Miracle Whip Facial

Try a Miracle Whip Facial I have found a couple references lately to a Miracle Whip facial – yes, the Miracle Whip salad dressing by Kraft. The vinegar in the dressing will exfoliate your skin, while the mayonnaise part of the concoction will moisturize! Apply a medium coating of Miracle Whip to your face and walk around, or go outside, so the fumes from the vinegar won’t knock you out (they are pretty strong!). Leave it on your face for 10-20 minutes, the Miracle Whip will “melt” into your skin. When time is up, give your face a good rub with your fingertips or a dry towel to help loosen the dead skin, then rinse off. After you rinse, you can expect smoother, firmer skin! You can also use this on feet and elbows as well.

[Edit: I am doing and documenting the Miracle Whip facial in the comments, so be sure and see how it's going, or how it went!]

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    • Gail Ables

      Ewww! LOL Like it on sandwiches, but would think I’d be smelling it all day if I used it on my face. I don’t know. Have you tried it?

    • http://www.ebeautydaily.com/ Christina Jones

      Not yet, but it is on the order of the day for me. I will update this post when I am finished. Hopefully the lovely vinegar scent won’t last all day!

    • http://blog.mystical-beauty.com Sarah

      I’ve heard about this for years, but I can’t bring myself to try it. I think it’s one of those things that everyone talks about, but few try.

      I can’t wait to hear how it works for you.

    • http://www.ebeautydaily.com/ Christina Jones

      Ok, pressure’s on. Going to do it right now, and will report back in 20 minutes. :)

    • http://www.ebeautydaily.com/ Christina Jones

      Ok, anyone picturing me sitting here with mayonaise on my face? The smell is not bad at all, not nearly as bad as I have heard, but I am only on about minute 3. ;)

    • http://www.ebeautydaily.com/ Christina Jones

      10 minutes into this (I am going to leave it on for 20) and I feel a slight tingling – where I imagine the acid in the vinegar is doing its thing. Better be doing something. LOL The smell is not bad at all to me, and there is no dripping like I thought there might be.

    • http://www.ebeautydaily.com/ Christina Jones

      Just a couple of minutes to go, all is well, smell isn’t bad, still a very slight tingle. Will go rub on it in just a few minutes and report back!

    • http://www.ebeautydaily.com/ Christina Jones

      Ok, all done. Gail, no smell left at all (of course, the vinegar fumes could have burned my nasal passageways…LOL). My skin is quite pink, and not just from the rubbing part – it feels like it has had a chemical peel. I have been using Lancome’s peel, and this was the effect I was expecting from it, but have yet to get. My skin looks great – my pores are nice and small, and my skin feels “plumped,” nice and moisturized and soft, but not greasy at all. I will report back tomorrow or later on if I have had any negative effects (lasting burns or breakouts – please, no).

    • http://www.ebeautydaily.com/ Christina Jones

      One more thing – be careful about getting it too close to your eyes. Right at the end of the time, I could feel my eyes getting a little sensitive to the fumes. And be careful not to get it into your eyes when you rinse it off!

    • Gail Ables

      You’re so funny, Christine! I’m going to try this soon, not right now since I’ve already got my face on. I’m thinking I might try it at bedtime and stick a slice of rolled up lunch meat between my teeth and see what kind of reaction I get from dh…lol! I could be in for some deli-style foreplay!!!

    • http://www.ebeautydaily.com/ Christina Jones

      LOL! Doin’ it deli-style!! Woohoo!! By the way, all is well now, my skin isn’t pink anymore and isn’t breaking out (yet). Still feels nice and moisturized, not oily at all. And I put it on my lips as well, and they are NICE and soft!! :)

    • http://www.therunwayscoop.com Maria Palma

      I’ve used mayonnaise mixed with an egg for a moisturizer for my hair and it worked pretty good! It just took alot of shampoo to get it out :)

      The Runway Scoop
      Beauty is Within

    • http://www.stylebytes.net Agathe

      I bought Miracle Whip a while back, but didn’t like it so maybe I can make use of it. :) They don’t usually sell this in Norway and when I came across it I just had to test it. It doesn’t sound very pleasant though, but if it works I’ll get through it.

    • http://www.areyouabeauty.com Ivy

      To Maria Palma: If you had to use a lot of shampoo, than you most certanly detroyed all the good affects mayonnaise-egg mask might have done to your hair. The shampoo just made it harsh again.

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    • http://www.ebeautydaily.com/ Christina Jones

      I knew this post would bring you around, Agathe. :) I have to say, my skin didn’t break out at all – I was overall very pleased with the results, and will probably do a series of these treatments and see what happens.

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    • Susan

      I tried the miracle whip facial… Smell was not bad I left it on for 20 min. I really liked the results–my skin and lips seemed softer. I will keep using this one. Of course a one time use cannot be a real trial. I will see how is does after many uses….

    • CiCi

      My mother told me about this a few weeks ago. She said it worked wonderful on her skin and ask me to try it. I did. Smell was not bad at all. I think I will have to try it again. But it did seem to do a good job. Either way, my mother loves it. She said she read about it somewhere which is how I ended up on the internet to searh for info. about it and was surprise to find several sites talking about Miracle Whip as a face treatment.

    • Amber

      I do this facial all the time. I did it every day for a week ( to see some results fast) then every sunday since. I usually throw some mayo honey & egg mixture in my hair (the honey makes the yucky mayo smell go away lol), miracle whip on my face, tea bags (used, usually cammomile or green tea) or chopped up cucumbers in a paper towel or cheesecloth (which ever I have handy that day) on my eyes and sit back and relax for about 20-25 mins. Then I take a little baking soda, hop in the shower, rub the baking soda on my face (*In very gentle circles*) with the m.w. (to scrub off dead skin) rinse off, and slather lotion thick on my whole body, then put a little toner (I use witch hazel) on my face and then *poof* Nice and clear pretty skin and hair (and I **used to** have very frizzy curly dry hair and I **used to** have acne and acne scars on my face… bad ::thank goodness they’re gone::)
      **You can use m.w. on your feet to whiten nails (if they are yellowed) and to get rid of dead skin and make them soft
      ***I also use whitening mouthwash mixed with baking soda (2 parts baking soda to 1 part mouthwash) to brush my teeth before and after toothpaste then a little rinse with the mouthwash and my teeth have never been whiter (im a smoker and I drink coffee so I double team my teeth lol)

    • Diane

      I just want to tell everyone, I have been using “miracle whip” for years, and I have the skin of a 25 year old, and I am 58. Its awesome!!! What I don’t understand though is now I am hearing that people are putting aspirin in the miracle whip, and then putting it on their face. Does anyone know what the benefits of aspirin are? Please email me at ladydk66@aol.com if you know

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    • Cierra

      I want to try this mask sooooo bad! Unfortunately, I don’t have any Miracle Whip handy, and I’m too lazy to go pick it up from the store. LOL. Do you think that if I mixed vinegar and mayonnaise i would get the same effect? Because i have both of those in the house. I wonder…

      If anyone’s already tried this, or is a marty pants and knows how it will turn out, can you help me out?


    • Cierra

      Oops, typo. I meant to type “smarty pants”, not “marty pants”. lol.

    • http://none Vivian

      I’m wondering – would mayonnaise give the same results? Has anyone done the facial with plain, old real mayonnaise?

      Miracle Whip has a lot of stuff on their ingredient list as opposed to mayo…

    • Shannon

      an update..I’ve been doing this pretty regularly for a few weeks and a lot less people are calling me ma’am. Thats a 5 star endorsement right there!

    • Tiz

      Aspirin (ground) is similiar to salicylic acid. It exfoliates and reduces swelling – when applied topically. In this case, it would add a manual exfoliator (by the powder and rubbing) and possibly intensify the peeling process. I’d only add in ground aspirin after having had success with the MW itself, and if you need stronger results. Also, obviously do not use if you have a salicylates allergy.

    • Stephnie

      I am sooooo trying this over the weekend. I am getting married in 4 months. My skin has all sorts of problems. Not really severe acne, but blackheads and whiteheads. I am also really fair, with uneven skin, and massive dark circles under my eyes. I want to get my face in order by the weeding, to look as wonderful as I feel.

    • TerriLee

      All i can say is ten years younger man…wonderfulllll

    • Fiz Pop

      It works! I have acne prone skin, so to combat my breakouts I use benzoyl peroxide on a daily basis. Only problem with using this chemical is the drying effect it leaves on my face. My skin is too sensitive to use typical exfoliators (most have small granules) that scratch and irritate my skin thus leading to more breakouts. I needed a non-irritating exfoliator to remove the dead skin from the effects of the acne medication. I tried the Miracle Whip facial and it worked beautifully, without irritating my face at all! Follow the directions and you’ll do just fine. When you remove the Miracle Whip be sure to rub it off gently so as to not irritate your skin. I do this treatment once a week and have had positive results every time. It works!!!

    • katjanna

      OK… after reading all this I just HAD to go get some MW and smear it all over my face. It occurred to me that it was some kind of demented marketing ploy on the part of Kraft Foods… perhaps their sales are down and they figured out that we women will put anything on our faces in the name of beauty.
      But now that I have completed my first MW facial, I have to say it was worth the price of a jar and the possible humiliation if someone came to the door and found me with MW all over my face. The smell was not that bad, and the results appear to be rather fabulous. My skin is mildly red- in a healthy glow sort of way, and I must admit that I would never in a million years have thought it would work like this.
      In response to whoever was wondering if plain mayonnaise or plain vinegar would work, I would say no- it is the combo of oil, egg protein, sugar and vinegar that works synergistically to simultaneously exfolliate and nourish skin.
      I did not get the peeling effect that others have reported, but my skin is very soft and I feel like I have had a salon facial. I will definitely try this again. WOW.

    • http://none I can’t tell you

      O.k. ladies I was picked on during high school for bad hygiene and in large part by one of the star football players. 14 years later give or take some how part business part personal he has asked me to join him for a lunch / drink. Of course I want to look my best and show him look at me now. So I’m online looking for homemade answers and behold I find this. I’m goint to try it and I will report.

    • http://none I can’t tell you

      O.k. this is what I have I did not slather on but covered equaly. I sat for 15min instead of 20 and while I saw results I was not in love with them. Read on to see the method I tried instead and liked it better. Washed face roughly with hot water and wash cloth, let hot cloth sit on face for two seconds if that to open pores, took cotton pad and rubed apple cider vineager all over(this I felt) washed off with warm water and wash cloth after about 2min use alcohol or sea breeze as astrigent, and slathered vasline on for the night as a moisturizer. very red but very smooth will repeat for sure. I still give thanks to the MW may not have found my own method with out it, And whose to say MW may have worked better for me had I used more or sat longer.

    • katjanna

      I did a MW facial with my mom (85) over Thanksgiving. Her skin was looking pretty bad, but after 20 minutes she started to massage her face and OMG you can’t believe the amount of stuff that rolled off. I still think some of it might be dried egg solids, but certainly not all of it. She was amazed. Even my sisters were impressed. Also, it was a great bonding experience to lie around on Thanksgiving with my mom, both of us slathered up in MW- we had quite a giggle.

      I am going to see if I can create an organic version: Live apple cider vinegar, manuka honey, organic mayo…I’ll post back.

    • simkap

      Miracle whip is great. It worked really well on my face, feet,elbows,knees ,hands..this is a great way to save money for facial outside..I even tried MW on my hair and it work great. I applied it for 3-4 mins and i dint want to take any risk and then i washed it off with water and then applied shampoo..and my hair looked great..they were shining and were silky..I had dandruff which was not seen must after applying MW..i love it ..

    • stephanie

      I just tried this……. AWSOME but what peeled off of my face totally GROSS!!! I was completely horrified at what peeled off of my face and lips. I also like the fact that if it gets in your mouth, you really dont have to worry about it, unless you don’t like the tangy zip of miracle whip=;

    • stephanie

      Does anyone know of a good home remedy for your whole body?? I keep hearing about brown sugar and honey?

    • katjanna

      HI Stephanie-
      Honey is excellent for skin- but be sure to use the unprocessed/raw honey. Manuka honey in particular (SUPER expensive) has increased antiviral/antibacterial properties that helps skin heal and can be used on cuts, abrasions, burns.
      Sugar acts to exfoliate both physically because of the abrasion, but also has properties that help the skin slough off and rebuild

      For an inexpensive all over moisturizer, try a mixture of coconut oil, red palm oil and olive oil.
      Red Palm oil is filled with tocotrienols (vit E) and alpha-carotene which is a powerful antioxidant. Olive oil is rich in polyphenols and coconut oil has been used for centuries. You can also add some green tea powder (matcha or sencha) to protect against sunburn. I have friends who ise olive oil and green tea at Burning Man and they swear by it. I have not tried it myself yet because it’s been too wintery to need it.

      Well… there’s me 2 cents for today-
      good luck

    • Theresa

      I love doing the Miracle Whip facial. However, I leave the MW on my face for 2 hours before bedtimes, sometimes leaving the MW overnight. When I take a shower, my face feels like a newborn baby’s skin. I hate mayo but love MW on my sandwiches, so I have no problem with the smell or the mess. I’ll be doing a MW facial for the rest of my life. BTW, I’m 43 but most people perceive me to be in my early to mid 20′s! I highly recommend older woman do this facial, they will not be disappointed.:)

    • http://none Naomi

      This is the very first time I have ever contributed to a blog but I have to tell you that I have had eczema for 30 years and this is the very first thing that has really worked. I tried every over the counter, natural product, vitamin, Rx, etc. and I found one Rx that worked somewhat but I suspect that it was because it was petroleum based (I had to use it every single day and even then it did not clear it up totally).
      I went on the web to find an exfoliant for very, very sensitive skin and found this site. I used real mayo. I swear that I did this two weeks ago and I have not had to use anything since. There is one spot near my hairline that I did no do the first time because I didn’t want mayo in my hair. I plan on trying the mask on that one spot and if it does the trick I will be able to say that without a doubt the mayo did the trick.
      Whoever came up with this, I thank you every time I look in the mirror. Thank you, thank you.

      • Ada

        I just tried the miracle whip and I could only keep it for 4 minutes because it was burning like hell. I don’t know if I had some kind of reaction to it but even now after 30 min is still burning. My face is red like a tomato and I just hope I’ll not have any permanent damage in my face….

    • http://none Naomi

      This is the very first time I have ever contributed to a blog but I have to tell you that I have had eczema for 30 years and this is the very first thing that has really worked. I tried every over the counter, natural product, vitamin, Rx, etc. and I found one Rx that worked somewhat but I suspect that it was because it was petroleum based (I had to use it every single day and even then it did not clear it up totally).
      I went on the web to find an exfoliant for very, very sensitive skin and found this site. I used real mayo. I swear that I did this two weeks ago and I have not had to use anything since. There is one spot near my hairline that I did no do the first time because I didn’t want mayo in my hair. I plan on trying the mask on that one spot and if it does the trick I will be able to say that without a doubt the mayo did the trick.
      Whoever came up with this, I thank you every time I look in the mirror. Thank you, thank you.

    • http://www.healthrecipes.com/homemade_beauty_recipes.htm Monique Sharp

      I, too, tried the Miracle Whip facial. I could tell a difference. I only did it twice though. They say if you do it everyday for 2 weeks, your oily skin will stabilize/normalize (right words?)

    • dianna

      ok – i finally tried it. i am 48 and i exfoliate often and still tons of skin came off! also it got even better the 2nd time i did it! now i have to stop myself from wanting to do it every day! it is addicting and it definitely gives your face a younger look and feel. i couldn’t believe all the skin that came off from behind my ears!

    • http://www.ra-photo.110mb.com Ramon Antonio

      Not sure if it’s because I shaved 12 hours ago but MY SKIN IS ON FIRE, ladies. XD Is it normal for it to sting? I feel my heartbeat on the tip of my nose. =S Very odd feeling. I’m a HETEROSEXUAL 26 year old male who is not eager of being so close to the thirties. =P I always take care of my body. <3

    • http://www.ra-photo.110mb.com Ramon Antonio

      OK. 20 minutes are over and I just rinsed. Not so happy yet. The closest I feel to is like after coming out of the gas chamber when I was in the Army, LOL. They should call this “Sun In A Jar” or perhaps “Jarred Sun”, ha-ha. My face feels hot…and it’s red. The proof is in the pudding. Check out the picture. My face is still a bit wet in it but you can see the redness.


    • Jenny B

      I tried this and loved it! I never make comments on things like this, but I came back to this site to do just that! I’ve read about this all over the internet, so last night I decided to try it. I was amazed! I always have dirt in the pores on my nose no matter what I do. I never really see a worthwhile difference no matter what products I use. Last night, after I got done with the KMW facial, I looked in the mirror, and had to lean in closer just to see how much those pores had shrunk! I was amazed. My skin was a little red, but when I woke up this morning, it looked radiant and supple. Better than with my normal skin care routine. The smell wasn’t too bad. I did it while I was in the tub, and I believe some scented bubble bath/bath oil, would probably completely cover the smell. It felt a bit tingly and sometimes warm, but wasn’t uncomfortable. I was so amazed that I think I’ve told half my female co-workers, made calls to a couple of friends and my sisters just to tell them. I’m going to continue to do this and see how the results change.

    • http://www.sweetiepetitti.blogspot.com Susie

      Wow! It is stinky, but that silky smooth skin is totally worth it! I’m thinking of other places to slather it on!

    • meister

      Okay so my skin is very tight and smooth but I too was on FIRE! My face was so red after this I looked like I had one of the worst sunburns of my life. I checked out Ramon’s picture and my face was by far more inflamed than this. If you think that you might have any sort of sensitive skin I would recommend a patch test. Also don’t do this in the morning when you are going to head out of the house.

    • christi

      My daughter and I just tried it. Left it on for 15 minutes. The smell wasnt too bad. There was no burning. Our faces werent red afterwards. Our skin feels soft, but it feels a little oily too…

    • Liddy K

      Tried this…my face feels smoother and less dry…i did however use veganaise instead of miracle whip…but at any rate, it seems to work pretty well :)

    • Lisa

      I know this sounds gross, but it does work! I’m 41 and a smoker with some sun damage and I’m beginning to look for some “fixes”. This one is a no brainer and cheap.
      If you don’t have miracle whip, just add a tsp. or 2 of white vinegar to some mayo. The smell is pretty strong and it tingles while it’s on, but not unbearable or painful.
      In about 10 minutes, the white coating will turn clear like you have oil on you face. Let it be for another 10-20 min.(if you can). And then start rubbing(I use a dry body scrubbie). Little balls of skin like rubber cement start coming off to expose a fresh layer that is so soft and smooth it is amazing…(I wonder what it does to our stomaches).If you wanna go one step further, after the miracle whip facial, put a layer of Pepto Bismol on your face until it dries..trust me- Your face will be toned,baby soft and smooth. Moisturize well after it’s all washed off.
      I do a double whammy and whiten my teeth at the same time-get it all over with. I’ve also slathered miracle whip onto my legs, and it exfoliated them down to the softest skin I’ve had in years!

    • Mila

      My neighbor a retired MD warned me about the salmonella aspect regarding the Miracle Whip .
      Has anybody any information regarding that?
      I would appreciate some more information.
      Thank you.

      • Steph

        It’s highly unlikely that you would get salmonella from it. Miracle Whip is a salad dressing that should be in your fridge once opened and treated as a food. When you apply it to your face, it isn’t on your skin long enough to cause any poisoning.

    • Anna

      I have tried MW today before bed time and I am glad I did, because it made my skin a little red, like i just had a sun burn, but it will go away i am sure.
      I didnt notice like other people said, lots of extra dirt and skin came off, maybe because I did peel 4 weeks ago. I didnt have anything dirty or extra coming out, just extra mayo, thats all. But I must say this thing is a miracle for sure, because my skin looks cleaner now then before I cleaned it with cleaner and toner. Pores are less visible, but not shrunk and over all feeling is soft fresh after facial skin.
      This will be my little secret facial :) Try it!!!
      Skin: oily, light acne, clogged pores.

    • Lisa

      I gave it a try- and yes, the smell does sting your eyes. But after about 20 min. I used a dry washcloth to start scrubbing-and beads of dead skin(?) came off. Then I washed my face. My skin was baby soft, smooth and tight.
      It’s worth the $4.00 for the jar. Mix up vinegar and mayo if you don’t have the MW.
      On a diff. note, I tried a pepto bismol facial- let it dry on your skin and then wash off..another great skin tightener-really.
      Prob what our great grandmas used.

    • Aliya

      I’ve tried it. It is worth trying again, especially since it’s so much fun in a gross way to see your skin being rubbed off. However, it can be a little bit of a pain as it eighter smells up your room,(which goes away after a while)or you have to walk outside with this stuff and hope your neibors don’t see. Probobly good for a dark summer night :D Besides that it has great effects on the skin. I would reccomend moisturized afterwards, though, but not with your normal moisturizer, as that contains ingredints like fragerance that would be bad for your now sensitive skin. Hey, if your gonna put MW on your face, you might as well finnish it off with some olive oil to moisturize. Don’t worry, olive oil is great for skin and doesn’t clogg pores.

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    • Steph

      I’ve tried a MW facial more than once and it works wonderfully for removing dead skin. Some say that it’s the egg in the MW that is pilling up and not dead skin, but I beg to differ. Last year I had very dry skin, so I was rubbing on Miracle Whip daily for about a week and a half. At first a lot of dead skin came off, then less and less but after this time, nothing came off, so I am convinced it only takes off the dead skin. If their theory was correct in saying it was the egg causing the shedding then the egg would have continued to roll off the face, but it didn’t? Perhaps those with severly dry skin who don’t get irritated easily can try this experiment by continuing to use it daily for a while and see if they continue to rub off skin or egg or whatever. P.s. rub in little circles and hold the skin that is being rubbed.

    • kimboslice

      does it have to be miracle whipe or any kind of mayo?

    • SMac

      Works great!

    • Lyndsay

      Just got done with the MW facial. The smell was not overbearing as long as you don’t stay in the same spot. I left it on for about 25 minutes and rinsed with warm water and then a washcloth. It was kind of neat to feel all the skin on your face when you rub it in before you rinse. My face is pretty red, but I didn’t feel any burning or anything while it was on or afterward. I just applied a lightweight moisturizer and now my face feels very soft! I will probably try and do it once a week.

    • BGG

      I tried the MW under my eyes. I put in on for about 15 minutes. I wiped it off with tissue then got into the shower and just let the water rinse my face/eyes for a few minutes. My skin was quite red. So I put some aloe vera juice on it and that reduced the red quickly. I then put Avocado oil on. There is some improvement. I think I will continue to do this for a while and see how much it improves.

      I spent hours at WM trying to find a skin exfoliant to no avail. There was a wall of stuff but nothing that would actually remove dead skin. I finally gave up and decided to try the MW. I tried lemon juice a few years ago but I burned on spot which stayed sensitive a long time. The lemon juice was very uneven. The MW seems to be very even.

      Where do you get AHA 10% over the counter? Do you think MW is better?

    • Amy

      I live in a very dry winter climate which leaves my skin dry and flakey. I tried the Miracle Whip mask and it left my face VERY RED! It looks like I have a sunburn. The red line is very defined where the mask ended. I look ridiculous and my skin doesn’t feel any better. I’ve applied avocado paste and aloe vera hoping this will reduce the redness. If you have sensitive skin at all DO A TEST PATCH FIRST and wash it off the instant you feel tingling or burning! Or just find another skin care regimen. I will not be trying this again.

    • Marlene

      I tried the Miracle Whip facial twice. Each time I had the same results which are as follows: Yes, it did seem to remove dead skin cells and leave my face softer, but I wonder if it might be damaging my skin as well, because it leaves my face red, as though I’m sunburn. It doesn’t hurt like a sunburn would, but it’s really red and appears as though it’s very painful. I don’t have what is called “sensitive skin,” but to look at my face after a Miracle Whip facial, you’d think I had extremely sensitive skin. This has been my experience.

      • Mona

        Same for me .. but it hurt me !! n i too dont have sensitive skin ! And I did not see any “Good”‘s of it ! no softness no smoothness

    • Bea

      I tried it and it left my face very soft. Although, I didn’t have time to leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes but I will try again. It didn’t leave my skin red.

    • Mona

      DIDNT WORK FOR ME !!! I was left totally RED !! As if a Tan job gone horribly wrong !! n this when I took it off after 5 minutes .. dunno what I would have looked like if I had kept it for 15 minutes !!

    • Not a Miracle

      Our skin is really delicate and vinegar will burn our skin like acid because it is distilled. I wouldn’t recommend you trying this, guys.

    • Dana

      I Love it!!!! My skin was the tiniest bit red, but after about five minutes it was gone. Probably from the rubbing and exposeing the new skin. Does feel tight and very smooth, its actually feels allot better than most of the expensive products I have bought.

    • Mary D

      I just did this about 10 minutes ago. I didnt have outrageous amounts of skin come off my face (thank God!), but my face definitely feels fresh. I break out pretty easily, so lets hope I don’t wake up to terrible skin. So far, so good. My face is red, but not too red, just I-just-scrubbed-my-face-a-lot red.

    • mags

      I look like a lobster and I feel like one too for believing that nasty miracle whip would be good for anything.deepest regrets….

      • Smylee

        Does It Go Away??

    • mary

      OMG, I did this facial and it is amazing how great it works! I have done all kinds of facials and peels in my life……but this stuff is crazy how it works!!! It peels off years of your face, i am shocked that the price has not gone up the stuff at the store because once everyone trys it and see’s for themselves how great there skin looks agetrwards Mirical whip will want to charge an arm and a leg for this stuff. Was your face and then apply it & leave it on for 30 minutes, it will get hot and your face will turn red but then at the end of the time start to rub your face in small circulars for about 5-8 minutes. You will have a ton of old idead skin in the sink. Yes, it is kind of gross while you are doing this but your skin will look anf feel like baby skin. Then wash off the rest with a warm wash cloth and you can use facial soap too if you want…I just use warm water and rinse and leave it and then go to bed. The next morning your face will look great. Your makeup goes on great as well. Clean and pure. It gets into the pores and takes years off your face. You can use it on your body as well. I am going to buy stock in Miricale Whip!! Who knew!!!!????????

    • Eva

      It worked nicely for me. Is it possible that maybe some of you went a bit overboard on the ‘rubbing ? Maybe that is the reason for the blotchy, painful red sunburnt skin that some of you are complaining about. Too much of a good thing is still too much.

    • Steph

      I haven’t used MW on my face for a long time. I decided I would try it again as my lines are deeper and more pronounced. Because I didn’t have opened MW, I applied mayonaisse instead but found it doesn’t have the same effect as the miracle whip. It sits on top of my skin without any exfoliation. With MW I was able to rub off a lot of dry skin at least with the first few treatments. I think it’s because miracle whip has sugar in it, but mayonnaise doesn’t. Sugar is said to be good for our skin but not for us to injest.

    • Ashley

      I Just Usee The MIRACLE WHIP On My Face And I Waited For About 11Minutes And It Dried And I Started Rubbingg Off My Dead Skin And Wash My Face With Warm Water By Time I Was Finish My Skin Was GLOWING And SMOOTHE And FIRM

    • steph

      The MW facial no longer has the same effect on my skin that it use to have. Don’t know if this is due to aging skin, or if they did something to the Miracle Whip product? Hardly anything rolls off like it use to.
      Don’t know why??

      • Bobalina

        Your face is probably well exfoliated. Once you get the dead skin off that is impacting your pores, you dont need to do it as often :)

    • Emily

      The Miracle Whip Facial is an effective and inexpensive way to give yourself the same effect as a mild chemical peel. The temporary redness is the effect of the old dead skin cells sloughing off and revealing new skin – much like a chemical peel. It’s not an allergic reaction unless you really are allergic to MW or unless you have VERY sensitive skin. Your face won’t stay red forever, so as long as you do this on a day where you don’t have to leave for work right away, you’ll be fine. I give myself this facial treatment once a week on the weekend when it doesn’t matter if my face is red for a while because I’m lounging around anyway. The result once the redness goes away is well worth it. My skin is super-soft, glowing, and dewy. My makeup slides on perfectly and I don’t need as much. My pores seem smaller and my fine lines look softened.