NYX Cosmetics Trio Eyeshadow


When I had thought I had enough eyeshadows, I came across NYX Cosmetics. I don’t get too excited over color when I receive a product, but I received the Trio Eyeshadow in Pearl, Silver and Charcoal; colors I have never used on my eyes before.

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The staying power of the pigments in these colors is amazing. When I was trying them out, my husband looked at me quizzically and wanted to know why I was getting all dressed up. I had to laugh to myself as I stood there in a t-shirt in jeans. My eyes did look pretty darn good (if I do say so myself…and I just did).

The most fabulous thing has to be the price. This compact of 3 colors is available on NYX’s website for $7, but can also be found on drugstore.com for only $4.57.

I’m in love with the colors and look forward to buying a different colored set (like the one pictured at the beginning of this post).

NYX 3 Color Eyeshadow Trio #5 PINK/CANDY/FLOWERNYX 3 Color Eyeshadow Trio #3 Nude/Taupe/Dark BrownNYX 3 Color Eyeshadow Trio #1 White/Grey/Black

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    • http://www.clairesbeauty.com Claire

      I reach for the white/silver/charcoal ALL the time :) Isn’t it great? I’ve found the quality is a little hit and miss depending on the colors, some are a little chalky. The pearl ones are excellent, usually, and the mattes can be chalky.

    • melissa

      I love your makeup , I get a tremendous amount of compliments , although people mistake it for Mac I correct them to inform them its not . I just wish you guys would put a trunk together like other make up products.The colors are rich and last a pretty long time . Thank you

    • Julie

      I’m so sad that I haven’t yet found a place that sells NYX in Denver. I’d love to try them, because I’ve seen such good info about them on other blogs.

    • Debbie

      I’ve heard a lot about NYX and their shadows. I’ve tried looking for them at stores, but can’t seem to find them. I’m a little unsuire about ordering makeup online because you don’t know exactly what your getting until you actually see it. Does any one know of any stores that carry the brand?

    • Kristen

      These remind me of Bobbi Brown’s eye shadows…always so pretty and complimentary. I’ve never actually seen NYX products anywhere…where can you buy them?

    • Brytni

      I’v been looking all over for NYX products and couldnt find them anywhere…but today i went to the mall and this clothing store La’patricia was selling a ton of NYX products…they had the shadows for 5.99 with an additional 60% off of everything in the store…I racked up on everything… i guess the products are sold at random stores because they are extremely hard to find!!

    • Cher

      I found Nyx stuff (lips, eyeshadow singles & trios, brushes, etc.) at a store called Wax and Wave. Its part of like a dual store thing where Wave has only clothes and Wax (a separate room) has onlyjewelry and makeup. The trios are $5.99 and the singles around $3. :)

    • http://glockoma.wordpress.com Glockoma

      I’m from Canada and you can find NYX products at Rexall/Pharma Plus. There’s also a NYX Canadian site if you want to order from them directly.