• Fri, Sep 15 2006

Beauty at Fashion Week

betsey johnsonI am sure you are well aware that makeup artist Elke Von Freudenberg is one of my very favorite writers – she has been doing a fantastic recap of Fashion Week, noting the particular makeup and hairstyle trends for Spring 2007 featured in each show. Here is just a snippet from some of my favorite designers you don’t want to miss:

From Michael Kors:

Hair Watch: Hair slicked back, bun in middle of head, paired sometimes with a nude headband.
Beauty Trend: Bronzer mixed with a soft pink on tops of cheekbones, a nude pink mouth. Matte skin.

From Betsey Johnson:

Hair Watch: Curls are back. Super curly from ear down, messy. Side parted accessorized with a big blue bow.
Makeup Trend: Dare I say, bright baby blue eye shadow paired with a matte raspberry red lip. [My mother and hubby just hate it when I wear my blue DuWop eyeshadow - what do they know? LOL]

From Tuleh:

Hair Watch: Messy buns placed on high on back of head.
Beauty Trend: Another red lip of the season, this time matte, with a strong eyebrow. Black eyeliner and dark lashes on top.

Thanks Elke, for sharing your expert eye with us all! Read the rest of Elke’s Fashion Week reviews at her site, The Beauty Newsletter!

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  • http://gottaspa.blogspot.com LotionBarBunny

    I heart Elke too. :)

  • http://great-face.blogspot.com gr8face

    Funny to think blue eye shadow has made a comeback.