Do you remember them?? I vaguely recognize the photo, but I’m pretty sure that I have never used them. According to Beanie over at Advantage Style, “These Hair Spools Are Pinless and Pliable.

Unlike conventional hair rollers, which are hard and unforgiving, these tried-and-true hair spools are made of soft, pliable plastic so you can leave them in overnight and still get a good night’s sleep.”

The most “ouchless” rollers I remember were pink foam with plastic snaps that “snapped into place to keep the roller in place. While they certainly were easy to sleep in, they did leave a dent in your hair. Not pretty!

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    • Cindy D

      I remember spoolies. Just had a great conversation with someone and decided to look them up on line and found your site.

    • Ellen

      OMG. I remember my mother using those for my hair as a little girl because she was under the mistaken impression that you could sleep while wearing them. Big ouches. Of course that was nothing compared to using orange juice cans in the ’60′s.

    • http://none Anthony Tobiasz

      I’m 64 and I remember my aunt in New Jersey wearing them. She always had them in her hair. In fact we wondered if she even had hair. She woke up wearing them and went to bed wearing them. And when she went shopping or anywhere, she would wear a scarf.

    • Karen

      I used them when I was a kid, but now I have hot spoolies – my hair always looks fabulous!

    • Earline

      When I was younger I used them and liked them. Is there anyplace to purchase them right now?

      • Lipstick

        EBay I think.

    • Textpert


    • Lipstick

      I used these in the early sixties. Yes you could sleep on them better than brush rillers. You looked like you had little bumps all over your head. My aunt was a beautician so we tried all the new stuff. I even got my older grandma using them They were even better than sponge rollers but you had a real tight curl with spoolies. They were more for short hair styles.

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    • Reign

      omg I remember these things …I also remember looking at myself (7 years old or so) in the mirror and crying my eyes out begging anyone who would listen to not make me go to church looking like that. I was soooo totally traumatized lmao!

    • tiredout

      The advertising slogan was ‘for beauty truly, use a spoolie’. My mum used to use them.

    • Debra Diroll

      These were terrible. If you had to sleep in them, forget about it.

    • http://www.spoolies.com Spooliegirl

      Hi Earline,

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