Lipgloss that makes your teeth look white?


OK, I was searching through‘s site tonight on different makeup Fix-it’s and Fake-it’s, when I came across this lipgloss by Kevyn Aucoin. It’s called Liquid Cyber Lipgloss. says it is a Fix-It for discolored teeth, claiming that the liquid blue sheen brings out your teeth’s whiteness.

My questions are:

1. Who wears blue lipgloss?
2. No kidding that blue lipgloss will draw attention away from your teeth and straight to your lips.
3. They offer other colors, so does that mean Tenda (Pink) and Datura (Gold) are not Fix-it’s?

I admit I was looking at it because my teeth are forever stained by my endless and addictive coffee, tea and diet coke habit. Being pregnant, I don’t think I can try out Crest Whitestrips and what not.

So has anyone tried this? I promise I won’t make fun of you for wearing blue lipgloss if you tell.

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    • PJ

      I have a Dior lipgloss that is blue and I just bought the lipgloss in Sparkling Sea by Guerlain (by Emilio Pucci), which is aquamarine.

      They both come out extremely sheer on the lips so no one can actually tell it is blue in the tube. For me, what they do is to very slightly bounce/balance off the red in the lips. So blue-tinted lipglosses give an even more sheer and transparent quality to the lips than a normal sheer lipgloss. The two I have happen to be two of my lipglosses that make my lips look the most glassy.

      In a somewhat similar vein, Shu Uemura does a face loose powder in a very pale blue shade. It gives a “sheerer than sheer” finish and gives the skin that extra clarity and transparency.

      (I don’t think blue-tinted lipglosses necessarily make teeth look whiter, though……)

    • saramarie

      yes it does, you can’t tell it is blue when it is on your lips though. if you’re self concious about blue lipgloss find a gold. it also makes teeth appear whiter and it gives your lips an even sexier shine.

    • yoyosushi3 (thu)

      benefit has a similar color, california breezin or something like that…like the ladies said above, it’s really sheer and you can’t tell it’s blue gloss, unless you have really pale (jessical biel pale) lips. try drinking stuff through straws whenever you can…i heard that can help a lot!

    • Debbie

      I never heard that drinking through straws tip yoyo. I’ll have to start trying it since I picked up the habit of drinking coffee all the time now.

    • Ashley Samantha

      I’ve read that Gwen Stefani uses a technique like this over her trademark red lips. I think the trick is to use one that has no glitter and is sheer. So by itself, maybe not, but to layer over another color I think blue lipgloss could make your smile appear brighter!

    • Trudi S.

      Actually, I’ve always wanted to wear blue lip gloss. I probably wouldn’t wear it to go outside though. LOL!

    • Cassie

      Blue lipgloss is definitely a great trick. Seriously, that and whitening toothpaste allow me to drink my starbucks in peace! I also use Dr Collins products ( because i’ve found them to be so much more effective then just the normal drugstore brands. More oral care products on this blog would be great!

    • Shannon

      Hi Cassie,

      Sorry about the oral care–Makeup Minute only covers makeup. ;)

    • Elise

      It’s sheer, not opaque blue. So I don’t think anyone should be made fun of because no one’s walking around with blue lips.

      When you put a sheer blue gloss on pink lips, it makes the lips even more pink and the cool-toned sheer blue gloss brings out the cool whites of the teeth (not the warm yellow!) That’s just science.

    • Syssi

      I’m on the wild side, plus I’m only 15 years old so of course I would wear blue lip gloss. I think it’s awesomeeeee!