5 Things I’m Doing for Me

Younger Next Year for WomenFor years and years, everyone in the family came before Mom… that’s just the way it was. But, now it’s time to concentrate on what you need and this is my list for December. We shall see how it turns out.

1. Eating more vegetables each day
2. Drinking more water and less coffee. Yes, I got started on coffee again.
3. Eating more fish.
4. Walking during commercial breaks. I will snack instead if I don’t.
5. I’m going to eat more peanut butter on toast than butter.

Have you made a list for next month. Start small and see if you can stick to it. I’m bad about starting with the best of intentions, and then forgetting about them. Especially the vegetables!!

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    • http://www.mariemoneysmith.com Marie Moneysmith

      These are all great things to do, especially the “more water” goal. I just wrote about the devastating effects of too little water at my own blog — http://parenttraps.blogspot.com. My father ended up in intensive care because of dehydration and as a result is now almost completely debilitated. A tragic situation that could have been avoided by drinking more water.