Update on the Miracle Whip Facial

Try a Miracle Whip Facial

I have done the Miracle Whip facial now for the 3rd time, and I swear my skin is looking a ton better – those pesky clogged pores are going away! Last night I got a little more brave around the eyes and put it a little bit closer, and did have to walk around to keep my eyes from tearing for about the first 10 minutes, but no problems at all – and no breakouts at all. My skin is looking better than it has in awhile! I’m not giving up my coffee yet!
Anyone else tried this yet?

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    • Gail Ables

      I finally tried this yesterday. It did not irritate my eyes or sinuses at all. My face stayed very red for about an hour afterward, so I wouldn’t do it in the morning before work. The redness worried me a little, although you’d said that would happen, but it almost looked like my skin was burned. But then it went away.

      When you rinsed it off, did you use soap to get it all off?

      I’m tempted to make a small batch from scratch, maybe look for a homemade mayo recipe? I don’t know, I’ve got Miracle Whip in the fridge….

    • http://www.ebeautydaily.com/ Christina Jones

      Doin’ it deli style! I have laughed about that so many times!

      No soap, I rubbed it well with my fingers and then just rinsed it off well with a washcloth. Did you feel like it did good things for your skin?

    • Debra Lee

      Okay, I’m probably old enough to be your grandmother (55) and I’ve never blogged, and seeing as how the date is a year old here, maybe my comments are too late… but I have to say that I found your blog yesterday and tried this, and it is miraculous. Could THAT be why it’s called “Miracle” Whip? My skin had gotten very dry and scaly and I had a social event to attend and was desperately looking for a quick fix. My skin was BAD…even crusties in the brows. Gross! Anyway, I applied the MW, and after about 10-15 minutes, I started rubbing off tons of skin in little balls off my face. Tons! I rinsed off with warm water, then my usual (Aloette Platinum) facial cleanser and a good rinse. It was red for a while…didn’t notice how long, but by the time I put on my make-up my skin looked fantastic. Even the the 10X magnifying mirror, the true test. My make-up went on well. I did my usual facial cleanse and moisturize before bed and my skin looks and feels great this morning. I am so excited to have found this miracle facial!

    • http://www.ebeautydaily.com/ Christina Jones

      Hi Debra – you’re not even close to being the age of my grandmother – I am 38 – some of my best friends are your age. :) Anyway, I am glad you tried it – it really is amazing, isn’t it?

    • Shannon

      I stumbled upon this last weekend and tried it and had an expired jar of MW in my cabinet. Figured it couldn’t hurt to put it on my face before I threw it away. I’m a total believer. I had noticed a cruddy feeling on my face but figured t was just sweat and humidity. Even after using an overpriced exfoliator a day before I was getting lots of nasty little balls-o-skin and after washing my face felt softer and cleaner than it has in months! My computer is in front of a window with a fan in it so I just do this while I’m working, that way the smell isn’t a problem.

      Try this! It really works!!!

    • http://none Vivian

      Amazing! I have been plagued with dry, flaky patches of skin around my chin and mouth and on my brow, so when I saw this tip, I didn’t believe it but decided to try it anyway. Didn’t find the smell or the mask objectionable. After 10 minutes, I rubbed off the mask and was astounded when I spent more than 20 minutes rubbing off dead skin. My face feels wonderfully soft and smooth and this is only after my first application.

      This one is a keeper!

    • Jeri

      December 2, 2007

      I find this article/comments helpful. I was only looking for a natural way to take care of my new rebonded hair, until I came across this article. I tried the Miracle. I was scared because my face turned red and after I rinsed it, it felt hot. After a while, it looked so nice. My face looked so clean and rosy. I think it works. But just a caution… Maybe it should not be done daily because your face might be in danger to the ultra viloet rays of the sun especially if you get exposed to it. We need the outer most layer of the face to shield us from the sun especially if you have a sensitive skin. Maybe its good if applied once a week, otherwise, your face will get burned. Careful, ladies! I have seen faces which looked so shiny after applying astringents, but after a while, they get dark, burned, and covered with freckles. Huh…. I bet we don’t like that. After all, the Miracle is not made for our FACES, they are made for salads and bread. So, esep-esep… That’s all folks. Stay beautiful and cautious.

    • Sarah

      Try putting in a tea worth of green tea in the miracle whip, and let it sit for a bit. The antioxidants in the tea are awesome for the skin.

    • Janet

      I tried this for the first time today and my face got red and my face felt like I had gotten a sunbrn has anyone had this problem before? Just curious it seemed like it did help.

    • dianna

      i am amazed every time i do this mask. when i did it for several days in a row – i actually started looking so much younger that people i hadn’t seen in a while were asking me what i did to my face and looking suspicious…. like they thought i’d had plastic surgery or something!
      try it – also make sure you rub long enough – because all that shiny stuff is dead skin wanting to be rubbed off! djh

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    • Andi

      Hello All,

      I tried this yesterday and WOW, what a difference. I use some very expensive products, hundreds every few months, now Im really excited that all that may change.

      Does anyone put this on thier eye area? up to the lashes? I want to try that, but Im a little scared.


      • Diane

        Read your comment, and wanted to let you know that I have been using miracle whip on my face, (especially around my eyes for years. I am 62. Wish I could send you a photo because I have the skin of a 30 year old, Honestly!!! Keep using it. It’s thee best exfoliator you will ever find!!

    • MillwoodsGal

      I read this blog and the comments and I bought Miracle Whip and I tried it. Nothing happened ~ nothing at all ~ except the smell was rather unpleasant. No skin sloughing, no rejuvenation, nothing. Ah well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

      • Mary

        I think that you may have applied it too thick, try just one half teaspoon for your whole face,let sit for a few minutes, then rub in a circular motion. You should see little pieces of dead skin.

    • Deborah Corneau

      I tried the MW on my face/knees and feet this evening. OMG!!! I am floored with the results. I was shocked when I started rubbing off the MW and could feel the little balls of dead skin just falling around me. Made me want to keep rubbing. My face and neck did turn red and slightly warm. I really did not notice a smell of vinegar. (Maybe because I do clean my house with it daily) I also used it around and as close as possible to my eyes. No problems there for me. I left it on for about 13 minutes. After rubbing I rised with warm water only and then a pat dry with soft towel. My knees “HAD” dark dead skin under the knee area and I am so happy I tried it there-I evened up doing the whole knee area. Both look and feel so nice and the dark areas are about 95% lighter. Now my feet are another OMG…I never liked shoes and to this day I prefer to be bare footed. Really bad feet. Let me tell you they are so soft and really look great. This area I do plan on doing daily until I get the results I really want. Elbows tomorrow night for sure. I do not plan on using MW on my face more than once a week. Don’t want to over do a good thing. Thank you so much and good luck to all you ladies that are going to try this.

    • Kristy

      My mom has done this a few times and tonight she was showing me how it’s done. Her face looked amazing so I had to try it….OMGosh, my face got soooo red and felt sunburned, but I kept rubbing (tons of stuff was sluffing off) and finally rinsed it off with cool water. It’s still red, as I type this, which is why I looked up this blog, but my face is soooooooo soft right now!!! I think I will try this again, but just do my nose and cheek areas where I have larger poors and blackheads!

    • Meghan

      I am about to try this! my mother has been using it and loves it so i am gonna give it a try. I have also read that if you use baking soda at the end to scrub its help get rid of the dead skin as well.

    • autumn

      ok…well i used it today i know im rlly late here but i used it and my face got rlly red and hot and my mom started freaking out so she told m to look somesthing online so her i am but how long does i take for it to go away?

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    • Christi

      My daughter and I are trying the MW Facial. Going on 10 minutes now… the smell isnt too bad, there is no burning. Is this even working? Whether it is or not, we’re having fun with it.

    • http://www.ShardlowDesigns denise

      I’ve been using Miracle Whip off & off for a few years and I love it.
      My skin is soft & moist especially for a day or two after I mask.

      I know I’m really late to this blog, but I came upon it as I was doing my MW Facial this morning. I’m going to see people tonight who I haven’t seen since High School almost 30 years ago, so I purposely planned on doing the mask today.
      I never have used it more then once or twice a month, but based on Dianna’s post, I’m eager to try it every day to see what happens.