• Thu, Oct 26 2006

Straighten Your Hair With Herbal Essences

Did you run out and buy that cool pink flat iron the other day? If you did, or if you are a flat iron user at all (or want to be), this is a great video from Clairol’s Herbal Essences on how to straighten your hair. Even if you don’t flat iron it, the use of the hair dryer, as shown in the video, will give you a pretty darned straight look.

That gal is terminally cute, eh? LOL

That is a good video – my only comment is that she made a pretty quick mention of the importance of blow drying down the length of hair (I think she said something like the direction of your hair). It is very important when blow drying to keep your hairdryer pointed towards the end of your hair, because if you don’t, the cuticle of your hair will be roughed up and your hair will look frizzy, and no amount of product will help that.

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  • Cheryl

    that is a lot of steps to do especially in the morning when you are pressed for time. I dont have time for all that. also drying the back of your head is to get straight is next to impossible. I have short hair falls right below my ears with a natural wave. I can never get the back of my hair straight no matter what I do. Hell I can barely get a brush through it. this might work if you are handy with your hair and you have long hair like she does..most of us live in the real world and dont have perfect hair like this young woman has.

  • http://www.ebeautydaily.com/ Christina Jones

    LOL It definitely is a time consuming proposition, thats for sure, and it would not ever be a good thing to do to your hair every day. I only straighten mine like that on special occasions – normally, I rock the natural waves. Thanks for the comment, Cheryl!

  • Cheryl

    also every magazine I have ever read, every program I have ever seen on hair tells you that less is more…using all those products would just make my hair greasy and weigh it down more than it is now.

  • Lourdes Salazar

    How do I get my hair straight wihtout using a hair straightner or a blowdryer. I only want to use sprays,gels,ect. My hair is really delicate. I dont like using anything with heat. My hair is very wavy and spongy, but very shiny.

  • angie

    hi there, my hair has never been straight and not poofy like the gal on the video, well one time for 3 days because my cousin used this proffesional stuff to get my hair straight, but now she’s in puertorico, where she lives and unfortunately, i can never get my hair like that anymore i tried EVERYTHING!! well everything from AVON, it sucks, do NOT buy AVON shampoo’s even if they say they’ll get your shiny and ends perfect, it sucks, makes ur hair disgustingly dry and the next morning u wake up, u think you’re gonna have soft smooth straight hair?UR WRONG! AVON SUCKS! when u wake up in the morning its curly and greasy, my mom’s being a bitch telling me i can’t buy herbal essences until im done with the avon, she HAS LIKE 10 GALLONS OF THT FOR ME…I USE EVERY SHITTY AVON PRODUCT BUT THAT JUST MAKES MY HAIR GREASY AND NASTY, i dont give a shit about what she says, im gona buy it, sucksfor her, i’m gonna have beautiful hair while she’s stuck with the ugly avon hair, oh and i talked ot my aunt about this and she said it happened to her as the same as me, she woke up one morning after using the avon product and she saw that it was ugly; greasy, burnt(even tho she just uses her straightening iron once a month), and not SMOOTH or SHINY at ALL!! so make a note of this people, NEVER but i meen !!NEVER!! buy avon SHAMPOO OR CONDITIONER OR ANYTHING RELATED TO AVON HAIR PRODUCTS, THEY SUCK, THEY DON’T DO ANYTHING IT SAYS ON THE LABEL!! i neeed help and money, email me at angiecastillo44@yahoo.com please and thank you for your understanding, and if you work for avon and use avon hair products, sorry for offending you, but your hair products suck shit!