Pink Lame Shadow by Chanel

When I first spotted the name I wasn’t sure about the pink part. If the pink was too intense, well, you know where I’m going with this. But then I read that it had gold and silver mixed in to the mix and suddenly, I was thinking that this color combination had real possibilities. Here’s what it looks like.

Pink Lame by Chanel
And I have yet to find anything by Chanel that I didn’t like. Just ask my husband!


“A highly original eyeshadow that blends sophistication, luxury and fashion in one! The innovative, embossed surface reflects the intricate beauty of lamĂ©, weaving together three opulent layers of silky powder in gold, silver and rose tones.”


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    • Mary Jo

      On my skin this looked sort of mauvey/taupish. A very flattering color for day, and that could be played up mightily for a dramatic evening look.

    • SP

      You definitely convinced me Mary Jo. This shadow is going down on my “to buy” list. :)

    • E

      Pssst. You can get it at – It’s on back order at NM as you’ve probably noticed and it’s out at Saks. In stock at Score.