Hair Extensions – Sew-In Wefts


Have you noticed the big trend towards hair extensions entering the world around you? We have all seen Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, and many other celebrities wearing them alot over the past couple of years, but I have seen them really going mainstream lately. There are several different methods of putting extensions in, prior to recently they mostly required a trip to the salon, but that is no more. But for your information, I am going to talk a little about the different types of hair extensions available to you, in the salon and at home – as a great fan of transformations, I have tried most of these methods over the years, so will add what I like and dislike about them all. So, here we go, first off with Sew-In Wefts:

Sew in wefts – Wefts are the basis of most hair extensions – whether they are natural hair, or synthetic. Pictured above, wefts are long sewn together strings of hair. Sew in wefts are usually done at the salon, but really aren’t tremensdously difficult to do yourself, but it is necessary to have patience and the help of a friend. What you want to do (or what will be done to you in a salon) is to create a very thin cornrow that spirals around your head, starting at about an inch off of your crown. This is the bulk of the time issue with this method, it takes sometimes quite a few hours to get the tiny cornrow put into your hair. You want several spirals – the more spirals you have, the thicker your hair will be. There is nothing uglier than hair extensions that are not quite thick enough.

Once your cornrow is complete, you simply sew (yes, with a needle and some sturdy thread that matches your hair) the wefts on to the cornrow. This method is the longest lasting and most natural looking of all of the hair extension methods, I think, but in a salon it will cost big bucks, mostly due to the time it takes your stylist. Make sure your hair extensions are dyed the proper color first, but once they are in your hair, you can cut them into the perfect style for you!

Have any of you tried this before?

Image: HairUWear

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    • tanya

      “I have seen them really going mainstream lately.” Ummm… they are quite mainstream with us black women! Ask any black woman and we have tried them at least 10x :0)

    • Christina Jones

      Hi Tanya – I know it – I started to put something about that in the article, but it was already getting long for a basic article. :) Thanks for the comment, hope to see you back around – I would be very interested to hear about your experiences with extensions. :)

    • Pavlina

      Some of us have never tried them. I just can’t see paying that much money on my hair.

    • Christina Jones

      It is a ton in the salon, thats for sure, Pavlina – there are some great options out now though for do-it-yourselfers too – I will be talking about those coming up soon, so I hope you will keep your eyes out. :)

    • Stella Kae

      Have you seen Jessica Simpsons new line of clip-in extensions? I have had every kind of weave and extension under the sun but I am curious to try her more temporary solution.

    • Christina Jones

      You bet Stella – I will talk about them soon. The clip on extensions are nifty! Great to see you! :)

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    • TV

      Hair extensions did not become mainstream until celebs started wearing them. White Celebs….therefore white women think this is some hot new trend. Just like the pony tails that are seeling at Nordstroms for $100 & above. None of this is new for black women. We have been wearing hair extensions for years. I am tired of opening US magazine and the likes, saying this is some hot new fad…..Not.

    • Christina Jones

      I know lots of folks have been wearing them forever- myself included, but they are definitely showing up more in the mainstream – or else you wouldn’t be so irritated about seeing them everywhere. ;) Forgive me for talking about something so many people know about – but there are still lots of folks who don’t. Thanks for the comment!

    • mel

      just curious, what is the difference between a weave and extensions? thx!

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    • Jfresh

      thanks alot you really helped me understand hair extensions more, this will really help when i get my hair done next week.

    • Christina

      Hi everyone, My name is Christina Oliva, and I’ve been doing Hair Extensions for almost 3 years now..I work out of my home, or I come right to your house..The system I use is the safest hair extension system avaible today..To describe it simply, it is a strand by strand method clipped in by a tiny bead that matches the color of your roots ( so they lay invisibly on your scalp)..There is absolutely NO glue, breakage, protein, heat, or tracking..It’s simple to care for and glamorous results! I have healthy virgin hair and wear 50 for volume..I wouldn’t put anything damaging to my head, or take any risks with my hair if I didn’t believe in this product..For more information visit my website

      or email me at to schedule a consultation! Thanks Ladies

    • allison

      how do you secure the cornrow? i’m going to have my mom put some in later today and we were both a little confused as to how you “finish off” the cornrow. and can’t you just do lines of them rather than spiraling around the head?

    • Gretchen

      The only problem I had with sewn-in extensions was covering the braids toward the front of my face. My hair is baby fine, and I am a white girl, so color match was crucial. I didn’t have enough hair on the sides to cover the cornrows so I always found myself wearing a headband to hide it. Other than that – I loved it!

    • Christina

      Allison – that is really why they do the spirals, because then there is one easy end to tie off and it is in the back and easy to hide. If you have to do it in lines, they really do need to be in the back, and probably staggered a bit is best…

    • christina

      Gretchen and Allison, please please please don’t wear a weft! I have seen the horror of what it is capable of will leave you almost bald within several years..I had a client that has to wear a weft for the rest of her life due to it..I’m not going to sit here and convince you to try my hair extensions (because i’m a certified hair extension specialist) but I will tell you to look into other methods if you can’t break away from the long hair just should even try the clip on hair that you can purchase at a Sally’s near you…you can buy the hair (it looks like a weft) and you sew it onto these snappy clips..its so much healthy, ladies…Ok well good luck to the both of you, if you have any questions about hair extensions you can feel free to contact me anytime at my email-

    • victoria

      Christina, I had visit your website. To me it has pretty much answered all my questions. I was wondering if you travel to different states. I live in Detroit, MI please email me or respond.

    • ryana

      sewing in wefts is good for your hair if it is done right. cornrowing hair (black women) is actually the number one way to grow hair quickly, in length and volume, if it is done correctly.(not too tight)

    • christina

      hey victoria, it’s not odd you suggested that because i had two other women call me from different states and asked me if i would travel…i never looked into it because it would be really hectic but let’s try to talk over the phone and discuss this matter more..go to my website again where you’ll find my number, and give me a call, if i don’t answer just leave me a message and i’ll get back to you..i look forward to hearing from you.

    • MeLiSsA

      Hey. I am going to get extensions sewn in this weekend. im just wondering if i am a white girl … how often can i wash my hair.. and do i need to not put any styling products in it b4 i go. i cant wait ot have them done.. just wondering how its gonna work out for me…. thanks.

    • Veronica

      I am a white girl with thin and very straight hair. My natural hair reaches almost to my bra line,but it thins out alot towards the ends so i wanted to just add a little and make my hair thicker at the bottom. I’d like to have my sister do it for me, because the salon is too overpriced. I saw alot of options at Sally’s, and I picked out a clolour of human hair that mathced mine and was long enoug, but I was wondering what the best method of application for my hair type would be? The extension piece is an 18″ thing with hair in a line sewn together

    • Ali

      For all you people who are saying this isn’t becoming “mainstream” because black women have been doing it for the longest time… its becoming more “accepted” and common for people of ethnicity’s other than African American to have extensions and its no longer considered “tacky” or “trashy” for them to have them. i think thats more of what she was refering to in the article

    • rimme

      I have curly long (african american) hair and I want that straight look without my hair frizzing up the next day.
      Should i do it ?
      Are they itchy and hot ?
      Are they comfortable ?

    • christina

      rimme, if you go with a weft it will be itchy and uncomfortable because they braid your real hair first and then sew the tracks on..if you get the glued, bonded extensions they’ll only cause damage..where are you located?

    • Britfull

      I have been wearing sew in extensions for about 2 years. I tried the glue-in individual extensions – it ruined my hair. I am currently learning to do them myself. I buy my own hair from a local store that has my colors – I am a medium blond but use 2 multi-colored hair wefts and one light – that seems to match. My hair is fine – but now it is long enough to cover the sides of the weft really well. My local hairdresser charges me about $130 to sew them in and cut them if needed and re-touch my blond roots. I re-use some of the wefts most of the time. I have it done about every 8 weeks with a color (retouch) – one corn-row and 3 wefts – its no more expensive than having a color and cut these days. My hair is growing and growing well. I try not to shampoo too often but when I do I use a conditioner first and then shampoo the braid – making sure you clean underneath well. When my hairdresser takes the wefts out – I always take them home and clean them and then condition them and dry them seperately – then next time re-use them. This is the only system that has worked well – the clip-ons tend to come out of my fine hair and break my hair off. Believe me white women have kept this a secret for years.

    • Genna

      Hey girls. I am a freelance hairstylist and have worked with both glue-in and clip-in extensions. Today I will be attempting to do the sew-ins. Glue-ins are great for temporary use, however if you wash them while in your hair they might becoming loose and start falling out. Make sure if you use this method that you also purchase the special shampoo that removes the glue from your hair safely. Clip-ons are, to me the best and easiest way to go. You can do them yourself and change looks frequently, and it is quick and fun. You can get fake hair wefts, but you can’t dye them, straighten them, wash them or curl them. I have the real human-hair clip-ins and I love them. You can wash them, dye them if you change your hair color, and apply heat to them with no probelms. Mine came with 4 tracks and 4 small side pieces, and 2 small tester pieces for color change. I love these because you can choose how thick or thin you want them. Human hair clip-ins can get pricey…for 10 pieces mine ran me about $280; but as a model it has been my best investment.

    • suzanne

      check out ebay, as there are girls doing this method on ebay for a very small price with great feedback and an awsome amount of experience. It worth looking it up as i have a friend who got hers done by a girl on there with the user name AIMZME and her hair looks absolutly amazing. When you log into ebay look it up under ” I apply human hair extensions ” . Its worth a try

    • Jill Hughes

      There are pros and cons to all techniques the important thing to remember is each person is different what works for one person may not work for another. I get great advice from licensed cosmetologists and buy awesome hair at They helped me alot to knwo what works for me.

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    • Andy


      My wife fits glue in extensions, and people find them great. This is probably because she creates small bonds so that they set harder, therefore ensuring the hair extensions last longer. Another range of products though that look amazing and like the real thing are human clip in hair extensions. These can be put in and taken out in minutes and are virtually undetectable if you buy the right ones.

    • shana

      hello, I plan on getting a sew in for prom in april. I am an african american girl, and I was just had a couple of questions. I just want a price quote[as close as you could give me]. My touches my shoulders and I want the sew to be about to the middle of my back. [if that helps] And also after prom im goin to a water resort so can I swim with them in??? And how painful is it? should i get it done maybe a couple days before prom?? Please help.

    • suzanne

      Hello, i came across an awsome sew-in extensionist who did the most fantastic job on my hair for my wedding, she also did all of my bridesmaids and a few of my friends aswell, all of us were completely satisfied with both application and communication aswell as the cost, she is the cheapest extensionist i have found anywhere and you couldnt ask for better service as not only does she apply the sew in wefts ( a full head ) but also gives you a free cut and style after she has finished. I have been getting extensions for years and now i will never go anywhere else ever, i found her through a friend and i can wear my hair up, down, when im swimming and they stay in tight and last up to 6 months depending on your hair growth speed. SHOP HERE GIRLS!!!! YOU WILL BE BACK FOR MORE. AMZ EXTENSIONS 0423-682-608. just thought id spread the word. cheers suzanne

    • Marci

      I was wanting to get extensions sewn into my hair for homecoming the first of Feb, but i can not afford it so i was going to do it myself and i don’t know if i can with my hair. Its straight, silky, and is about 6″ long and i can not use glue because it breaks out my scalp. I dont like the clip on either because they are expensive. So what can i do?

    • Lauren

      I bought some hair extensions from and I simply love the hair, it is so natural, easy to manage, and tangle free. I have gotten so many compliments on my hair. I use to get the cheap hair from the beauty supply stores until I had a friend who got their hair from this site and I decided to make the investment. Believe me it is well worth it.

    • Christie

      Try going to a beauty school, like Empire. They do it for a really good price. I just got mine done and they did an excellent job, for only $65.00.

    • Rachel

      I bought hair at sallys and alot of cheap hair. I won’t do it anymore. I want to wear the best hair so it looks great and doesn’t tangle. I buy hair from and love it. It is not cheap but I am worth it and I don’t look like I am wearing a rats nest on my head. Plus they have all the supplies. Awesome hair!

    • stephipoo

      Yea I’ve tried a ton of human hair extensions because I love the natural look and feel of them. So far my best experience has been with It’s the most affordable highest quality hair I’ve tried, and it’s real Indian human hair. I also use clip-ons sometimes when I’m looking to do something temporary, they’re so convenient!

    • http://Donthaveone. Maria =]

      I was wondering, what is the average price of a sew in?

      I know that it depends on the salon, but what is a decent amount?

    • Hair Extensions-Dreads 101

      We must understand that application of hair extensions, sew-in weaves or braids are just important as removal. They go hand-n-hand.

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    • Tracey

      I buy hair from this of the best in hair weft and pre-bond … and they have offices around the Globe..

    • Anna J.

      OMG! I love sultry hair too. I love their hair. It is seriously hard to find good quality hair exetsions. So once I found them, I was over the moon. I will never waste my money on bad hair extensions from other sites and shops that will remain nameless. is the best!

    • Anna J.

      I forgot to mention their site. It is

    • Afro-schop Mona sambi

      ich intersi natural human hair from India.our Natural Hair Extensions .ok

    • Oriana

      Hi there…I’m thinking of getting a weave. I’ve got pretty fine European hair, and have had extensions previously that broke my natural hair off. Do weaves sewen onto corn rows damage and break your hair too? I’d really appreciate any advice or information please, as I am so sick of my hair just not getting any longer uurrggh I don’t want ridiculously thick, long locks, just a nice, managable mane that is just past my shoulders that I can proudly wear out or up or back in a pony tail, or in plaits. Truly , people, ANY information positive or negative will be very gladly received. Thanks

    • Christine V

      Hi! I just got my first sewn in extensions today!
      Altogether, with the hair, sewing, cut, style, and tip it came to $200 (CAN). Pretty costly, but seeing as I purchased human 19″ hair, it was a pretty good deal.
      It’s been about 5 hours, and the braids are definitely starting to hurt, but in my stylist’s defense, I did ask for her to do it as tight as possible (as to go longer without redoing them).
      I’ve been doing clip in for about 2 years now, and for the first while, I loved it. I enjoyed being able to change how much I had, how low or high they layed on my head, adding new colours, etc.. But the time it takes to tease and clip them in everyday is sooo time consuming. Not to mention I couldn’t brush them while they were in because they would always come loose.
      Anyways, I’d definitely recommend sewing them in if you were planning on having long hair every day.
      If it’s something you want every once in a while, then stick with the clips.

      • TEUTA


    • Will

      i have had sew-ins before and my major conflict with them was the spiraled tracks. my fathers side of my family have dandruf so i have to wash my hair almost every night, so with the spirals it made it difficult, leaving me with sores frm scratching an alot of flake. but the next time i get them i’ll mke sure the me an the stylist work out a ifferent track pattern

    • kate

      If I get curly sewn in extensions and decide to ware my hair straight will i be able to flat iron them and when i wet them again will they go back curly?

    • tanja

      Now matter what type of Hair extension or Weave we get, removing weaves and hair extensions is such a serious isssue and they must be done properly.

      As we know with the sew-in weave the hair is sewn on to a braid with thread so there is no glue involved, although I have seen weaves with tracks bonded with glue to the cornrowbraid….didn’t seem logical! But that braid can become matted at the root from build up of shampoo, oils, etc…

      There is a new product on the market called Take Down Remover Cream for Weaves, Braids, Fusion(keratin bonds) Extensions and Weave bonding hair glue. It really is effective in getting the excess glue off your hair or scalp and it doe not make your hair thin after all the extensions are out.

      Also if you leave your extensions in tooo long and your hair gets a matted at the roots, the Take Down Remover detangles your hair from the tangled extensions. We really have to SAVE our hair and rusing to take extensions out is definetly not the answer.


    • Venus

      I do not agree with ‘whether they are natural hair, or synthetic’ cause human har and natural ones are the only real high quality hair extensions…

    • Danielle

      I just got my sew-ins for the first time. You can go to Sally Beauty Supply and buy human hair extensions in a range of colors for about $80. Also, if you don’t want to try putting the extensions in yourself, try going to a College of Hair Design – they tend to charge much less to do it than regular salons. I spent about $60 to get mine put in – that is the cheapest price anyone could find in my area.

    • Jen

      I just found and got my hair done at this private salon in NJ, Love love their hair!! great quality! i decided to get a sewn in weave since i did not want to spend too much money, the salon offers other stuff but for my budget a sewn in weave is what i could afford, I have to say I love love the hair! looks beautiful, its been two weeks and still looks and feels great!! i have bought hair from online and other places and i have to say am very happy with the quality they offer in this salon. its called please tell them JEN REFERRED YOU!!

    • cheekydon

      I saw that you commented on a remy hair forum and I think that the brazilian remy hair is the best texture and easily bendable when trying to weave it into black or spanish women hair.

      It is healthy, strong and very pretty. It is like one of the most expensive hair types you can buy but i know where you can purchase it for $60 per pack machine weft , 4 oz packs too (so that is alot of hair)

      and that is $60 for all lengths 12″-20″ And our company takes paypal !!!!

    • Laura

      ive just had real human hair sewn in ( weaved ) .. and i was wondering when i could wash them? would i be able to wash them straight awayy . i mean straigh after ive just them in ?

    • stephanie

      Hey, i found your article about weave interesting, well i do sew in weave all the time. I think sew in is the most money efficient and durable way to go if you want to achieve a different look. Your hair gets a chance to rest as it is canerowed underneath, alot of places do weave and you can achieve almost any look. I find weave great because i can experiment with different looks one month a bob the next curly etc without damaging my hair or limiting myself. If anyone is thinking of doing a weave go for it! .

    • tee

      ima latina woman whos fed up with the short hair cut i recently got. ive tried fusions before but my homegirl did a sew in. i used indi remy hair pretty expensive n it looks great. i wish she would of left more of my hair out but next time il let her know. i reccomend this to women (black or hispanic, we got thicker hair better for the braiding) who want to let their hair grow out n rest from irons and what not.

    • Brenda

      How long would i be able to keep the weave if i got some as extentions?and would i be able to see the cornrows afterwards? I apologise but i dont know anything about extentions and weaves but i realy want them as my hair, from dying it looks thin and fried basically would it make my hair appear thicker?If you could please answer my enquiries as this means alot to my hair and me :) x

    • Cindy

      I have to say i am a hair wearer< unfortunately i suffer from trichotilamania ( hair pulling disorder) so i have to wear hair extensions/ hair replacement units. I have been all over trying to go some where that can understand my condition as well as give me the quality hair i am looking for, it has been my experience that most places offer bad quality hair and some very bad costumer service. after reading some comments on here I live in NJ so i decided to try exclusivelengths .com and made an appointment, the place is cute, and private which is what i really want, the girl there is very nice and wow sooo professional, i liked her right away and more importantly i was comfortable, she did know alot about my condition and she also offered many different options, and like the previous person said…the hair quality is absolutely GREAT! she only offers european/ russian/ & indian hair. The feel of the russian hair is breathtaking!! ANYWAY she not only is proffessional but she also teaches you about hair and is great at answering all of my questions. I totally recommend this place. Never have met someone so professional and honest. The consultation is free and no sales pressure at all. I left there happy with the over all experience. I am saving money to get the process done there, my condition is somewhat severe since i pull out most of my hair so i have to let some grow in order to do the process i really want. wish me luck guys!! but seriously check them out if ur ever in north NJ. VERY nice person and honest!! i think the website is exclusivelengths .com oh and thanks to the recommendation jen you were right on!

      • Cjax

        I too, have the same condition as you. It’s refreshing to know, your not the only one. Thank-you for your comment.

    • Jo

      I was at a lost, hair thinning due to a lot of stress. In short my siter convinced me to try extensions. I spent time going to 4 different consultants and learning about all the methods. I decided on sew ins and only high quality Indian hair. I love it. She was very professional and caring about talking me through the entire process and how to maintain and care for my hair. My only down fall is i got my haif cut at another salon and I don’t like it :-( I can live with it until my next appointment but I recommend to also do the same if you wish to have it cut and styled.

    • Jo

      Remy Goddess Silky fine is amazing!

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    • Jolin


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    • jeanette

      I have an appt in Stafford, Tx tomorrow. Wanted to read about others who tried sew ins. Im caucasian, and am a little nervous about this, but excited at the same time. My hair got cut way too short and i cant stand it. Hope it looks good after sew ins. I want to see a photo of any other white gal who has got these. Would you be willing to send one? Thanks , Jeanette in South Texas

      • Nancy

        My daughter got sewn in extensions about 3 weeks ago. All was fine until the beginning of this week when she started complaining about headaches. Wednesday she was almost crying she was in so much pain, there was redness and a bumpy rash at the site where it was sewn in. She is a cosmetology student so she consulted her teacher who immediately removed them as they were actually starting to bleed. There were three rows of hair all sewn into one place, and as it started to grow out, the tension on her scalp from the weight of the hair caused extreme pain. The salon she had them done at said that she must be allergic to them. Bulls**t. This is real hair and if she was allergic it would have affected her from day one. I thought they were put in very sloppily and so did her teacher and the salon will not give her a refund. Not impressed. She paid over $300 CDN. She is only 16 and works part time so that is a lot of money for her. Make sure your salon is VERY reputable and get alot of feedback from other customers.

    • Alison

      My name is Alison. I’m on my third time with sewn in hair extension. I’m blonde, caucasion and reason for extensions is that I was very ill and just wanted my real hair back. Now feeling better, knew it would come back but now am so afraid have caused permanent damage where it won’t. Can anyone give me advice? I’m afraid what will happen when this hair is taken out. I’m willing to give time and wait. What to do?

      • BRITTANY

        if you go to a proper salon….or a cosmetology school would be good takes a while to get them taken out but it doesn’t do any damage it just takes like an hour if its done right because they have to be really careful..they use an intense conditioner to help loosen it up and unweave them..its not painful and there shouldn’t be damage done to your natural hair if you go to the right place.

    • Rae

      I am wanting to get my extensions redone but I want to make sure I have the absolute best quality hair I can get. I previously bought bobbi boss extensions, but I have been told that Goddess extensions are better and I am looking for some insight

    • MargaritaAFredricks

      For long term I’ve been using the hair extensions with hair locks and I’m so glad to have it because it really gives me some sort of good benefits from using the extensions for it gives me some additional comforts in my hair. I definitely like the content that you have shared in here. Thanks for the good tips you have provided in here. It some kind of wonderful tips for me that I well have to use.

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    • annmarie

      Hi where cn au but the extensions for $60?

    • Tamisha

      No you will not be able to see the french braiding in and around your hair. I promise (depending who sews it in right). Depending on what type of hair you buy and how you keep up with wrapping it at night and brushing it the right way, hair weaves can stay up from anywhere to 2-6 months at the most. You should try searching youtube for videos to get an idea of what I mean. The process takes quite a bit of work but the end result looks great.