know about the mascara…no need to spend the money if it is a flop…I’ll let you know.

      I bet you look better than you think…at least you have good color with the PP compact. Keep your spirts up and that will help you to get better soon. My thoughts are with you.



    • Kelly


      Please let us all know about the mascara. I’m really interested. I just checked the aesthetics northwest website and I think I just want the Kiss Me mascara. When should it be arriving? I’m so excited it’s as if I was getting it and I will if you love it.

      Thanks for your thoughts and wishes.

    • Betty


      Your guess is as good as mine on when I will recieve it. I promise to let you know when I do and have tried it a couple of times. I ordered it on Sunday, I think so maybe next week?

      Take care of yourself,

    • Betty

      Hey Kelly:

      I recieved my Kiss Me mascara. I like it but I’m not wild about it. It doesn’t clump, doesn’t give you raccoon eyes and it comes off wit warm water like they said and you can go to bed without mascara shadows under your eyes.

      I still like Fake Lashes by Prescriptives and Maybelline in the green and pink tube just as well.

      This seems a little stiff because of the tubes it makes. I guess I was hoping for more fullness like I get with the other two mentioned mascaras.
      So I guess it all boils down to what is most important to you. For example I was sweating today – no I was melting in the Texas heat and my mascara staid put. I even wiped sweat that was running into my eyes and it stayed put.

      So there you have it. It’s up to you what you want in a mascara. If you already have think lashes it would be great. I have long lashes but not thick lashes.

      Hope this helps,

    • Kelly

      Hi Betty,

      I figured you would have the mascara by now. I was hoping actually. Every morning when I am doing my makeup I think about you. I will get the Kiss Me Mascara as soon as I get the word from you to do so.

    • Kelly

      I’m so new at this blog stuff. I just saw that you wrote about the mascara. Thanks.

      I guess I will be saving my money then. But it did sound good. Sorry it wasn’t.

    • Marjory

      Thanks Betty,for updating us, I was going to place an order for the mascara from Sheer Miracle this weekend now I’m not sure what to do. Did you try the eyeliner? I was going to buy that also. I have thin blonde lashes and it doesn’t sound like it’s going to do as well as my Loreal.I did receive my Jane Iredale 24 Karat Gold Mine kit with the 6 colors to use as either eye shadow or blush. It is fabulous! It’s soft and fine and makes your face glow.It comes with a small application brush that works real well and this powder handles better than the usual mineral product blushes do.It was worth the $58.00 as it has 6 good sized jars in the kit. It took less than a week to get here and UPS was prepaid.

    • Betty

      Marjory, that’s great. IF my Californis Glow doesn’t work out I’ll try the 24Karat stuff. Is it really sparkly or is it just luminous? I don’t like the glittery or sparkly look on my older skin.

      I have blonde eyelashes, too so I wanted volume. I had to put it on several times, (part of getting the tubes) to get the thickness I wanted but again, if you already have lots of lashes I think it would work, I just have long skinny and sparse lashes. No I didn’t try the eyeliner. I use Garden Botanika’s eye liner pencils. They stay put and I like their colors.

      I also ordered the Jane Iredale Blonde liquid eyebrow stuff. I like it. Now I have blonde and very thin eyebrows. I still used a soft pencil to give my borws some shape, a little powder to fill in and then this stuff and the looked very good and pretty natural. It is a nice blonde color that looks good with my hair and skin tone. If you are blonde and have wimpy eyebrows like me, I recommend it.

      I’m going to keep my Kiss Me mascara; so if I get used to using it and I like it better, I’ll let you know.

      Anybody know of a good lip gloss that stays put? No splakles, please. :) I heard Lara Mercer’s gloss was good, has anybody used it?

    • Marjory

      No it’s not a real sparkly product. It’s so fine that it is mostly a luminous glow type thing. I don’t know how to explain it exactly. Hope I’m not misleading you, some products tend to look different on me as my skin has olive undertones and anything gold or bronze or slightly sparkly looks best on it. Did you get your California Glow yet? That sounds good to me but I want to be sure it’s not too dark. I also want to know if it works for all over your face like mineral makeup or is best used as a bronzer/blush only. I think I’ll hold out awhile on the mascara, I have sparse lashes, too and I’m not unhappy with what I use now. The brow stuff also sounds good since mine are fine and blonde also. Perfect Pigment gloss color stays on real well for me. It’s my favorite at the moment, but it seems like not many people are happy with it from what I read here.

    • Daisy Kappen

      Hi, beautiful friends. I’ve been enjoying reading all your helpful tips. Thanks.
      This might be a little premature but I am so excited, I thought I’d share this. Someone mentioned Everyday Minerals to me so I checked out the website and ordered some free samples (You only pay for shipping). You get a concealer, a blush and 3 sample foundations. I received them after three days and tried them today. They are great! They match my skin perfectly. Like Christina Cosmetics, they are light and provide excellent coverage. Now the question is if I will get breakouts in the next few days. I am hoping I won’t cuz the price is reasonable, cheaper than most mineral makeup. Check out the website: :-)

    • sonya price

      I would really have liked to try her products and some people around here would probably buy them, but I am on chemo and live on 641.00 a month of disability and 31.00 in food stamps with no one at all to help me. I asked her for a donation, since she was doing the info mercial I figured she could spare an extra one for a truly needy person, but I got a rude response to my email as if it were spam and I was very put out. Someday she may be in my position and not be able to work and she will know how it feels.

    • Betty

      Sonya: I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. I have a suggestion. Why not write Prefect Pigments and show some sort of documentation that you are on a limited income. Perhaps then they would be more likely to assist you with a free set of their product. Although your situation is for real, some people might try to bilk the manufacturer, hence the unforgiveable rudeness. I also noticed the Loreal in the grocery now has a mineral line for about $9, I haven’t tried it but it is about the least expensive powder make up I’ve seen. Hope these suggestions help. My best wishes to you for a speedy recovery and gentle side effects from the chemo.

      Dasiy and Marjory: You two make me want to go shopping on line again. I haven’t received my Jane Iredale samples or my California Glow. So I’m biding my time waiting for them before I try anything else. I hope I won’t need to. I will try the California Glow all over my face and see if I can make it look like Linda suggested. I think I’m too fair to just use it on my forhead cheeks and chin. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

      I may return the Kiss Me mascara. I left it on during a little afternoon siesta and my eyes were sorta itchy afterwards. The verdict is definitely out on this product. I’m going to try it again and if it doesn’t impress me – back it goes.

      I like the Jane Iredale mit that you use with out soap. I know it sounds crazy but it works…it seems to exfoliate and take off the makeup without any other product. At least I haven’t broken out from leaving make up on.

    • Marjory

      Sonya, why not go online and order the free samples of Everyday Minerals that Daisy suggested? I went to the website and it’s for real that it’s free.That would give you a chance to see if you like mineral products. I also wish you a speedy recovery and hope that things don’t stay so hard for you!

      Betty, I used the Jane Iredale 24Kt. Gold as eyeshadow and over my blush this AM and it is really sheer and leaves just a faint dusting of very very fine sparkle that glows. I am going to order the foundation now. The product appears to be really superior quality.

    • Betty

      Marjory…I need to wait…you are sure tempting me to get online and shop!!!

      I still don’t like sparkle on me…I’m too old and I prefer the luminious glow that I had years ago. :)

      I think besides not likeing it on me, I once saw an attractive older woman out in the sun and she had on make up that looked nice but on closer inspection, she looked like she had tossed glitter on her face. A clown look isn’t good for me; it deminishes my credibility. :)

    • Marjory

      Ok Betty, now you are scaring me! I’m not young either. I guess I’ll wear it to work tomorrow and see if anyone says anything. That will be a sure test, they aren’t shy about commenting on the bosses makeup!

    • Betty

      Marjory, I’m sure you look fabulous. The incident I was telling you abut was about 4-5 years ago and make up has improved dramatically in the last five years. They finally realized there is an older woman looking for cosmetics desigined for them. If your staff says anything, tell ‘em it’s the latest and they need to get with it. :) That’s what I used to say to my people and it usually worked.

      Let us know if they notice how young and beautiful you are.

    • Marjory

      Betty, you are such a positive person..I’ll bet you are very much loved by everyone. Thanks for your kind comments.

    • Kelly

      I agree with you Marjory. Betty is very positive and I bet she is loved by everyone.

      I have no news about any make up but I just had to respond to your comment.

    • Betty

      Marjory: You sweet thing. I appreciate such a lovely compliment.

      Actually, I’m preparing for total knee replacement surgery and am on oxygen from a bout of pneumonia last spring. I believe one’s outlook has so much to do with how we feel. I bet you do, too. The most difficult part of all of this is having to ask for help.

      I sure hope my California Glow and Jane Iredale stuff comes tomorrow. I’m ready to have a glamarama!

      Thanks again, yoiu made my day! Offf to watch the Emmy’s and critique all the gowns. I missed the red carpet, dang it.

    • Kelly


      Marjory is right. You’re very positive and most likely very loved.

      I wish you luck on your knee replacement. A couple of ladies that I work with have had it done and all is very good for them. So you too will be just fine.

      I’m a redhead with light skin, brown eyes and no freckles. Do you know of any make up for redheads?

      Take care.

    • Betty

      Kelly & Marjory:

      Thanks you guys, now stop. You are embarassing me – but of course every so nicely.

      That’s good news about the ladies in your office. Everybody that has had it swears it was the best thing they ever did so I’m hoping for a positive outcome. I have reallllly bad asthma so the anesthesia is a hurdle to over come but I think with a block I will be fine since there won’t be any general anesthisia. I tell you I’m ready to toss this walker and get moving again. I have found my cane to be quite handy when I want to punctuate what I’m saying. I sacred a doctor with it the other day after waiting an hour to see him. He got my point via my cane. :)

    • Betty

      I am still holding on to the mascara till I use it again and if I still am iffy about it, back it goes. I’ll keep you all posted.

      Kelly: I’m blonde but I would think a soft color with red hues for your brows..nothing worse than eyebrows that don’t blend with your hair. A friend of mine did her hair red and wore gray eyebrows…very strange looking. I would also suggest brown mascara just to keep you from looking too stark and then a fair foundation. I think trying to cover the freckles would look awful…so something sheer and let your cute freckles show. Then blush. I think the new colors in eyeliners instead of just black and brown look more attractive. Eggplant is my new favorite…very soft but dark enough to highlight my eyes. Experiment…you will know it when it’s right.

    • Marjory

      Kelly, one of the girls in my office is redhead with light complexion and red checks. She has used PP for two days and even has used the lip gloss (which she never wears) and she looks fantastic! It blended her complexion into a light rose all over.

    • Kelly


      You’ll be fine. Canes can come in handy at times. You make me laugh.

      My brows actually match my hair perfectly. And I’m still red and no gray as of yet. But I’ve worn make up for 27 years now and even though I like the Perfect Pigment it’s not enough coverage for me unless I wear foundation under it. I can never seem to find a light foundation with enough coverage to make me look smoother.

      I do wear brown mascara and I wear either brown eyeliner or a purple/plum eyeliner. I will now wait to see how you like your make up when you get it and see about that. Maybe I try it.

    • Daisy Kappen

      Betty, good luck on your surgery. I am 45 and if I can only have half the same positive, outgoing attitude you have, I’ll be lucky.
      Sonya, try the free Everyday Mineral samples if you can. I’ve been using them for a few days and I love them (No breakouts yet…xxxfingers crossedxxx). I only had to pay $3.37 for shipping. Kelly, if PP will work for you, it’ll be great. Marjory, I think YOU are sweet, too.
      How are you, Christina Jones? Haven’t heard any comments from you lately. ;-)

    • Kelly

      Hi Marjory,

      I like the PP lip gloss and will start wearing it when I get back to work.

      I’m 42 and don’t know when my face quit holding make up. I have to get up at 5:00 to get to work on time and my face is blotchy or rather splotchy after about two hours. Doggone it! I tried PP every way I can. I like it with foundation but not alone.

      I’ve used a lot and I’ve used a little and I’ve done it this way and that way and I’m still a blotchy splotchy person. It doesn’t even make me glow. I don’t know what to do.

      But thanks

    • Betty

      Haven’t you heard, Betty, Marjory and Kelly have taken over the blog. :)

      Kelly I would say the PP isn’t for you. Try a powder foundation with more coverage. You can always go over it with a sponge to tone it down. I still haven’t gotten my California Glow or my Jane Iredale cosmetics. I’m getting anxious. I recieved a brush dispenser tool that is empty. I am going (at some point) to try mixing some of the minerals I have and some of the luminous powders to see what I come up with. I’m not in a hury so it will take me some time. Anyway, the reason I mentioned the brush dispenser tool is that they sent a bunch of little samples and some of them look luminous. I’m anxious to experiment. One of the samples is a base color for the eyes, it looks good – for everyday. I got this stuff from Resin Images online if you want to surf.

      Kelly, when do you plan to go back to work? How are you feeling? If you have taken a lot of meds and especially narcotics or steriods, your hair will change and so can your skin. Once you are off the meds, your skin may return to it’s former state or it may not. Age and hormores play into to the scheme of it, too. I have to tell you there are some days I look in the magnifying mirror and wonder who the heck that is looking back at me. Time just marches on across my face. At my age and I’m much older than you, I don’t even have a T zone anymore. None of this happens over night it just creeps up on you and then you start noticing changes. Don’t dispair, just keep looking and you will hit on a foundation that will be perfect for you.

      Yeah Christina Jones abscounded with all the money she makes on this blog and went to Aruba. She could at least write from there, don’t you agree?

    • Betty

      Hey, Kelly, I just thought of something. How about a foundation primer? I know SmashBox makes one and they are supposed to “prepare” you face for the foundation. Check it out and see what you think. That might help with the disappearing makeup problem.

      Good luck.

    • Kelly


      I go back to work the end of September. I don’t want to. But of course I must. Yes, I’m sure all the pain meds and the new hormones haven’t helped my face at all.

      I will check into foundation primer. Thanks. I think I will check into the samples that all of you girls are talking about. Heck, I can afford shipping and handling.

      Thanks again.

    • Marjory

      Wow have been BUSY today.Look what all I missed!

      For Betty: go girl…you remind me of my oldest sister who uses a cane. She commands a lot of respect and no one messes with her either. My Mom had the same surgery you are going to have and it was a real success. She could walk as fast as anyone after she was through with therapy. Someone as positive and happy as you are, will breeze through this!

      Daisy .. thank you for your kind comments.

      Kelly .. I had the same problem several years ago and discovered I was allergy to plain old face soap. I started using ProActive, doing all three steps religiously and used Linda Siedel cosmetics, which can also be ordered online. I liked the medium rose in the tube. I just recently changed to Perfect Pigment (a whole new world!) and mineral products. Soap hasn’t touched my face for almost a decade. Was just time for a change. I think all of us are having fun experimenting right now. Betty is right about the hormone and medication issues.

      Betty you are so knowledgable, makes me wonder what your chosen profession was? Can I be nosy and ask? A teacher? A nurse?

      I noticed Christina was missing also, maybe on vacation? Last we heard, she had tried Jane Iredale products.

    • Kelly

      Betty & Marjory,

      I’ve been responding but I’m not showing up on here. So I emailed Christina and she got my other messages on. I don’t know where she’s at but she emailed me back. I think I have two messages missing from here still. This will make three if it doesn’t go. Christina said they’re going into the spam box.

      I actually wash my face with Johnson & Johnson Baby wash. It’s gentle. But I will change and try something else. I will look at the Linda Siedel cosmetics. I need something.

      You’re all sweet if you ask me. I did respond to Betty’s cane using and maybe in a day or two that will show up on here.


    • Betty

      You aren’t nosy. I was the Ombudsman (neutral third party) for the state I live in for the agency that handles child protective, adult protective and child care licensing. Ha! No where near what you guessed. I don’t know that much, I’ve just lived a long time. :) I’ve always liked cosmetics and so I’ve tried a lot and I read little blurbs on line about different brands. It is just a little hobby as well as a desperate search to find that younger Betty I once knew in the mirror.

      Kelly, Marjory is right, try some different things to see if that will help with your make up splotching. I know they say to change shampoos every so often and I’ve had ladies at the cosmetic countrers tell me the same about cosmetics. Try using something different as a moisturizer since I assume you put that on before the PP.

      Oh that Reasin Image stuff is sparkly…it says luminous but it is sparkly…at least the samples were. What a bummer, I was all set to play with my little free samples and I know they won’t work on me or at least I won’t like them.

    • Betty

      Well, I’m getting your emails as far as I can tell. The blog’s system sends me an email if there is a response. So I haven’t missed any.

      I think Wexler’s facial serum is too expensive for you right now…I’m talking about after you get back to work. It makes my face like a baby’s behind. Bath and Body Works sells it as well as it being on line. The serum comes in a jar and is bright pinky red. It’s about $50-$55 a jar so I use it sparingly but it sure feels good and so does my skin. I feel like it “prepares” my skin for my foundation.

      AT least a Bath and Body Works you can try it before you buy. They have samples out and sometimes they have little sample packets you can snag to try at home.

    • tammi hopper

      hi! i ordered the compact on the phone the 18th of august. I have yet to receive anything except TWO withdrawls from my account for $83. and $62. The make up was supposed to be $57. I certainly hope someone sees this that can give my money back because i have called customer service over and over and get NO Answer. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHY YOU KEEP TAKING MY MONEY THAT I DID NOT AUTHORIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Marjory

      Tammi, this website has nothing to do with the actual company. (read older entries for this site and you will see what I mean) You want the Perfect Pigment by Christiana website. Sounds like you are having the standard start up problems most of the rest of their customers had. I was one of the lucky ones. However, you will like the product, which usually takes a couple of weeks to get via regular mail.

    • Marjory

      Betty, I’m not surprised that is what your profession is. You would be absolutely perfect for that. No wonder you are so understanding! You know how to sort through the “stuff” & get the heart of the matter. Takes years of practice, doesn’t it?

      By the way, it’s amazing that when I look in the mirror I see my Mother now, too! Not that that’s a bad thing. We just want to be ourselves. My Mom was 88 when she passed away in 2003, did not have a wrinkle on her face!!! She looked like she was in her late 60′s, lived alone and was perfect until the day she left us. I should be so lucky! I think that’s why I am so interested in make up also. I have big shoes to fill.

    • Betty

      Marjory: Thanks for the kind words. Yes years of practice and heavy medication. :) Just kidding.

      Yeah, my mother looked great, too and she took care of her skin hence my efforts also. I look like my paternal grandmother and she had great skin. Her mother was noted for her skin and she never used anything but soap and water.

      I’ve been meaning to ask you about your staff’s reaction to your 24kt face on Monday…where they stunned? Are you still enjoying the product?

      I haven’t received my Jane Iredale or my California Glow. GRRRR!

    • Daisy Kappen

      Tammi, sorry about your hassle with Christina Cosmetics. Marjory is right, this is a makeup/beauty product board, not at all affiliated with Perfect Pigment. I don’t know what’s up but the PP website has not been coming up for the past couple of weeks when I try their URL, checking something for a friend. :-(
      Marjory, your mom didn’t have a wrinkle on her face at 88?? What was her secret? :-/
      Kelly, Johnson & Johnson baby wash as a facial cleanser…Makes sense to me. I might try that.
      I’ve been using Proactiv but it kindda stopped working for me & Principal Secret Reclaim, which is kindda pricey. What’s a girl to do??

    • Marjory

      No one noticed the 24 Karat product, which is a good thing. Means it looks natural, I hope. I have been complimented both days that I look pretty (probably not true, just being nice). It goes on so sheer and is such a fine grade that it glows more than sparkles. Yesterday I wore the 24 Karat Gold with my regular eye shadow (kind of a bronze), today I wore the 24 Karat silver. I really like this product.

      Why does it have to take so long to get the stuff you really want to come quickly? Never fails. My Jane Iredale took about 5 days, but I think it came from CA and I live in Indiana. Still faster than Perfect Pigment…ha ha…

      Poor Tammi, by the way? Typical.

    • tammi hopper

      i am glad i found this site (by accident)
      as i said before i canceled my order for perfect pigment. i am disappointed. i really wanted to try it. tell me more about bare essentials, and sheer miracle. i have never heard of these cosmetics.i buy everything over the counter!

    • Betty

      I use Murad their non-drying facial cleanser and love it. It comes in a white tube with silver writing on it. They have all kinds of cleansers depending on your skin type. I also use thier moisturizer with SPF in it.

      Yes, what was your mother’s secret? This is a necessity. My mother used La Pararie which is out of my price league.

      I bet you looked terrific. Now I know my staff didn’t go around complimenting me so I bet you do look good. Enjoy the compliments – I’m sure they are sincere.

      I still don’t have my California Glow or my Jane Iredale stuff. I called the Glow people and they are in S. Florida and closed for the hurricane. I have confirmation and tracking numbers so I’m sure it is on the way…why it is taking this long mistifies me.

      Tammi, read throug some of these postings and you will see as many products and opinions as you would ever hope to read on mineral makeup. I liked PP but I was lucky. I’ve only ordered it once and am in the process of trying some other brands just to avoid the billing problems with PP.
      It’s a shame because it was a good product and when they were selling on QVC, I intended to buy but now they aren’t selling it anymore. My loss.

    • Marjory

      Tammi, I access Perfect Pigment via asseenontv/ and it still works for me.

    • Marjory

      My mother didn’t have a secret for her youthful skin. She used plain old Pond’s face cream her whole life. Maybe THAT was her secret! Amazing, isn’t it?

    • Betty

      That’s just like my great grandmother who I never knew but everybody talked about her skin. If I used plain old soap and water my face would crack and fall off. I’m way too dry for that.

      What do you do Marjory? You talked about your staff and if you can say on a blog in generic terms I’d love to know.

      Oh, yeah, I wrote QVC and asked why they don’t carry PP anymore. Now I know I’ll get a generic letter back but I’m hoping they might give a hint why they dropped that product.

    • Marjory


      I’m an Assistant General Mgr.for a Nationwide Supplier of Building products to the Mfg.Housing/RV Industry. All that means is that I am responsible for the day to day warehouse operations & purchasing/hiring/firing/customer service – you name it – while the boss handles more of the sales end of it. It’s easy if you can manage to keep twelve balls in the air all day and multi-task.

      I’ll bet that QVC doesn’t handle PP anymore due to having problems getting the product in stock to take care of orders. Bet it was on the “wait list” a lot.

    • Betty

      That sounds like one busy job and like you said juggling 12 balls at the same time. Whew! I’m so glad I’m retired.

      You are probably right about QVC and funny I haven’t heard back from them…ususally they answer in 24 hours.

      Have a good day and don’t drop any balls…

    • Marjory


      Think your new products will come today? I can’t wait to get more feedback on the California Glo. I am still in love with my 24 Karat Jane Iredale. Works well with PP.

      It’s been a BIG juggling day today, we are building a new building and I had to go out to the site.Nice getting out of the office.

    • Betty

      So how do you like the new digs? I hope it will give you a new bigger and better office.

      I recieved the California Glow and I put it on my hand. I think I’m going to love it. I haven’t done my make up today..I’m fighting with my knee. At some point I probably will go in and experiment with it. The cleaning lady is here and so when I’m here and she’s cleaning I spend most of the day moving around to stay out of her way.

      I PROMISE to let you know as soon as I tart up with the new stuff. I bet I have to use a little regular foundation as well as the Glow, but I’ll try one side of my face without mineral foundation and just the Glow and then try the other side with the mineral powder and Glow. I have to give a scientific report, right?

    • Marjory

      I’ll be waiting to hear and if it works for you, I will order it also.

    • Betty

      I tried it and I highly recommend it! Order it and be prepared to wait.

      It has talc, mica, mineral oil and other stuff in it. I like it becuase it gives a glow and is luminous without sparkles & glitter. I think for me, I will use a mineral foundation and then this on top. I still have imperfections I want to cover so that’s why I will use two products. This stuff is going to be great the more I play with it.

      I ended up putting it all over my face and if you have really good skin, do that or just highlight like Linda the person that told us about it. The little jar will last a long time so $42 will go a long way. You use very little to get the effect you want.

      I’m just going to love this stuff, it gives you some color but not like a clown. It is subtle and you can control that with your brush. I used a kubui brush but I bet with a regular mineral brush it will go on heavier. It definately has possibilities for all kinds of applications. It says on the flyer in the box that by adding water you can use it for eyeliner and lipstick. Dry you can use it as eyeshadow.

      When I walked in my powder room a second ago I noticed a shine on my cheekbone like I haven’t had in years and I liked it. Oh, yeah, now we are cooking.







      [Edited out address and phone - Cathy, I am not a representative of this company, please contact the company itself]


    • Marjory

      I ordered my California Glow today. Working okay for you today?

    • Susan

      I’m just as frustrated as Tammi. Too bad Christina Sullivan cares so little about her name and the public response about how her business is run (or not run). How do you cancel your Christina Cosmetics Perfect Pigment orders? I didn’t get the correct product and I never get a call back and all the numbers I used to have I’ve lost. Originally, I wanted to try to ship it back to exchange colors. Now, I just want to cancel. Any help anyone can give me, I would appreciate it.

    • Betty


      Yep, I got tarted up today and used it on my cheekc, forehead, chin and eyelids. I also wet my lips and rubbed it on there and then put gloss over it. Not much color but as Linda said it is very glossy when wet. I bet it would look great over a pencil on the lips with gloss on top.

      I also think I may have been a bit to sparing with it. I’m just learning so as I experiment I will pass it along to you. I also think I might could have used it alone without a mineral foundation. Tomorrow if I put on the war paint, I think I will just cover my blemish (yes I have one at my age) and other little imperfections and use the Glow all over and see how I like that.

      I have to say it is the finest powder I’ve ever seen…I mean this stuff is lighter than air. I made a little mess before I realized that…so that’s a hint…it is very fine and light. It also feels good on the skin.

      Good luck…you will be almost another year old before you get it. :) Heck, I’m still waiting on my Jane Iredale samples. I ordered that before any of the other cosmetics and I still haven’t received it.

      Oh, one more thing. I take back what I said about the Kiss Me mascara. It sure stays put and I look less tired at the end of the day. Today I babysat my granddaugher, ran errands and finally home and I don’t look whipped and I think it is because my mascara isn’t on my face…it’s on my lashes where I put it.


    • Kelly


      I’m glad that you’re liking your goodies. Especially the mascara. I’m going to try it as soon as I can.

      Can’t these people get it that Christina here is NOT the Christina of PP? My goodness!

      Not having a healthy day but I’m still around.

    • Christina Jones

      Kelly – ;) I get a little tired of saying it, admittedly.

      Betty – I am still loving the Jane Iredale a lot – I hope you like it (once you finally get it!)!

    • Betty

      Christina: I just sent an email to them asking where in the world the stuff is. Are they sending it by Pony Express? Maybe you should put a disclaimer at the top of your site.

      Kelly, what’s up with you girl? Are you in pain or just sick of being sick? I find that the latter is often what is making me have my “bad” days. I sincerely hope you feel better tomorrow. What is the expected return to life date? I hope it is soon and you can make the most of this lousy time. Cheer up, sweetie, we are thinking of you.

      When you get back to work aknd can afford the Kiss Me mascara you won’t be disappointed. Now doen’t expect a miracle, it is just good no run mascara. It won’t turn you into a diva, I hope you are already behaving like one, cause you know you are one deep inside. :)

      Take care, B

    • Kelly


      I’m just super dizzy the last few days. I haven’t been that way since my thyroid was removed three years ago. Maybe all my hormones and thyroid are out of whack now. Geez. So no, I’m not acting like a Diva since I can barely stand. I just sat down on the cat. Not doing so good.

      I plan to order the Kiss Me Mascara the first part of October with my first pay check. Does it keep the eye lashes conditioned?

      Thanks again.

      And Christina:

      I don’t blame you.

    • Marjory

      Betty: The California Glow website offered faster shipping but I always hate to pay 1/2 of the sell price added on for shipping & always choose the cheaper regular UPS way. Go figure,I spend a fortune trying new cosmetics and bulk at the shipping cost.Thanks for the update, sounds good! I am looking forward to using it.Now that you have given your blessing to the mascara, I will be ordering it too.

      Christina: I really appreciate the tip about Jane Iredale you gave us awhile back.I had never heard of their products.I love my 24Karat/kit with the six different shades.It’s like spun gold without any real glitter.I put a very light dusting on my forehead and cheeks and bridge of my nose when I’m all done “putting on my face”.Adds a glow.

      Kelly: Hang in there, sounds like you are very brave. Sounds like your cat is too :-)! It’s always amazing to me how much courage people have when facing serious health issues.One day at a time and it will soon be just a memory.

    • Kelly

      Thank You Marjory.

      I can’t wait to try all the good stuff you guys are trying. Well, a lot of them. But that will come in due time.

      That’s all there is to do-is hang in there.

    • Betty

      Kelly and Marjory:

      You two are sure counting on my opinions…I sure hope you like the stuff I like. Like I said, the mascara isn’t as good as Fake Lashes by Prescriptives in terms of making you have thicker lashes but at least you won’t be a raccoon at the end of the day. It really stays on even if you are sweating like I was again today. Between the heat and my meds I’m a puddle by the time I get home from errands.

      Kelly, yep just keep hanging in and if you are dizzy, I think a call to the doc might be in order. I know I wait and wait and the last time my doc told me to go to the hospital I didn’t but ended up there the next morning at 5AM sick as a dog.

      Speaking of animals, do we need to call 911 for the cat? :0 That’s why they have nine lives…they usually are someplace they shouldn’t be becasuse that’s what makes them cats.

      Try not to be blue while you are recovering and you will get better it just takes a long time. The good thing about cosmetics is they will always be there and who knows by October they may be selling botox foundation!
      Dream on, right?

    • tammi hopper

      You are not going to believe this!! I called perfect pigment this morning to make sure they canceled my order, and ask how long it would take for them to reimburse my $145. they shipped my order yesterday, did not reimburse me for the double order, and said that “it has been resolved”. so now i have to fax a statement showing where they took out 2 paymnets, one for $83 and one for $62. Then they can put the $83 back, and I have to wait til I get the compact, send it back then get my other $62 back. I don’t believe I have ever been so jacked around. This is unbelievable!

    • Marjory

      Tammi, from what all I’ve heard, I believe it. However, I have on PP today and still love it..maybe we can all get a job there shaping up the place for them, do a little organization?

    • clair

      This is concerning an order I placed with Christina Cosmetics. The product does not work for me so I tried to contact the company for some information on how to return the product. The web site does not have a “contact us” posted on their website and no one answers the phone on both numbers listed on the site, and the address listed somewhere in TN does is not readable on the site I left 3 messages, on the voicemail but no one at the company returns the calls. I am ready to report the company to the Better Business Bureau. Anyone else have this problem? Does anyone have an address to return this product?

    • Marjory

      Clair, if you read Maggie’s responses on 8/15 & 8/21, on this website, you will find the customer service phone number and return instructions.

    • Betty


      What site did you buy your Jane Iredale foundation from? My samples arrived today and it’s nice stuff but what I bought may be too light in color and I’m thinking maybe the web site I used is off on the color.

      Thanks, Betty

    • tammi hopper

      i finally got my perfect pigment, what a waste of money and nerves. it doesn’t look any different than $6.00 cover girl.

    • Daisy Kappen

      Tammi, sorry for all the hassle with PP. Try Everyday Minerals (
      I tried PP but I had skin breakouts. I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks and am very happy with them. You can order free samples to try & they also have their products called “minis” that are travel-size.

      Betty, have you had your surgery yet? Wishing you a quick recovery and bionic knees. :-)

    • H Critchfield

      I have been trying to cancel the automatic monthly shipments of cosmetics. !9.95 per month plus shipping.
      I have been unsuccessful in contacting you on internet web site .
      Please concel my membership or advise me how I can do it. I like your product, but do not need automatic monthly refills. I will order when I need it.
      Thank you
      H Critchfield

    • Betty

      No, I won’t have the surgery until 9/26 and then I will be the woman with the bionic knee. I’m both terrified and glad to be getting it done.

      Yeah, Tammi, that’s why the cosmetic industry is a zillion dollar a year business. Different strokes for different folks but it is frustrating.

      I finally received my Jane Iredale samples and they will be great for all the traveling I don’t do but alas, I ordered colors that are way to light for me. I may use them for the areas near my eyes as part of my concealer routine. I went back and looked on line and tried several sites and they are all messed up in terms of good color swatches.

      I’m not ordering anymore foundation for a while. I have enough new cosmetic toys to experiment with until I’m on my quest for the perfect foundation. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you all, I ordered the Smashbox powder to cream foundation, a new all over blush and lip gloss and pencil. I’ll let you know how I like it…gee I hope it isin’t too light, too.

    • N. Mink

      Just discovered this website and I suddenly don’t feel so alone in my quest for answers. I’ve been wearing PP since July and lo and behold, no auto shipment! The makeup is ok and I’d like to continue wearing it, but it’s all gone and my auto ship isn’t coming. I’ve called and called the phone number, left numerous messages and nothing. Nobody’s at home. I’m really not happy about it and I feel taken. This is a terrible way to do business! Guess I’ll have to take my money somewhere else if the company doesn’t want to keep up with customers. Does the creator of this cosmetic know how badly her company is being misrepresented Does she also know that this little compact goes very quickly?

    • Lorette

      Hi gals
      I’m new to the site. It was actually emailed to me by a friend who keeps up with you all religiously. She just never comments. I probably won’t comment much either – way busy. But just wanted to say I also ordered the Perfect Pigments by Christina and I tried it,but it doesn’t seem to give as good a coverage if you have skin imperfections. And it seems it won’t last long with the amount they give you. And now with all the horror stories I’m hearing about billing and auto shipments …. it’s scary. I hope I don’t have those problems.
      Has anyone out there tried a product called Dermacia? I saw an infomercial on TV about it and it looked really awesome. Can anyone tell me anything about it.
      Betty you were so positive about the California Sun Glow that I think I will just have to break down and try that one.
      Wish you all the best.

    • Betty

      I like it it seems to give me a glow plus the lady Linda who told me about it is devoted to it and has been wearing it for years. Even tho it is pricey it will last a long time…as soon as I figure out how not to dribble it on my counter. :) It is the finest or thinest powder applied cosmetic I’ve seen; I think that is why it goes on so nicely. Don’t expect heavy coverae…I just use another mineral product underneath if my skin is not up to par and it still looks great. I haven’t tried it over a cream based foundation but I may this winter…seems like the older I get I need as much grease as my car!

      Good luck with it. It takes a while to get it but it’s not like the PP where you may or may not get it and they won’t double bill you.

    • Marjory

      I received notification that my California Glow has shipped and will be here on Thursday.It comes from Florida, I thought it must be California as long as it takes to get to everyone, so I was surprised. I am anxious to get it. I’m still plugging away using PP one day and Sheer Miracle the next. Still like PP best. I had to laugh about how much you spill of your product. I find that one of my biggest problems with the mineral product. I end up with it everywhere. I have used it out of the sink, off the countertop, even off the floor at times. Seems a shame to waste it, they must make it that way on purpose to sell more?

      Lorette, no haven’t tried Dermacia YET. However, we appear to be pretty willing to try new product when someone recommends it, so no doubt I’ll try it if you give us good feedback.

    • Betty

      Marjory, I sure hope you like the Glow as much as I do. I always feel guilty when I recommend something and then the person doesn’t like it. Well at least you can’t come over here and “git” me.

      I gave my Iredale samples to my daughter-in-law, She rarely wears makup because she says it takes too much time. So I have shown her the pressed minerals since they are so easy to apply. Anyway, she likes them but those little samples will last her forever!

      Let us know the minute you get your Glow and how you like it, ok?

      Kelly, where are you? Haven’t seen you on here in a while, are you ok?

    • tammi hopper

      i was reported christina cosmetics to the (better business bureau). maybe they will be able to get something done! oh,i still haven’t gotten my money back, and i am sick and tired of being tossed around by them.

    • Betty

      Tammi, I wish you the best of luck. I am so glad you have taken this company on. I like the product but have refused to buy from them again because of all the night mare stories.

      I think the BBB is a good place to start but I don’t know who oversees the Internet, I doubt anybody so you may have an uphill battle. Keep us posted I am truly interested in the outcome.

    • Nancy Mink

      I posted a complaint a little above this letter, and have an update. After waiting entirely TOO long, I got an actual phone call from the 800 number I’ve been calling. I had called again this morning and really laid the threats on about not receiving my compact as expected. This woman finally called back and basically told me I was wrong about my shipment date. (more conversation than that, but…) No way was she going to get out of that one easily and I stood my ground. I asked her if she was aware of the many numbers of people with problems over this cosmetic and how many of us have been taken. Some with multiple billings. She absolutely wouldn’t respond to me and I insisted she cancel any further business with my account. I told her if I had any multiple billings appear on the credit card, she’d be in a world of hurt. I also informed her that the BBB would be getting yet another report from a dissatisfied customer. This woman was so dry and COLD! I said,”Boy, you sure don’t care much to keep your customers, do you?” She hung up on me and then blocked the number, disabling the 800 number. What a B ****! So, now I’m writing a letter of complaint to the address and see if “Christina” will actually respond. This is a nutty company. Good luck to everyone out there!

    • tammi hopper

      i spoke to a supervisor this morning with perfect pigment, informed her i had reported them to the bbb.( by the way the # is 1-615-449-8877 her name was tammy @ ext.417)in case someone else needs to reach a human. she assured me this has never happened before.HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!i did not use a cc#, i did a check by phone, so now my refund is in processing. they will not credit the account,they will send me a check back. i am also going to send back my order, so i can wait 6 more months for a refund on that. i have learned my lesson. i have never ordered anything off tv, and never will again. that’s what i get for turning it on at 2:00 in the morning. i asked “tammy” if christina was aware of how bad her business is, she said christina knows everything that goes on. so i suggested christina call me personally and explain how all this happened. i won’t hold my breath!!!

    • http://ChristinaCosmetics Maria

      Hi ladies… I have not been on this site for a while but the horror stories have not changed.
      Daisy: I went on the website for Everyday Minerals but I do not see where I can order the sample products and pay just for the shipping… is there a place that tells you that on their website?????


    • Daisy Kappen

      Hi, everyone. Betty, hope you’re hanging in there getting ready for surgery. Before you know it, it’s over. Just enjoy the recuperating time relaxing and taking it easy. ;-)

      Marjory, good luck with the California Glow. Can’t wait to hear how it works for you.

      Lorrette: I saw that infomercial on Dermacia.
      It looks awesome, I almost ordered it, being an infomercial addict that I am…LOL. Be careful though. You know what they say when it looks too good to be true…

      Tammi (You go, girl!), Nancy (Now I know never to mess with ya) and company: Sorry for the ongoing hassles with PP. Hope you get your problems resolved. If not, hope you find the perfect foundation out there.

      Maria, you need to click on “Custom Makeup kit” on and the free sample kits are in the very bottom of the list.
      You get three foundations, one blush & one concealer. You need to pay for the shipping. Let us know how it works for you. :-))

      Christina Jones, how are ya? :-)

    • Betty

      Daisy: Good to hear from you. I’m a bundle of nerves over the impending surgery but I know I’ll be so glad once it is over. I’m tired of not being able to walk well or do much. In fact I’m down right stirr crazy. Which brings me to my point…I bought a slew of makeup from Sienna.

      I’ve worn their minerals and like them so this time I bought their new pressed powder minerals, blush, concealer, and lip gloss.

      I also bought Bioque with the agriline (20%)and their moisture gel.

      Now I sent back theh Smashbox stuff…glitter in the blush (not) and the foundation that goes from cream to powder just looked heavy, I didn’t even want it on my face. I don’t know why, I obviously will put most anything else on there. :)

      I’ll let you know how all my new products go. I guess I had a bordom melt down yesterday. I need some new treatment products…my skin is really looking dull and ucky from all the meds so it’s time to turn up the volume on my daily regimne.

      Has anybody tried any thing that they LOVE for wrinkles and dry skin?

    • Daisy Kappen

      Betty, LOL!! We better wheel you into surgery before you end up with the whole cosmetic counter!
      I love Senna Cosmetics. They mix up my liquid foundation for me and I always end up with a perfect color. I’ve been wanting to try their new mineral foundation, but it is a little pricey so I started shopping around for other brands.
      As far as moisturizers go, I have been using Principal Secret Reclaim for years. I get tired and try to switch to other brands, but I always keep coming back to Reclaim. I especially love their eye gel. It’s the only one that has worked for me.

    • http://ChristinaCosmetics Maria

      Hi gals….
      Betty: I too wish you luck with your surgery. I will say a prayer for you.
      Daisy: thanks so much for the info. I will let you guys know the outcome. Oh.. and I have tried the L’Oreal mineral make-up. It’s OK. At least it’s priced right. My skin is very, very oily. I have never found a foundation that works really well with my skin. Believe me, I’ve spent so much money on looking for the perfect skin care and make-up that I could have had waterfront property in Malibu right now! Even dermatologists couldn’t help. Oh well… I guess I won’t be that wrinkled in the long run… have a good one!

    • Betty

      Daisy: Thanks for the reminder that I’m out of CONTROL! For sure. I have a bunch of make up I never wear anymore and I need to give it away. It is time for a fresh start. Unfortunately, I’ve tried Principal Secret, it isn’t strong enough for me. I need industrial strength creams..I’m talking heavy duty stuff. :)

      Maria: Thanks for the well wishes. Like Daisy said, I better get packed away in the hospital or I won’t be able to pay for the surgery…I’m doing retail therapy and it going to hurt when I see what I’ve spent.

      I’ve spent most of my adult life looking for creams and oils so I don’t know much about oily skin. I’m like a crocodile, my skin is so dry. My daughter-in-law uses Prescriptives because she has oily skin. Also, I have given her rice papers and she loved them. I received mine as a gift with purchase but I know they are available at Walgreens. They seem to really help with the oil break throughs during the day. Old timey stuff like Witch Hazel, OJ’s Beauty Lotion and St. Ives Apricot Scrub are good…I remember that stuff from my youth before I “dried up.” I also went through a time and had a mild case of adult acne and Erno Lazlo’s complete line for my skin type really helped me a lot. It was amazing how much it helped my skin.

      I recall the Sea Mud soap plus rinsing with 20 splashes, and a flesh colored liquid you had to shake like the dickens to mix and then you put it on with a cotton ball. It did wonders. It is pricey but it lasts forever. It is an old line so old that in fact the Duchess of Windsor used it. Who knew? Do we care? Yeah, we care she snagged a King.

    • Nancy Mink

      Daisy, I’m really not that scarey, but you made me laugh! I, too, use Victoria Principals skin care line. Love it. I stopped using it for awhile because of the cost, but boy did I learn my lesson. Cheap skin care? Woo! You truly get what you pay for, so now I’m trying to get beautiful again. lol….I had a problem one time with their service and had to talk to someone about it. One customer service woman really ticked me off, so I was done with Principal Secret for good. Another woman, someone smart and higher up, contacted me and made good on my complaint and offered me whatever I needed to keep my business. Sent me the Reclaim for free. Now that’s customer service!

      By the way everyone. Avon is coming out with a mineral makeup in a couple of campaigns. Haven’t tried it yet, but it was only a matter of time before they jumped on the band wagon. I’ll let you know how it is when I’m able to try it.

      Love this website. Betty….I don’t know you but good wishes to you for your surgery! I could use some new knees myself!

    • Betty


      Thanks for the good wishes…I don’t go until the 26th so I have time to keep up to date with all the dish on cosmetics. I think I now know why the doctor makes you wait so long. I’m to the point that if he said, we will have to turn you upside down to do this procedure, I would say fine…go for it.

      Oh, yeah, I have a site I’ve used before called Choice Brushes and they have good brushes for a steal. I needed a couple of new ones so I ordered today and it made me think to tell all the Christina bloggers all about their site.

      I wish Principal had worked for me…dang it.

    • Marjory

      I swear your love for cosmetics makes me laugh! You are definitely a scream. Do me a favor and count it sometime and let us know how many you have? I always feel so guilty about “wasting” money on so many cosmetics but it sounds like you are WAY ahead of me! My California Glow is due to be delivered tomorrow….are you still using yours & still happy with it?

    • Candy

      I ordered Christina Cosmetics and while the makeup I liked – the small compact didn’t last the 2 month supply as promised. It only lasted one month. I called her customer care center and they advised me to order 2 then. They completely missed the point. Her makeup compact would be worth $50 and I would continue to use it if it truly lasted 60 days but since it doesn’t, I’m not paying $50 for 30 days of foundation. And also the perfect pigment is really only good for foundation and base only……not the complete face package they claim that you don’t need blush etc. Yes you do still need your other cosmetics besides foundation. Sooo I am going to back to using Bare Escentuals where a $25 jar will last me 2 months supply as promised. Christina’s customer care advised me to email her on her site and stated she reads the emails personally, however I’ve searched high and low for a way to email her and have come up with nothing besides the # to customer care. Thanks.

    • Betty

      Actually as bad as I am, I didn’t keep the last two orders I received. So there I haven’t totally lost my grip on reality; however, I admit I’m close. I order but if I don’t like it…back it goes.

      Yeah, I’m still using my Glow. I havent’ been out much lately, my dang knee keeps me home more than I would like. Tomorrow, I’ll tart up and get out; I have two doctor appointments. Isn’t my life a whirl of social activity?

      I sure hope you like it. I’m beginning to feel personally responsible if you don’t like it. I do and although I don’t use it by itself as recommended, I use it over my minerals. I just need the extra coverage that a layer of minerals gives but I don’t put a lot of my minerals on. Just a sweep over the face and then the glow on my cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. That’s almost my entire face but I just feel more “even” using both but not a lot of either product. Does that make sense?

    • http://ChristinaCosmetics Maria

      Betty: Thanks for the info on oily skin. I get alot of magazines and read and read about skin problems. I have come down to making my own masks… you use corn starch and the white of an egg and it helps the pores look smaller. I also went to the library to read the book “Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me” by Paula Begoun. It was amazing on how she rates products, especially the expensive ones. There is no difference in the cheaper vs expensive products. I will change my shopping habits. She also swears by using Milk of Magnesia for a mask for oily skin. I cannot find it. I wonder if they still make it???

    • tammi hopper

      i am sending my perfect pigment back today. i do have an e mail address though, maybe it will help.

    • http://ChristinaCosmetics Maria

      Good luch Tammi….

    • http://ChristinaCosmetics Maria

      Good luck Tammi….

    • Mitch


      I found a few girls asking about the Dermacia infomercial product. From reviews, everybody loves what they call the “MD” version, but are somewhat dissapointed with the infomercial version.

      The difference? Dermacia intially made the product for Dermatoligists under the “Lycogel” name. They decided to make a lighter retail version that is now on the infomercial under the brand name “breathing” something. For some reason, girls loved the lycogel/MD version (which I would recommend trying/buying) but not the same ingrediant/lighter retail/infomercial version.

      Long reply, but please try the MD version if you are interested in the technology/product, not the informercial version. Do a google search for Dermacia MD to see where to buy.

      email me at if you have any particular questions


      Charlize Theron, Jennifer Aniston, Neve Campbell and Denzel Washington

      Hilary Duff, Paula Abdul (and Neve Campbell and Jennifer Aniston again)

      Hannah Storm

      Farrah Fawcett (and Charlize Theron and Jennifer Aniston again)

      all use it (the MD version).

    • Betty

      Maria: Sounds like you have it “down” girl on how to take care of your skin. I remember using egg white facials. Now I’m too old and like I said, need industirial strenght skin care products. I have read Paula’s book. I ordered and used her cosmetics for a while but they just seemed a bit bland in that I couldn’t tell a difference in anything. I finally went on to other products that I like better. I think her stuff is good if you don’t have any problems and have younger skin.

      Yeah, they still make Milk of Magnesia…look on the laxitive isle..that’s what it is and I’ve seen the ads for it on TV. I bet it would be good for pores as well as the egg and cornmeal mask.

    • http://ChristinaCosmetics Maria

      Betty: I will try ANYTHING to keep my oily skin under control. I’m still trying to figure out if the mineral make-up I am using (L’Oreal) helps the oil a little. I am not sure….but I did order the sample set of the Everyday Minerals that Daisy suggested. I can’t wait to get it.

    • Christina Jones

      Mitch – yes, but how is your customer service? ;)

    • Betty

      Well, I’ve never tried the Everyday Minerals but I know Bare Essentials does. Right now I’m using Sienna and Garden Botanika makes a pressed foundation that’s good but it might have oil in it…you would have to check on line to see what the ingredients are. AS I said my daughter-in-law swore by the rice papers for mid day touch ups. Apparently they really absord the oil that appears about half way through the work day.

      Good luck with the oil demolition process. Isn’t Sea Breeze good for oil? It’s at the drug store and isn’t expensive. If you can swing at least a bar of the Sea Mud soap by Erno Lazlo, I swear by it.

    • Mitch


      From what I hear, it has room for improvement.


    • http://ChristinaCosmetics Maria

      Betty: Maybe I will give that Sea Mud soap a try. Thanks again for your suggestions…. Maria

    • Betty

      Maria: Don’t buy this online. Go to a store and talk to the Erno Lazlo rep. She/he can recommend the right soap. I loved the Sea Mud because it was the right one for my skin type. There may be something better for oily skin.

      Good luck, B

    • Daisy Kappen

      Maria, you’re welcome and good luck on the samples you ordered. I hope they work out for you. I feel like Betty now…I feel responsible if you don’t like it…LOL. At least you get to try samples instead of buying the full size and being stuck with returning items, then dealing with shipping and customer service. I have to tell you though that Everyday Minerals customer service is great. It only took a couple of days each time I ordered. I’m a happy camper. I was able to try several shades so by the time I was ready to order, I knew exactly which shade I wanted. I also like how they have different kinds of formula–Original glo (Normal to dry), semi-matte (normal to combination skin), matte (normal to oily) and intensive (for all skin types – it adjusts to your skin needs!).

      Nancy, I know what you mean about Reclaim. It can get expensive so I buy it on E-bay instead.
      It’s a little complicated to do it, but the savings makes a lot of difference. It’s about time Avon joined the mineral makeup band wagon.
      Let us know when you have a chance to try.

      Finally nice to hear from you, Christina. Nice board you have here. Lots of useful tips from a lot of helpful peeps. :-)

    • Anna

      Wow! I thought I was the only one that was experiencing problems wtih christina cosmetics. I ordered the product August 8th, was billed Sept.15 for the full amount. Funny thing is I spoke to Maggie a week ago and I asked her to cancell my order. She assured me that it was cancelled and low and behold I check out my acount info. and there’s a debit for PP. I have called Maggie everday with no response. Sorry Maggie if your overwhelmed, but it’s time to get help. There are so many complaints that I advise everyone to file a complaint with the BB. I did.

    • Anna

      Please if you’re thinking of ordering PP think twice. Is it worth the headache? I was billed for an order that I cancelled and have yet to receive the product. Please SAVE your MONEY!

    • Anna

      Maggie if you’re out there I”ld like my money back. I cancelled my order with you about a week ago. You assured me it was cancancelled. It is impossible to get in touch with you. I will call you everyday until my money is refunded.


    • Maggie

      people please if you cant get a hold of me by phone please email me at please let me know what you need done your full name phone number and zip code. im sorry your having a hard time getting a hold of me we are in the prosses of getting more girls for costomer service, but right now its only me trying to help hundreds of people a day

    • Betty

      Hey gang! Where did everybody go? Marjory, did you like the California Glow? Maria, did you like the Erno Lazlo?

      Daisy? Tammio?

      They postponed my surgery till Oct 25…for scheduling reasons -now isn’t that the pits?

      I’m trying another new one RedPoint from QVC. I ordered the Today’s Special which had lots of stuff that separately would have been over $100. Since it had mineral type powder and such, you know I fell for it.

      Did everybody become suddenly picture perfect?

    • Daisy Kappen

      Hi, Betty! I thought about you yesterday. I thought it’s quiet cuz you’re recuperating from surgery…LOL. You always get this board going.
      Sorry the surgery got postponed. Oh no. We’re just gonna have to distract you now and keep you away from buying the cosmetics department in your area.

      Picture perfect?? I wish!! Lately, I’ve been obsessed with concealers. I’m trying my best to take care of these darn under eye circles. The one I got from Everyday Minerals is too light. I’m still using the one I got from PP, but I’m going to run out pretty soon so I’m looking for alternatives. I tried Physicians Formula (cheap)…I tried the yellow, green and a few beige shades. Nothing! :-( So I’m on to another quest.

    • Betty

      No, I still here. I told a friend I felt like I had been stood up for the prom because my date was sick with the flu. All ready to go and no place to go.

      I use Garden Botanika’s eye lid concealer that’s supposed to keep your eye shadow from creasing. It goes on nice. I also use Yves St. Laurent’s thing that comes in a gold tube and it’s about $38 but it is good, too. You can find it on QVC and I think the Skin Store.

      I ordered and retuned Senna’s concealer because it looked to thick for me…but remember I have a lot of wrinkles and need as much emoillent as coverage…so it might work for you. Iredale makes one and I bet if you enter something like award winning or best selling concealer, you will get something to search on Google.

      Wish I coud be more help. Oh, yeah, the St. Laurent stuff can go over makeup as a freshener durning the day.

      Good to hear from you Daisy —I really thought you all had left the country. I’ll let you know how my RedPoint makeup works when it arrives from QVC. It has a wrinkle filler in the kit, I wonder if I will use it all on the first attemp since I have some craters on my face. :)

    • Marjory

      Betty, I was thinking about you yesterday and figured your surgery was a done deal! When are you re-scheduled? I have been sick with bronchitis (I thought) nothing made it better, had to go to Dr. twice..had an allergic reaction to the meds and even missed a day’s work. 1st time in probably 20 years that has happened.Guess what? It was an asthmatic reaction to all the mineral make ups I have been wearing and trying.I couldn’t breathe! I have discontinued every single one of the new products and the cough and shortness of breath went away in 2 days.Now I’m afraid to use any of it! I really liked the California Glo but it barely shows up on my skin for some reason. I was using it on top of the PP for an added warmth. Haven’t had the nerve to use it again since the problems went away. Has anyone else had this type of thing happen from mineral makeup?

    • Christina Jones

      Marjory – that is crazy! I will look into that, I have never heard of that problem. I am so glad you are better now!

      /waves to Betty and Daisy! :)

    • Betty

      OMG Marjory! That’s terrible. I’ll buy the Glow from you if you decide not to ship it back…just let me know; it’s the least I can do to help you defray some of your costs from other products you can no longer use. I’m so sorry that happened to you and I’ve never heard of it before.

      How did they determine it was from your makeup? Was it just the fact that you stjopped using it for two days? I mean Marjory, you have used minerals for quite some time, right? I wonder if one of the newer minerals like the California Glow has something in it the others don’t have.

      While I would be afraid of using it – when they are doing food allergy testing in additon to the tests they have now – the quickest way is to remove the offending food or air borne agent and see what happens. Then if you impove, only add one product to see what happens. Then another andso forth till you decide which one it is.

      IF you get a reacction, check the ingredients and see what’s there that might me making you sick. Aren’t talc, mica and and another ingredient supposed to be problematic?

      Christina, can you check on the mica and talc thing? I wouldn’t even know where to look but I know some people can’t use minerals for that reason or is another? Hey, you are the guru and we have nearly killed poor Marjory!

      I’m so glad you are on the mend and I would be afraid to use any of it myself. Like I said, I’ll take the Glow off your hands if you want to give me a price…and don’t mind shipping it. You maybe so mad right now, it make become a flying object. If youi heave it across the room, just remember what a B—– it is going to be to clean up.

      Please let us know how you are doing and if you have made any progress toward determining which mineral product made you so sick.

      I’m still around and don’t go until 10/25…I’m just miserable and all out of sorts. I was primed and ready.

      Take good care of yourself, girlfriend, we need you, B

    • Marjory

      Thanks for your “caring” everyone. Here’s the timeline: I started using PP one week before Labor Day. The Friday before Labor Day, I got the wheezing and tightness in my chest and couldn’t breathe on the way home from work. I called the Dr’s office and said I had bronchitis and they saw me on Sat. morning and gave me antibiotics. They didn’t work & my breathing got worse and worse. I was pretty much struggling for breath and coughing constantly. This is something I had never had before. I went back to the Dr. and he said it sounded more like asthma and gave me breathing treatments and took a chest x-ray (which showed no problems) and new antibiotics and cough syrup (unforuntely with codeine in it). He finally decided it was bronchitis but different this time and to take the meds and see what happens. It got harder and harder to breathe so I took 1 little teaspoon of the cough syrup and had a violent reaction. It was like I had OD’d on drugs or something and I thought I was dying in the middle of the night. I was dizzy, had trouble walking and threw up for 4 hours. I couldn’t handle the codeine in the cough syrup. I went back to the Dr. the next morning and they took me off all meds and said just to use an inhaler and see what happened next. I was reading a book and it had a story about how allergys can cause illness that seem really bad but when the sickness is looked into it is an allergic reaction to a food or cosmetic. I got to thinking about all my mineral product that I had started using at that time and decided to stop using everything and go back to all my original products that were non-mineral. I started getting better the next day & I stopped coughing totally within two days and had absolutely no trouble breathing and felt like new. So there wasn’t anything other than that to make me believe that is what happened but I am not going to re-introduce mineral products to my system again and see what happens, believe me!

      I sure don’t blame anyone for this but me. I just happen to be allergic to this stuff, I guess. I don’t really have any allergies so it was a big surprise. However, I’m a believer now.

    • Daisy Kappen

      OMG, Marjory. I’m glad you’re okay. Darn it, now it’s kindda back to square one? I know you like PP a lot. :-/

      Betty, thank you so much for the beauty tips.
      You’re a well of information! Now I know who to ask. :-) I’m curious now about RedPoint makeup. That’s the first time I heard of it. Let us know how you like it.

      Well hello, Christina! :::::waving back::::::::

    • Betty

      Don’t try to reintroduce the minerals into your regimine…EVER AGAIN. I was wrong to suggest that. OMG you could have died. You poor thing how awful and scary.

      I’m allergic to condine, too and funny thing is, I found out after I ordered an entire living room suite over the phone. Yep, it made me rich and invisable. Crazier than a loon. I didn’t have the awful time you had but I was married at the time and when the furniture showed up a few days later, my husband was REALLY surprised.

      I have no cosmetic suggestions anymore…at least any that I will recommend to you. I was thinking of trying a cream foundation for winter but don’t even know which one to start with. They all break me out even at my age.

      I’m just so sorry that happened to you Marjory, I hope you are feeling better and don’t have any residual effects.

      It’s good to hear from you but I’m sorry you had such a rough time. Take care


    • Marjory

      I love your codeine story! How funny! I think I would rather it had affected me like you instead of being so sick. New furniture is always good. Hey, do you know if California Glo is a totally mineral product. The ingredients look like it but I didn’t pay attention to that part when I was ordering.

      Daisy: I really did love PP and Sheer Miracle. I am holding out hope that I can still use the California Glo but it will take me awhile to get up the nerve to try it.

    • Betty

      I have no idea but I’ll go back and look at the online site to see if it give the ingrediants.

      Back in a second.

    • Betty

      Marjory: You need to go to Steiner California Glow…and look at the list to get a better idea. The inqredients are:

      Talc Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Mylon-12, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum; Methlparaben, Ethylparaben, Butylparaben, Pha Sorbic Acid, EDT, Sodium Dhydrocetate. Then a bunch of numbers that meant nothing to me.

      Maybe Christina knows what some of this stuff is…I sure don’t.

    • Marjory

      Thanks Betty, I have no idea from the ingredients if that means it’s a mineral product or not. I’ll check it out. Since I was having a reaction by time I got the California Glow, I may re-introduce it a some point and see what happens, since it couldn’t have been the cause. I will have to get brave first, though. And it’s not like I will be using it exclusively to cover my whole face, I will try and use it as blush to start with.

    • Betty

      Marjory: Wait, wait, wait and then only try it on your hand or something. See if you have a reaction there first. It may be that something in the PP or the Glow is causing a reaction to your mucus membranes…eyes, nose, throat…see what I mean?

      Take care and for goodness sakes…don’t rush it. Let your body heal from this last round of illness.


    • Marjory

      Betty, okay you talked me into it!!

    • Christina Jones

      I am posting this for Betty, who says she is “lost in cyberspace.” I hope she finds herself soon! :)

      I just received my introductory package from redpoint on QVC. I love it. I don’t remember the last time I bought a package that had really usable products. I will use ever single product. They are all full size and I think they will last. This was a great deal price wise because I priced it separately and it is worth well over a $100 +. You can’t go wrong with QVCs return policy, but I don’t think you will want to return it.

      I adore the three colored compact of mineral colors. It looks as good as the California Glow and has more versatility. You can use them all swirled together for a luminous look, or separately as eye shadow or blush. Because the colors are different the powder goes on with more depth and diversity making your face look natural but healthy. It comes with a nice soft retractable brush. The concealer compact has yellow, medium dark and a light color to mix or wear alone depending on your concealer needs. It is very creamy and has a concealer brush. The the package has a full size eye shadow brush, too. I like the full size lip gloss color and I haven’t tired the line filler but if nothing else it would give a good moisturizing base to go with the powder make up.

      After all my searches…it was there along right under my nose. I just ordered their lift lipstick because of the color. Madam President is a nice clear peach…not one of those bight oranges that give you the “carnival” look. I also placed an order for an eyeliner/shadow/highlighter pencil. It is interesting since it has diffused color through out the pencil and I can’t wait to try it.

      So that’s the latest in my search for a mineral that is luminous. I can mix and match this with my regular minerals and when I’m in a hurry, a quick swirl of red point and I’m out the door. I like having my minerals in a compact…I don’t seem to dribble fairy dust all over my counter.

      Also for those (Miss Marjory) who had trouble with the California Glow, QVC provides the ingredients on line before you buy.


    • Jane Petree

      I am a loyal customer of Perfect Pigment. I have never found a make up product that I can’t live without—until I was introduced to Perfect Pigment. It makes my skin even toned and fresh–I love the fact that I can put it on in my car (it takes about 30 seconds) and look good if I walk into my kid’s school first thing in the morning! I also love that it’s not the “mineral make up” that I need to mix from different containers. It’s all in one compact. I have given Perfect Pigment to all my sister’s, my Mom and my friends as gifts for birthdays, and now they’re loyal customers aas well!

    • Daisy Kappen

      Jane, thanks for the post. I agree with you about the ease & quickness of putting on PP.
      The colors are perfect. I even like the concealer and lip gloss. I just wish my face didn’t break out whenever I used Perfect Pigment.
      I never had a problem with their Customer Dept. but as you can see on this board, there are a lot of horror stories. Good luck with PP. Wear it in good health. :-)

      Thanks, Christina, for posting that message for Betty. What do u mean she’s lost in cyberspace?!
      I think she went too far buying cosmetics! LOL!

      Marjory, how are ya?

    • Betty

      I did, I went way too far out buying cosmetics. I love my new Redpoint cosmetics. I miss my PP but I am too afraid to deal with them. I was lucky the first time, I think.

      I bought a dispensing brush for my California Glow and my Senna powder mineral make up. It sure makes application easy and less messy. I found mine on line for about $4 or$6. There is another place that sells them for $16.50! What a rip!

      Happy face painting, B

    • Marjory

      Hey ladies,
      I’m still doing fine…haven’t let a mineral product touch my face or body since my reaction, though. Back to the old makeup. I can’t even use the PP concealer .. I noticed that it was making red spots wherever I applied it! I still can’t believe I’m allergic to all of this stuff, I loved it. Wish I knew exactly which ingredients I was allergic to so I could still experiment. It can get pretty confusing when you start to read all that stuff.

    • Betty

      Don’t risk it and keep your face clear of the minerals till whatever is going on stops. I know you must be sick after ordering the Glow and the PP. What a bummer. I’m just glad you didn’t do anything permanent to yourself.

      Take care, B

    • Betty

      I seem to be last die hard member of this blog.

      I wanted to tell you all I LOVE my Redpoint products. The three wheel concealer is great, the three tone powder in compact is terrific. It isn’t pale, it is a light bronzer that you can swirl all over, which is what I do and then set it with powder and a spritz. I also love their lipstick it stayed on and is luminous without being “frosted.”

      I found another great mascara. Yep, good old Mary Kay’s new Ultimate Mascara. It does what it says it will do and doesn’t clump not even a little. I like it a bunch.

      Last but not least Avon has come out with a mineral powder make up for those of you still searching for the ultimate mineral make up. It is reasonably priced, too.

      So long,

    • Melanie Gillcoat

      I placed an order over two months ago and had not received it yet. I tried calling the 1-800 # and the mail box was too full to take any more messages. Please call me asap! 808 281 4207

    • Daisy Kappen

      Melanie, this is a board to vent and share beauty tips but it’s not affiliated with Perfect Pigment.
      There is a rep who reads the messages and replies from time to time. Her name is Maggie and I think she left her e-mail address here somewhere. Just check out previous posts on the board.

      Betty, I know you’re having surgery tomorrow.
      Be brave and get well soon. ;-)

      Regards to all.

    • Betty


      Thanks so much but I’m not having my surgery until 10/25. I still will take all the well wishes.

      Good to know you are out there kicking and wearing your war paint!


    • tammi

      well i see everyone is still having trouble w/christina cosmetics.
      it’s been a while since i posted last, but since then i did get my money back they took from
      me. however i am still trying to get my refund back, i finally got through friday after calling 4 times and being very irate. will let you know how long it takes!

    • Kelly

      Hi Sweet Betty,

      Computer broke and so I haven’t been on here. I prayed for you on the day of your surgery and saw that it has been postponed.

      I started back to work on October 1st and I wear my normal Cover Girl foundation and then use my PP on top of it and that’s the way to go. It stays on and gives me color. I get compliments. If I don’t use it then people say I look pale and ask if I’m okay.

      I don’t think I will ever have money to try new things again but I know where to go if I need an opinion.

      I’ve thought about you and Marjory a lot.

      Take care and know I will be thinking of you on October 25th.

    • Betty

      OMG, you are alive and well. I’m so glad to hear form you and to know yuo are back at work. So you must be feeling better, are you? I’m sure you look great in your PP and Cover Girl. To each his own. After all our experimenting, Marjorie broke out from the PP or the California Glow and I ended up with Redpoint from QVC which I love. It is good stuff for me. Who knew?

      Thanks for the prayers…save one for the 10/25..I will need it then. I’m sure I’ll do fine and at some point I’ll be back on here to see what is going on.

      So good to hear from you, really.

      Take care, B

    • Joanna

      Christina Cosmetics has THE worst customer service!!! I made sure to cancel the auto shipment and they sent me the products anyway!! On top of that, they charged my credit card in full- even after they promised to credit it back to my acct. I sent the products back UNOPENED.
      When I called customer service, they had recordings each time-even when I called during business hours. I even sent them emails to get this straightened out! This company is unreliable and unprofessional with their service. I will never buy from them again. Plus, the minerals aren’t very good compared to Jane Iredale’s minerals.

    • Eunice M. Cotto

      I received your post card in regards to the backorder. This is my notice of cancelation. 10/23. I tried to call as per the post card
      directions and I preferred to call and speak with
      someone but that was difficult. I also could not leave a message I was not allowed to! So DO NOT
      BILL OR CHARGE ME OR SEND ME THE PRODUCT AT THIS TIME! Thanks so very much for sending me the
      notice of the backorder. But for good customer
      relations if you send a postcard with direction
      to follow especially to call (I prefer calling to make sure this transaction actually does occur of the cancelation!)you should have a representative available to speak to directly customer – not just a voice mail that states “Your mailbox is full – call back later!” from what I see others have had difficulty with cancelation not handle appropriately from the company not the customer.
      I will be notifying my Bank of this cancelation!

    • Christina Jones

      Hi Eunice,

      Just to let you know, this website where you left this comment is in no way
      affiliated with Christina Cosmetics – you will need to contact them directly
      to cancel your order. Sorry I can’t be of more help to you.

    • Kelly

      Hi Betty,

      Today is the 24th and I just wanted to wish you luck on your surgery tomorrow. I have prayed and will continue to pray.

      I always pray as they wheel me into the operating room. Do the same if you’re not knocked out by then.

      Good luck and let me know that you’re fine.


    • Betty

      Oh Kelly how sweet of you to remember. I appreciate the prayers and I’m sure I’ll be doing some praying before and after the surgery.

      I’ll write as soon as I’m home and able to waddle into my office and get on the computer.

      I have high hopes for a successful surger and a speedy recovery.

      Thanks again for thinking of me, Betty

    • Daisy Kappen

      Betty, you might not get this in time but I am sending you well wishes (again) with your surgery.
      Hope to hear from you again very soon when you’re bionic woman! ;-) Take care.

    • http://Christina Becky

      Hello Ladies,

      I was wondering if anyone out there has used Sheer Cover by Leeza Gibbons. If so what do you think of it.


    • Kelly


      A lady at work tried Sheer Cover and she liked it and it did look good. That’s all I know. She no longer works there.

    • Jennifer

      I ordered my PP 10/2 I know that they were out of stock, but now it’s in stock and not only can I not get anyone to tell me about my SPECIFIC order, but I haven’t received it yet and am going away on Sunday, not good! I love this stuff, but it’s a pain to order and receive it, you should sell it in stores Christina!

    • Linda

      I wish I had known this website existed before I got sucked into ordering PP ! ! ! Although the makeup works well the Customer Service is unacceptable at best. I did not receive my auto shipment and it took 2 months (needless to say without enough product) to get someone to help and they said that they would resend and of course assured me that I would not be billed to my credit card again. WRONG….not only was I billed a second time for product that I did not receive but I have had the same results as others with the 800 number and website. Never a response and again billed and no product. Nothing is good enough if you don’t have people on the business end of things that care about their customers. I will be taking the course of others I’ve read today and contact the Better Business Bureau. This is flat out fraud and as I said how good or bad the product is becomes unimportant when they don’t care about the consumer. I had to learn this the hard way so hopefully this will save others from making the same mistake I did.

    • Kelly


      You should be home by now. I’ve been thinking about you a lot.

      I hope the surgery went well.

      You’re still in my prayers.

    • Betty

      Oh, sweet Kelly, yes I came home Tuesday. They wanted me to go to rehab and I couldn’t take institutional living one more moment. I’m doing well. I have to say that having a total knee replacement isn’t a cake walk. In all honesty it has to be the most painful experience in my life. I have been assured that is worth it. I’m still waitng but I won’t even be 3 weeks out till next week.

      I so appreciate your concern for me. That means a lot. I went out today for the first time to lunch with my son and to do a couple of errands – actually he did the errands and I sat in the car. I enjoyed myself but was ready to come home and rest.

      It is so good to hear from you and I hope this finds you well and still on the mend.


    • Daisy Kappen

      Betty, I’ve been thinking about you, too! Nice to hear you’re okay. I know it’s not easy and instant, but I am sure in time, you’ll be glad you decided to have the surgery. Looking forward to lots of beauty tips again from you soon when you’re up and running. Take care. ;-)

    • Betty

      Daisy…hey, good to hear from you, too. I know I will eventually feel better or some heads will roll. :) It is so nice of you to think of me.

      I already have a couple of tips. The new Mary Kay mascara really does work…meaning it doesn’t clump as they say it won’t.

      Redpoint that is sold on QVC is my new favorite makeup. It sure goes on nicely and the “mature” woman is his target market. I bought a package for a reasonable price and I like all the products in the package. So far that and the Madame Presiden lipstick are all I’ve purchased but I like the color a bunch. Oh, yeah, I also bought a eyeliner that is the strangest looking thing but it is supposed to make your eyes look wider…it is white with some motteling in it. It seems to work and keeps my eyes looking defined but not with a harsh dark color.

      See, sick or not, make up is still my “thing.” Today is the first day I’ve put any on. I scared everybody at the hospital but I figure they deserved it for waking me up every four hours. :)


    • Theresa Bertani

      I am very frustated. I was placed on a re-order list,which I never ask for. I have now recieved a second order and no one can provide me with a return address. I have called the 1 (800) 543-7207, at which I did get to leave a couple of messages. To this date I have not recieved a call back. Now I keep calling that same number, and it tells me they are recieving a high call volume and then it just hangs up. I tried the customer service number , and they did not have the return address, they tell me to just keep calling that same (800) number. To say the least, I am very very frustrated. Would someone please give me a return address so I can send this package back ASAP!

    • sissy shanks

      I too have had trouble but this is the address that I have saved to send back shipment;

      Christina Cosmetics
      345 West Victoria Street
      Rancho Dominquez, Ca. 90220

    • Jan Bullard

      I wish I had done some background checking before ordering PP on auto-delivery. Unlike many, I get the shipment, despite trying to cancel immediately after using it–I broke out, and that is one skin problem I have never had before. I encountered the same problems as everyone else with the customer service line, so I shipped the product back. (Maybe I should just ship to somebody who wants it?) I too will contact BBB and dispute the charge on my credit card. I am happy to try the emails that were mentioned in this thread, but I doubt that they are still active. Good luck to all and Happy Holidays.

    • Theresa

      I wish that I never order this product..I’ve called and called and can never get anyone on line. Trying to cxl this order. I may have to cxl my card to stop this company for billing me. I will be contacting the BBB as well as looking into filing a lawsuit againt this company.

    • Martine

      Me too, I wished I had never ordered this product. When I received it, the makeup was all crumbled and the brushes hair were falling off. Anyway, this was back in August. I returned the product and I am still waiting for my refund. It is now almost Dec. I have filed a complaint with the BBB but, unfortunately, they already closed it. The reason: no reply for the company. That I know for a fact because I can never reach anyone. The distribution center in Tenn does not want to get involved. Finally, after trying to call over and over again, I reached someone in CA. She claimed she had no trace of my order. Haha, since I kept every single piece of paper, I told her that I was going to fax everything to her. And I did. I have not heard a thing yet and of course, when I tried to call her back a couple of days later, no one answered. I am so tired of this, I don’t know what else to do. Frustrated beyond…… Virginia

    • Betty

      Sorry all to all the folks who have been foiled by Perfect Pigments…the saga never seems to end.

      I’ve found a couple of new things on One is a mineral compact type make up with multiple colors that goes on nicely and you can put it on as lightlyor heavily as you like it.

      Also on the same site there is another compact (name eludes me) that has stiped of the correcting powders like green, white and yellow. I just swirl my brush in that as a top coat and I can see my face brightening.

      I really like these two new products. The BE isn’t expensive but the color correcting powder is.

      That’s the latest from your cosmetic junkie.


    • Yolanda

      I’m a esthetician and have very reactive skin to most makeup. Watch out for any mineral makeup containg mica or bismuth. These are both ingredients that cause irritation and congestion to the skin. I recommend Eminence sun-defense powders. They also contain fruit acids to help improve the overall look of the skin but do not provide heavy/cakey coverage like b.e. You should not have to cover up your skin if it is truly healthy anyway, so using this powder is a good start. Vist my website if you want any additional information. Good luck!

    • Maureen Torres

      I’ve been having a very difficult time contacting you to trace the status of my Perfect Pigment Makeup order that was placed in October. I Was luckly able to get someone once who told me that my order was shipped on November 14 & that I should be expecting it in 7 to 10 days. As to this date (December 5) I have not yet received it & again having a difficult time contacting someone who could help me in customer service. I have tried calling numerous times but unable to get hold of anyone! Please don’t let faithful customers of Christina’s Cosmetics down! It is a good product but your customer service is very poor!!!!Please respond!!!!

    • Christina Jones

      Maureen – I am not her. I just write, thats all. If you will scroll through the comments you will find numbers, emails and addresses that you can contact the company with. Good luck to you. :)

    • Daisy Kappen

      Christina, I feel for you. It never ends, does it? If it’s any consolation, I’m sure a lot of us appreciate this board for keeping us up to date with all the horror stories on some beauty products out there, not to mention all the makeup tips people have shared here. Have a great day and smile! :-)

      Hi, Betty.:::::waving::::: How are you? Running the marathon yet?

    • Betty

      No, no marathon but I am thinking of trying out for a Broadway musical…of course in the chorus line.

      How are you? All well and is your stamina back?

      I’m doing ok. Still can’t drive because of the meds but my knee is definitely on the mend. Withdrawing from the meds is a nightmare. I was on them prior to surgery and then they added more. I refuse to let them rule me and I have started my own weaning process. Not fun. I had no idea this would happen. Nobody told me. I don’t know why they gave me so much serious stuff. Nobody is concerned but me.

      Hey Christina, what’s wrong with this area, it’s like typing with weights on the letters are slow to print?

      Good to hear from you Daisy.


    • Christina Jones

      Hiya Daisy and Betty! :) The comments are working fine for me, maybe a reboot is in order? I am glad you are on the mend, Betty!!

      I have thought about closing the comments here, but you all go through periods of enjoyment, so I will leave them open, and continue to babble on about how I am not “that” Christina. I hope you all will come visit the rest of eBeautyDaily – we would love to hear from you about all sort of other things. I guess I need to review some more mineral makeup to get you out of this spot, eh?? ;) Hope you all are having a great holiday season !

    • Betty

      To tell you the truth, I don’t even know how to go anywhere else on your site. Duh????

      I would go but you are going to have to lead this old horse to the water.

      Happy holidays to you and to Daisy, too.


    • Laurie

      My only advice is AVOID getting involved with
      Christina Cosmetics / Perfect Pigment.

      They have absolutely NO Customer Service. I have tried to call numerous times and always get the
      same recorded message that their mailbox is full, day after day.

      I have intiated chargebacks with my bank and have
      switched back to the Bare Minerals Company where Customer Support is #1 priority.

      I did return my shipment with a delivery confirmation and it shows an attempted delivery on Dec. 1 and a notice was left. Today is the 7th and it appears they are not even retrieving thier mail at this point.

      Good Luck to others who are in my position. I guess next I will try to file a complaint with the BBB.

    • Daisy Kappen

      OMG, Betty…You are missing out if you haven’t ventured to other parts of this site. Christina C (?) Jones is simply amazing. EbeautyDaily is like a never-ending adventure ride where you find
      everything from beauty (Did you know that Bare Ecsentuals have a mineral nail polish line?),
      Health (I didn’t even know what MRSA was until Christina. Very informative.) to arts and crafts (Lots of talented artists and crafters) to animals (Christina, I can’t seem to be able to make my bed either…LOL), heart-warming stories (We suffered a loss too this month. Life is short, we should always appreciate the people we love every chance we get.) to other horror stories (I thought Christina Cosmetics was the only target or complaints…but Dell computers??! Who knew?) to Celebrities (Disappointed with Kid Rock & Pam breaking up? Not surprised here!) and links and links and links! Friends of EBeautyDaily have a lot of interesting stuff, too. I haven’t even scratched the surface. Check out:

      Thanks Christina for opening up your world and letting people in. I’ve read blogs but never really finish cuz I get bored. You keep me reading. :-)

    • Christina Jones

      LOL How funny, Daisy! Thanks for the plugs for all my sites – that is SO sweet of you to be reading all my crazy ramblings. :) I sure didn’t think anyone read my little CCJ site. LOL Thanks a ton!! :)

    • Betty

      Daisy…I had no idea. I’ll go check it out. You mean I’ve been sitting here for six weeks with nothing to do and I missed out on all that? Hey it is the story of my life.

      Bed making? Who needs it?


    • Daisy Kappen

      LOL! You’re very welcome, Christina. I was happy to do a little plugging. It was just so irresistible not to comment. :-)

      Betty, so happy to hear from you. It’s rough, but I’m glad you still have your sense of humor.
      Hang in there.

      Happy Holidays, everyone!

    • Betty

      Happy Holidays to you too Miss Daisy.

      Christina the same to you and yours.


    • Betsy

      Hi all;
      I am no longer using Christina Cosmetics for various reasons. But I do LOVE the concealer. Of course I can’t purchase that alone. If there is anyone out there who has an new, unused Conceale from Christina Cosmetics, I would love to buy it from you. Please contact me at:
      Thanks so much for all the great information.

    • Susan

      Sorry, but I used it twice. I stopped using Christina Cosmetics due to the extreme lack of customer service. (got the wrong color, no one cared enough to call me back, no way to contact the actual company, didn’t care to keep me as a customer when I called the number on the shipping label to cancel) I did, however, love the product as well as the lipstick/gloss that came in the special offer when I signed up. If you know of anyway to buy that without having to go back in the deep end of the pool, I would greatly appreciate it.

    • Betsy

      Again,if anyone reading this has the Christina Cosmetics concealer (light) and you are not using it, I would love to buy it. Thank you so much.

    • Julie

      I have been reading some of the blogs that have been written about Christina Cosmetics and did any of you know that this company has a F rating from the BBB and if you keep calling and telling them they owe you a refund that they will call the police station in YOUR city and tell them that you are harassing them. How I know all this, is because this is what happen to me today.

      So in MY OPINION, this company does not know how to treat their customers. They are rude, unprofessional and have no sense of Customer Service skills. I have been in Customer Service for twenty years before I retired and took care of my dying grandmother and I never seen a company still be in business with its customers complaining how we are being treated in a unfair matter and having the BBB on the side of the customers, one would think that a company would change their way in doing business. I was always told that, “THE CUSTOMERS MAKE THE BUSINESS, NOT THE PEOPLE WORKING FOR THE BUSINESS.” Also that “WORD OF MOUTH CAN BREAK OR MAKE A COMPANY”

      I am very sorry that other people have been screwed by this company. I have my lawyer working on my case and I wrote to the LA BBB and told them how hard of a time I am having to get a simple refund that is owed to me. That is when Susan, the Customer Service Rep called the police department in Talladega, Alabama where I live an said I was calling them up and harassing them. Then Susan got cocky and send me a email that stated that she has called the police department on me. And when I called, they told me that they will not do anything about it and if I had a lawyer, let him do all the talking for me. Then she kept on calling me every 10 to 15 minutes trying to get my Chicago Blood boiling but I kept hanging up on her just like the police department told me to do.

      If any of you would like the website to the BBB out of L.A. it is:

      Good luck in your fight and don’t stop until you get your issues straighten out.


    • Daisy Kappen

      Julie, I’ve read all the horror stories but this is the most unbelievable. But they keep going on and on. A great number of people are very unhappy, but nothing seems to be getting done.

      Betsy, I love the PP concealer, too. Sorry I can’t sell you mine, I’m in the same predicament. It’s too bad we can’t buy it separately. We also have to face the possibility of dealing with their customer service. It’s just not worth it. Try E-bay.

    • Julie

      Hello Ms. Daisy.
      Thank You for the warm responce. I have not heard back from the L.A. BBB yet but I can’t stand when companies think that they are better than their customers. This Chicagoian never gives up a fight that is worth fighting for. I have a few Aces up my old sleeves. LOLOL My grandfather told me years old when he was alive ans said that I’m an old bulldog with her teeth in a bone that won’t give it up without a fight. And he should know because he is the one who told me to give them H*&# when a company do you wrong. LOLOL


    • Julie

      Hello everyone. Just a quick note. Any of you out there that can not get intouch with someone on the phone at Christina Cosmetics I have in my hands is their email address that Susan was so wonderful to give me when she wrote a very smart a&# email to me telling me that she has called the police department on me. In her stupid and childish act gave me a new weapon to help my fellow girlfriends out that is in the same boat.

      So here is the email address:

      Instead of hearing the same message, (sorry the voice mailbox is full, please call back later) now you can fill up their emaill address with YOUR views on just how well they are running the company (LMAO) and if they owe you a refund, you can have it in writing and that way you can save that email that will be your prove that you did contacted them about what problem you are having with them.

      Just remember one big thing, when dealing with a company and voicing your views on them make sure you say, IN MY VIEW because that way the CAN NOT sue you for slander and you are protected under FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

      Hope this is helpful. Tack care. Hugs.


    • Julie

      Sorry, I mean Take Care.

    • Patty

      I’m not happy with the product and I want to cancel but I can’ reach theri customer service at 1-800-543-7207. Can anyone help me

    • Laurie

      I had a very quick resolution by emailing them
      after several months of trying to contact them
      by phone. Email your request to cancel at:

      Good Luck

    • Julie

      Hello Everyone!

      I have wonderful news! ChristinaCosmetics surrendered my refund! Angel from Angel’s Corner, who is a RADIO TALK SHOW HOST, got wind of how Christina Cosmetics was treating their customers, did some digging around Christina Cosmetics and heard and aired how Susan Dempsey would be yelling and screaming at customers who wanted refunds and to cancel their orders. Susan would be yelling that “YOU NEVER CALLED IN AND CANCELED THE ORDER AND THAT THE ITEM WAS NEVER RETURNED, SO YOU WOULD NOT RECEIVE YOUR REFUND.” Way to go Susan Dempsey!

      So if you are still wanting to get intouch with this company, here is the direct line that goes straight to the company, that Angel has given out. He said to make sure you got this from him:


      Or do like Laurie did,email them at:

      I may have won the Battle to get my refund, but I’m not going to stop until EVERY PERSON HAS VICTORY IN THEIR BATTLE WITH THIS COMPANY!

      Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.


    • Daisy Kappen

      That is awesome. Way to go, Julie! Now you can enjoy the holidays. ;-)

    • Julie

      Thank You, Daisy. Angel’s Corner gets results!!!!!!

      Have a Merry Christmas, Daisy.

      Your Friend,


    • Angel’s Corner

      These “so called” Big Buisness Companies have NO RIGHT to abuse the consumer!
      The consumer is the one that keeps America growing and going strong.
      YOU DON’T have to let people like Susan Dempsey, tell you anything but “Here is your refund.” when you are not satisfied with your purchase!
      You know if you owe them money, they are sure as hell going to come get it from you!
      And when the abuse starts . . . . contact me . . .and we will put the pressure on!

      The Consumer’s Angel
      Angel’s Corner

      Media coverage of Christina Cosemetics included:

      USA Radio Networks
      The US Today Newspaper
      The Chicago Tribune
      The Miami Herald
      The Anniston Starr
      The Daily Home
      Madam Mosellie
      New York Times

    • Melanie Gillcoat

      Susan or who ever in charge of this company and the satisfaction of its customers, This is my 6th attempt in trying to find out any info on my first and last purchase from this company that I had made sometime in July. I would have been completely satisfied knowing that my order was delayed for whatever reason. But instead my money was taken immediately and when I did not receive my product after weeks gone by I called to leave message after message with no response. Not until I finally had to get mad. I am so dissatified and I haven’t even gotten my product yet. I happy to hear from Susan but still playing phone tag. Please just give me my money back ASAP.

    • louise


    • Katarina Snezchik

      I saw the commercial for Perfect Pigment and went online to look at the website. I was about to order and start typing in my information when I saw it said 2 payments of 24.95 plus shipping. I thought that was odd because the website clearly says 1 payment so I went to and researched it and I came upon this blog and the most wonderful ladies on the face of the planet, I certainly won’t buy the product now and I have lots of great tips for different products. Thank you to each and every lady on this website and I hope all your troubles are quickly resolved.

    • Betty

      You are welcome and it is a treat to see somebody read the entries and realize this is NOT the website for Christina Cosmetics.

      I hear there are other blogs here with great tips but I haven’t been able to locate them…I’m not a techie at all.

      Glad you didn’t make the purchase from hell with Christina Cosmetics.

      NEW Products: I’m on to a new product – Perlier products on HSN. I just bought some things and the face cream & toner in the Face to Face set is terrific. I have other things to try for my dry skin but haven’t used them yet. I’ll post as soon as I try them.

      Welcome Katrina.

    • Daisy Kappen

      Hi, Katrina. Thanks for the kind words. :-)

      How’s it going, Betty? Is your knee all healed?
      Nice to hear more tips from you. I’ve been putting on some extra moisturizer as I turn into a crocodile in the winter months. ;-)

      Happy New Year to all!

    • Patricia Johnnson

      Has anyone heard anything about a product called Dermacia? I have Rosacea and I’m constantly looking for anything that will help cover the red without being heavy and gunky.

    • Betty

      Hey Daisy, I’m doing very well. I would be out and about more but we have been frozen in for days now and the last thing I want to do is slip and fall on my new knee.

      How are you? Did you see that I finally found the other blogs? I’m a little SLOW, aren’t I?

      Take care, Betty

      Patricia: The only product like that I know of is Dermablend but I think that is supposed to ve very heavy.

    • Justine

      Hello there…I tried Dermacia about three weeks ago..May have kept it but I disliked the way the company they have doing their transactions operated so back it went. As to the makeup itself, you can purchase the same thing at under the DermaciaMD name, which is what this product is..Expensive and in my opinion, not worth the price. It does cover fairly well but does not stay put like the tv ad says..At least it didn’t break my skin out so in that department I suppose it was ok but I get the same results from minerals for half the price.

    • Patricia Johnnson

      Justine, thanks for the info. It saved me time, money and aggrevation. I’ll stick with Bare Minerals for now.

    • judith petrizzo

      Add me to the multiple dissatisfied customers. The product is fine but the customer service is horrendous. I ordered the perfect pigment for the 2nd time several months ago. After 2 months went by and I hadn’t received the product or been charged I re-ordered on line, thinking my original order hadn’t gone through. At the end of the process they mentioned a back-order so I tried to cancel the order-by phone and by mail-it is impossible on line to do so. I finally got my compact but then was charged twice more!! It took weeks to get through to a live person but finally they told me they had a new computer system and I got caught in some kind of glitch. I’d have to send back the subsequent order when I received it for a refund. I sent the products back over a month ago and haven’t seen a penny despite repeated emails. They even keep taking money from my account! I’m so disgusted that I can’t bear to use the one compact I kept, knowing it cost over $150!!

    • Julie

      Hello Everyone. I can not beleave that this company is still not doing what they need to be doing to keep their coustomers happy. I guess I have to get intouch with my friend Angel at Angel’s Corner and email him more of our input on Christina Cosmetics. He got intouch with his friends at the newpaper business and told them of our horror stories. He won’t mind to hear about more women being ripped off from this company. He is on our side. (Hehehehehehe)

      To update on my fight with them……they did refund my money except for $5.00. They said it had to be for restocking cost or some kind of BS cause is why they kept the $5.00. Then they had the balls to write to the labbb and say that I called them 25 times and was harassing them. When I got my phone bill, it shows 3 calls. I guess they can’t count either.

      I’m really sorry Judith that you really got ripped off that badly. We all here understand fully and we share our pain. Here is a hug for you my sister. Keep your head up and here is the email for the BBB:

      Write to them your story and they will help.

      God Bless Everyone out there and keep your head up and don’t give up the fight.


    • Christina Jones

      I am sorry folks, but I am closing the comments on this post. My intention, and I don’t believe any of the rest of you, save one or two, has never been to bash this company, and that is what it has been coming to in the last week or so, so I have deleted the posts in question, and am closing comments. I think anyone shopping for makeup and skin care can get the big picture here. Now that Betty has learned to navigate the rest of the site ( :) ) I hope to see you all around the rest of eBeautyDaily.

    • Robin Bianchi

      First of all, to Christina Jones for letting me post my comment; my deepest and most sincere thanks. I can’t even imagine the pommeling you’ve been taking simply because you have the same first name as this Christina Sullivan from Christina Cosmetics. I was able to get an email address from one of your postings, and emailed There was also a phone number on that posting, but no one answered, so I do not know if they have it shut down. I do mean to pursue this issue. I never even got the product, and the amount was deducted from my bank account. On top of that, I paid and additional $5.00 for a 5 day delivery promise. That they had the nerve to tack on another payment after they have the customer on the phone, and after the customer has given them all of their banking information, is just outrageous! I believe that this constitutes fraud, by way of misleading the consumer into a price that is not accurate. I couldn’t believe that their website says to email them if they have any concerns, yet they give no email address, nor do they give a hard physical address, and again, their customer service phone number gives out a recording of having a full mailbox and to try again later. All of these tactics are a way of making it difficult to get your money back, or to even contact someone. Low class shady business tactics like these, are what people feared years ago, and should not be allowed to happen in this day an age, yet they have managed to pull it off. Anyone who wished to contact me, please feel free. My email address is: The more of us that pull together, the better. United we stand…..Devided we fall.

      Thank you all for listening, and again, thank you Christina Jones. Your good name and product should not be besmurched by the likes of this Christina Cosmetics Company.

      Robin C. Bianchi

    • sandy deyton

      I ordered weeks ago and was promised delivery last week, now they say I have rec’d it and I have not, they told me I would be charged and I should take care of this matter with my post office.??? And they are trying to charge me for 2 orders too??? I’m writing the BBB on them —-this is ridiculous, the least they could do is give me my credit since I never rec’d anything, I don’t even want to try the product after all the negative feedback. I purchased L’oreal mineral today and I love it and way cheaper.

    • Laura

      I went to website and try to order only I like the most is lip gloss but I couldn’t. So I tried to call on internet relay because I am hearing impaired and I cannot hear on the phone. But the operator cannot leave the message because I cannot take the return the call. How can I order lip gloss without other cosmetics. I get break out (blackheads).

      Thank you.

      • missy

        hi laura you can order lip gloss when ever you like just call the 18005437207 to order

    • Danielle

      I first tried this product back in 2004 when it was advertised on the local morning news (“Good Day LA”) in the Los Angeles area. Back then, it was a great deal: you received a liquid foundation in addition to the compact, and they threw in free lip gloss and concealer sticks as well. I repurchased the item in March of 2008 only to learn they discontinued the foundation. The compact was still great– offering smooth coverage and being hypoallergenic. However, then started billing my credit card every two months… without warning and without sending me any new products. When I called customer service, they said I had opted into the automatic refill program, but regardless, I explained, I didn’t receive anything. They told me they showed delivery confirmation in their system, and they could not (or would not) refund my money. I put the charge in dispute with my credit card, and sure enough they rebilled me two months later. While the product deserves a 5 star rating, I am so annoyed with the customer experience (and I admit the price is a bit high), that I am demoting them to a two.

    • jayne

      Wowza, what a litany of negativity… for those that are interested I know that Christina Cosmetics suffered a major set-back in 2006/2007 when the fulfillment company they were using engaged in nefarious practices (and was eventually indicted for illegality).

      Anyway, I received a call from Christina Sullivan herself apologizing for the mess my auto shipments were in. She was really upset and couldn’t be nicer. Everything ultimately was straightened out and I sincerely believe that most of the complaints on this were the victims of that fulfillment company, not Christina Cosmetics. Perfect Pigment is an excellent product, but I ended up canceling at the end of last year when I decided to try another mineral makeup.

      Then I received an email from them last month advising me of a special offer on their new product, and I’m so glad I took them up on it. It’s been reformulated and is absolutely amazing. And customer service told me that by the end of the month when their new website is up the products will be available individually.

      I’m glad that a random Google directed me here so I could put my two cents in.

      • mrs.bailey

        thanks for your “two cents” after reading these comments i was extremely hesitant to purchase. thanks for the reassurance :)

      • Whitney Blair

        I call B&LLSH*T!!!

    • kelly

      Hey everyone, I am glad I checked before I ordered Christina Cosmetics! I am sticking with my EVERYDAY MINERALS on the web. It is great minerals, and they deliver soo fast and the prices are super. You can even try samples for a small fee. I use the matt and I love it. It covers perfect, the brushes are wonderful, and I paid 10.00 for my brush! Try EVERYDAY MINERALS, you won’t be sorry. I used Bare Minerals, but it made me too shiny, but love the other products. Anyway, try the Everyday Minerals. You won’t be sorry. Thanks to all, have a great day.

    • Julianne Muench

      I purchased Christina Cosmetics as well. I ask several times if ordering would cause me to be signed up to start recieving regular shipments as is so often the case in the VERY small, almost non existant print. I was assured over and over that I would not recieve another shipment unless I called and ordered one. About 6 weeks later I recieved another shipment and my account was drafted. I called a dozen times over a two day period and could only get a fast busy signal. Finally, on day 3 I got a message machine and left a message asking for a return phone call verifying they got my message. I never recieved one. So, a few days later I tried again. I got the anwering machine, but it was full and could not take a message.

      This company is the pits. They are available when they take your money and they will say whatever they want to get you to place your original order. They, they continue to take your money and basically leave you NO way to get a hold of them. They are no better than theives in my book.

      I now have to pay $25.00 to put a stop payment on my account in addition to the 2nd debit they made from my account, so they will not be able to keep taking debits out of my account.

      Is there anyway to get my money back? Do not purchace Christina cosmetics…you won’t be able to get ahold of them EVER and they will continue to deduct money from your account.


    • Julianne Muench

      I purchased Christina Cosmetics as well. I ask several times if ordering would cause me to be signed up to start recieving regular shipments as is so often the case in the VERY small, almost non existant print. I was assured over and over that I would not recieve another shipment unless I called and ordered one. About 6 weeks later I recieved another shipment and my account was drafted. I called a dozen times over a two day period and could only get a fast busy signal. Finally, on day 3 I got a message machine and left a message asking for a return phone call verifying they got my message. I never recieved one. So, a few days later I tried again. I got the anwering machine, but it was full and could not take a message.

      This company is the pits. They are available when they take your money and they will say whatever they want to get you to place your original order. They, they continue to take your money and basically leave you NO way to get a hold of them. They are no better than theives in my book.

      I now have to pay $25.00 to put a stop payment on my account in addition to the 2nd debit they made from my account, so they will not be able to keep taking debits out of my account.

      Is there anyway to get my money back? I’m sick of online companies stealing!!!


      • D

        I ordered christina cosmetics about 2 years ago and loved the make up. I did not need the extra shipments and tried to cancel which was a nightmare. I canceled several times and kept receiving shipments. The make up is good but the customer service is bad. I had to cancel my card so that they could no longer draft money out of my account. What a shame!!! I still have one compact left and after that I will have to find another make up. oh well…….and btw just received another call after a year saying i own them money. How can that be when they refunded me money? They are a rip off!!!!!!

    • Charlene Stern

      How can I contact customer service reps vial email to cancel future orders? Its difficult getting a call back and I am unable to locate an email for your site allows me to cancel my account online. Please advise,


      Charlene Stern

    • Dora

      WOW… you just saved me from a big headache. I was about to order
      the product, and decided to check the reviews. I will not buy from
      someone with such poor customer service.

      Thank you ladies :)


      • melissa

        wow ……… im shocked ive been with christina cosmetics for over 4 years never once have i had a problem. i dont go by what some one else puts on this page due to the fact….. and the facts are that someone always has to complain about something. christina has a auto delivery and no auto you can easliely call the customer service and customize your orders to come to your needs and……… or on live. I love this make up

    • MARI


      • melissa

        call them mari dont go on what you read go with what you know…. ive been with christina cosmetics for a long time with no complaints

    • melissa

      i love this company and product i bet all you ladies have nothing ellse better to do

      • anon

        Oh, “Melissa”, you must be the customer service supervisor the first girl talked to and had issues with.

    • Kaylie

      Christina cosmetics has the worst customers staff I have ever talked to. Makeup is ok but the people who answe the phones are so rude. I got one really good one 2 weeks ago but now she is not available and got the same rude ones. They don’t explain things. Same complaints as everyone else. Management should know how important good people are on the phone. I got one good one but they probable fired her cuz she was good. Too bad. Never order from them again.

    • sue

      I was about to order
      the product, and decided to check the reviews. I will not buy a product
      from a company with such poor customer service and so much complaints.

      Thank you ladies :)

    • alecia halliday

      Yes i wonder why when you order makeup they pick up right away but when you try and reach them you have to wait on hold or wait on a call back. what happend to customer service.

    • Wendy

      This company is unbelievably bad. This product is a good idea in theory but looks caked on. Then they won’t let you return this snake oil even if it is unused. I got into a dispute with Visa about it. Only order this product if you are looking to set money on fire, be aggravated and look overly made up while doing this. I have nothing good to say about this company or their product. Good riddance!

    • Allison

      I recently purchased the advertised Christina Cosmetics compact which promised a 60-day money-back-guarantee. The make-up did not work for me so I decided to return it and was in no hurry because of the highly touted 60-day money-back-guarantee. When I was ready to return the product, I did not see any return address on the invoice so I called the 800 number which is also not on the invoice but luckily, because I saved the “terms of service”, I found it there. No one answered my first or second calls. Finally a few days later I called again and when no one answered and I got the usual voice message stating that I was either calling after hours or they were on the other line. At this point I was frustrated and kept hitting redial. Finally someone who gave her name as “Melissa” called me back. I informed her of why I was calling and she paused for a moment and informed me that my order was past the 30-day return policy. I told her I thought it was 60 days and she told me that it was definitely 30 days because I purchased a one-time order and not the auto-ship. Now even if this was the policy, I was only 3 days past the 30-day cut-off date and I would’ve been within the return period if they had returned my earlier calls! When I asked to speak to a supervisor, this “Melissa” informed me that she was the supervisor and that no considerations would be taken in my situation. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! NOWHERE IN THE COMMERCIAL DOES IT MENTION A 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – IT ONLY STATES A 60-DAY MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE!!! THIS AMOUNTS TO FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!! …by the way, buried on the “Terms of Service”, 9 paragraphs down is an explanation of the 30-day money-back-guarantee.

    • Emily Esquibel

      tried to order the foundation and no one knows what it is so please call me at 505-325-5221. Called 1-800-543-7207 and said I had the wrong company…

    • Ingrid

      How do you get to speak to a customer service representative ? There is always a voice mail machine that answers. I’ve left 4 messages already. How have you guys talked to someone live?

      Please help…

    • brena

      i placed my first order today and used my master card (one time use only account) called virtual account…..if i happen not to like the product or only want one shipment, there is no way for them to access my account without notifying me first.

    • Linda Carson

      Your story is in no way a representation of what Christina Cosmetics is about. I have been ordering Perfect Pigment for 4 years now and have never had such an experience. This is the best makeup I’ve ever tried hands down! I recommend this product to women of all ages. Call back and ask for Michele she is the manager of customer service and she can help you resolve your issue-1-800-543-7207. You can also conveniently customize your shipments at

      Linda Carson
      Beverly Hills Ca