The World’s Most Expensive Perfume!

perfume bottleOkay, I admit it, I like the bottle. But then I started to read about the perfume and it just kept getting better and better. Here’s what they have to say about the fragrance. I like everything but the price. ;)

“No 1 for Women Pure Perfume. Floral Oriental. “The world’s most expensive perfume”, created without reference to cost using the finest, rarest, most precious ingredients. Presented in a handmade lead crystal bottle with a single natural white brilliant cut diamond in gold collar. 1 oz.
· Top notes: Pineapple, plum, mirabelle, white peach
· Heart: Rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, orris, carnation
· Base: Vanilla, benjoin balm, tonka seeds, cedarwood


Maybe I will just add it to my Christmas list. I have a very generous daughter ;)

Available at

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    • hiyam Barakat

      If I had the money I would be the first to buy the perfume. I smelled it once at a friend’s house and it smells like heaven.

    • Rynne

      Nice to buy that perfume…but too expensive!!! But hey try to used Armani Code perfume..its very great and heaven smell.

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    • Jake

      Yeah by some of that for a girl and hope to god she doesn’t reject you!

    • Alleen

      There is no way I would pay this much for perfume!! I wouldn’t even pay $100 to wash off. A scent that cost this much would have to stay with me for years!!

    • Jane

      Well It is the most expensive perfume in the world

    • The Soap Heiress

      it’s put in a lead crystal bottle? isn’t lead poisonous? i’ve read somewhere that using lead crystal decanters is dangerous because the lead oxide can get released into the drink, which in turn used to cause gout, which was common among upper classes. i’d imagine that applying lead-laced perfume wouldn’t be very good for you, either…

    • elle marie

      i wish i could have the worlds expensive parfum… its my bday!