A Quest for Historical Heirs to the English Throne

Could you possibly be one of the historical heirs to the throne of England? Can you trace your lineage back to an ancestor who had a claim to the crown?The royal families we know today are royalty due to twists in events hundreds of years ago. For example:

Edgar Aetheling was named heir apparent by his great-uncle King Edward the Confessor but was not crowned when the King died in 1066 because he was too young. Harold II was crowned instead.

William the Conqueror crossed over from Normandy, defeating Harold at the Battle of Hastings. The teenage Aetheling later submitted to William.

If you believe you are descended from one of those who “would have been”, you can file your claim with its supporting documents at the English Heritage website. You won’t gain sudden royal status, of course. It’s just part of historical research, but interesting nonetheless.

via Reuters; Image: English Heritage

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    • Judith Di-Sandolo

      This is an extract from my local newspaper

      Pontypridd and Llantrisant Observer (A tabloid newspaper published weekly)

      Thursday 15th February 2007

      Page 5

      The woman who could have been queen …..
      By David Williams

      IF only King Harold hadn’t been hit in the eye by an arrow at the Battle of Hastings life may have been very different for one Llantrisant woman.

      Judith Di-Sandolo, aged 60, believes she could have been Queen after tracing her family roots back to the Medieval period.

      The mother-of two, originally from Pembrokeshire, is one of 150 people the English Heritage short-listed as having claims to the throne had Harold won the battle. When English Heritage launched a worldwide quest to find people with links to 1066, Mrs Di-Sandolo was one of 500 members of the public to get in touch. And she has already had some light-hearted ribbing about her possible blue blood.

      She said: “I would love the idea of being Queen for the day, but I don’t think I could to the job full-time, I would have to abdicate.

      “I have had a few jokes about it. My children have been asking what titles they would have if I was Queen. People have been saying I should practice my wave.”

      Mrs Di-Sandolo began her family tree 15 years ago when her mum, Maud, died.

      Helped by her sister, Pamela, she discovered she is related to William the Conqueror and St Margaret, of Scotland, whose brother Edgar may have been king if Harold had won the Battle of Hastings.

      Mrs Di-Sandolo, whose maiden name is Hunt, said she researched her history back to Henry Hunt, who married a woman called Jane De Vere in the early 1600s.
      Miss De Vere was the daughter of the 15th Earl of Oxford, a direct relative of William the Conqueror.

      But the former farmer’s wife said the position of Queen wouldn’t be one she would relish.
      She said: “I am a fan of the royals and have always been quite interested in them.
      “I think it’s a very hard thing they do. It’s like living in a goldfish bowl. I wouldn’t like that life. I’ve been outside Buckingham Palace and done a London tour. I went to the Tower of London and saw the crown jewels, although I didn’t think they should be mine.
      “It never entered my head.”

      In fact she not only found she is the 25th great grand daughter of St Margaret, she is the 16th great granddaughter of Welsh prince Owain Glyndwr.

      In her 1,600-name family tree she also claims to be linked to William the Conqueror’s cup-bearer Philip de Maunsell and diarist Ralph Jocelyn.

      Mrs Di-Sandolo added: “I have become absolutely fascinated with finding out where I’ve come from and to think I could have been in the Royal family is amazing.
      “A family tree is very personal so I didn’t think anybody would be that interested in it.”

    • Kaaron Mitchell

      In that caes then I too have a claim to the English throne. My mother is a Weir. I can claim a direct line through the Weirs back to the De Veres who married into William the Conquerors family and even before that. My ancestor Milo de Verriers married Bertbelle, sister to Charlemagne. I can also claim a link through the D’Auney family who also came from Normandy to Scotland with William the Conqueror and married into the De Vere family. Mrs Di Sandolo should check her research more thoroughly though, as I have picked up on many mistakes she has submitted through the Weir family, especially after the downfall of Major Thomas Weir. Her dates are incorrect and there has never been any proof of another son by Major Thomas, the only one acknowledged was Alexander. Any others were bastards. I have marriage certs, death certs, birth extracts and census returns to prove Judith Di Sandolo’s research wrong. A shame she got picked up by the people who happen to be researching just that line. Sorry love, but your tenuous Weir lineage is unable to be proven at this time, and even if it was, your dates are wrong. If the Four Courts Fire in Ireland hadn’t happened, then you may be able to prove it, but I have my doubts.

    • Judith Di-Sandolo

      My family tree concerns my Hunt ancestors. The Weir surname is only a tiny twig on my tree. I have no direct ancestors who have the surname Weir. However I would be happy to correct any mistakes that you have found so please let me know what these mistakes are.
      Best Regards

    • Kaaron Mitchell

      My Weir lines comes through the de Vere line, so it is a part of your tree. The de Vere line supposedly holds seniority over even the Plantaganet line. The John Weir you have included in your line, who married Mary Ann Logan, was born in 1854, not 1810, and married in 1874 in Stoneykirk, Wigtownshire, I have his marriage excerpt. He was born in Wigtownshire, parish of Inch. His parents (Robert and Sarah Weir) moved to Inch from Ireland circa 1845. There are no records that our family has found of birth dates for Robert Weir, but we do know that his mother was Rachel Stewart, but father is unknown. Even so, Robert died in 1888, aged 60, so he would have been born 1828. As for Major Thomas Weir, as I stated before, there has never been any proof found so far of a son named Thomas. His only legitimate son was Alexander, any others were bastards.

      Also, according to my research, and that of others… the Jane De Vere who married Henry Hunt was the daughter of Aubrey De Vere, not of John De Vere the 15th earl of Oxford.

      I found this excerpt in a PDF file at this address
      You can continue to read the letter if you wish. But again, you have entered wrong names.

      SUMMARY: In this letter written on 22 July 1611 to Sir Robert Cecil and Lord Henry Howard, Elizabeth, Dowager Countess of Oxford, complains of the bad influence on her son Henry de Vere, 18th Earl of Oxford, of his second cousin John Hunt. Hunt was the grandson of Aubrey Vere, brother of the 16th Earl of Oxford, and was the eldest son of Henry Hunt of Gosfield, Essex, and his wife Jane Vere, daughter of Aubrey Vere. He was born about 1585, and was thus about 24 years of age in 1609 when he first began to exercise an influence over Henry de Vere, who was then only 16. The Countess’ letter is accompanied by a set of articles listing Hunt’s misdemeanours, and Henry de Vere’s misdemeanours in Hunt’s company, including neglect of his service to Prince Henry and to King James himself.

      As you can see, although they are indeed from the same family, they were not the Earls of Oxford, in fact just a younger brothers’ line. It states that Jane Vere, daughter of Aubrey Vere (who was the brother of John De Vere, 16th Earl of Oxford), married Henry Hunt. Junior lines cannot claim thrones. Sorry, Judith. As I said before, please check you research, some of are trying to do the right thing and PROVING correct lines.

    • Kaaron Mitchell

      Not sure if my last reply made it through, but anyway. You Weir lines do indeed evolve from De Vere lines. Which I am sure you should know, if you are doing your research properly. John Weir who married Mary Ann Logan was born in 1854 (not 1810 as you stated) and married in 1874 according to his marriage cert. His parents were Robert and Sarah Weir, their dates are unknown, but Robert died in 1888 at age 60, so he would have been born about 1828. Robert’s mother was Rachel Stewart, date unknown and marriage was to ?? (possibly Archibald) Weir, dates also unknown. As I said before, no other son by Major Thomas Weir, apart from Alexander, has ever been acknowledged.

      Your other mistake is… that Jane De Vere (who married Henry Hunt)was the daughter of John De Vere the 16th Earl of Oxford. This also is incorrect, she was in fact the daughter of Margaret Spring and Aubrey De Vere the younger brother of John De Vere the 15th Earl of Oxford. Junior lines cannot claim thrones. Jane’s father Aubrey never became Earl after his brother, his nephew Edward De Vere took up the Earldom. The Earldom only passed back into Aubrey’s line after Henry De Vere’s line failed to produce any sons. It was Aubrey’s grandson who inherited, Sir Aubrey De Vere, son of Hugh De Vere and Eleanor Walsh. The line finished at Aubrey De Vere the 20th earl where the male line expired. Check the public records office. Sorry Judith, wrong again.

    • Kaaron Mitchell

      Ooops, I inadvertently had the 15th and 16th Earls around the wrong way in my last reply. I do apologize for the mistake (and this was the only one). My first reply was in fact correct though, in respect to the 15th and 16th Earls.

    • Judith Di-Sandolo

      As I mentioned in my previous reply I have NO ancestors with the surname Weir. The few Weir names on my tree are there only by association and I have no direct blood lines to the Weir clan. I obtained Weir information from a publication The Dragon Legacy by Nicholas De Vere and the birth date of John Weir was correct there, I had made a typo which I was happy to correct.

      With regard to Jane De Vere who married Henry Hunt, my direct ancestors, a recent newspaper article states that she was the daughter of the 15th Earl of Oxford, but we all know that she was his grand daughter. That just goes to show that we should not believe everything we read in newspapers.

      Jane was the daughter of Aubrey De Vere and his second wife Bridget Gibons, the daughter of Sir Anthony Gibons of Lynne, Norfolk. This paper work is registered and entered at the Register of Ulsters Office of Grants and Confirmations, of Arms, and at the offices of the Records of the College of Arms, London.

      Besides my De Vere ascent to St. Margaret and Edgar the Atheling, and William the Conqueror, et al, I have several provable direct lines which have nothing to do with the De Vere bloodline this is why the submission of my Family Tree was of interest.
      Best Regards

    • Judith Di-Sandolo

      In reply to Kaaron who states that younger brothers can not inherit thrones. King George 6th father of our Dear Queen Elizabeth 2nd was a younger brother who inherited the throne. History shows us that the descent line of our monarchy is full of complicated twist and turns. God save our gracious Queen Long live our noble Queen, God save the Queen.

    • http://www.merryroyals.com Maricar

      Thanks, all, for participating in this discussion. I’m enjoying it and learning a lot. I think you’re so lucky to know so much about your ancestors.

    • Thor Halland

      There is tons of people descended from the Saxon kings – Myself included -it means rather little.

      THis de vere -weir thing -are you a relation of the lunatic who calls himself HRH and talks about Dragons ?

    • Kaaron Mitchell

      King George VI only inherited the throne, because his older brother Edward VIII abdicated. Everyone knows that. What I meant was, you cannot be in line for the throne, because your ancestor was married to the daughter of a younger brother to the Earl of Oxford.
      The de Vere line never wanted to lay claim to the throne, and by this time didn’t have a claim to the throne. Since when did marrying into a younger line of a noble (but not royal) family put you in line for the throne??? As I stated previously, my mothers line from the Weirs back through the De Veres (before the name was anglicised), and my fathers line D’Auney has a much more significant claim, but none of us are interested.
      My maternal line is a direct line back through to Aubrey De Vere (original owner of Hedingham Castle), to Milo de Verriers and Bertbelle (sister of Charlemagne) and even back to Godfrey de Bouillon De Vere, King of Jerusalem. We also have links to the Welsh Kings, the Irish Kings, Scottish Kings and even back to Nero. Our line also includes the ancestors of todays Prince William, and we also have a direct line from John of Gaunt. My paternal line goes back to at least William the Conqueror, and also married into the De Vere family around the time of William’s arrival in England. The D’Auney line was also a noteable noble family from Normandy.
      It is I admit very exciting to find out that you are related to nobility, but don’t get too excited. There are also many more people who have a better claim than we.
      You say that Jane was the daughter of Aubrey and his second wife, I apologise, the records I found obviously need correcting. Did she have any older siblings??? Very rarely does the (younger?)daughter of the second wife, of the younger brother even get a look in at a royal line or inheritance. It usually goes first son of the first son of the first son and so on and so forth.

    • Judith Di-Sandolo nee Hunt

      In reply to Thor Halland

      I cannot claim the distinction of being related to HRH Nicholas De Vere who also uses the titles of, amongst others, His Highness Nicholas the Prince De Vere Von Drakenberg; Sovereign Grand Master of the Dragon Court; His Grace Excellency, the Duke of Angiers. (how many titles does one bloke need ?)

      Nicholas belongs to the Weir clan, or should that be the Weird clan, either way I do admit to owning a copy of his Astro Theological tome.

      I am from the De Vere line and I am the 8x great grand daughter of John De Vere 15th Earl of Oxford, and also the 8x great grand daughter of John Hunt, who himself was the great grandson of the same Earl. All of these connections, in spite of eye-catching headlines, means alas, that I am only one of a million, and under no illusions that I am very, very, very, many times removed from our present day Royal House.

      The De Vere Motto
      Vero Nihil Verius
      Nothing truer than Truth

      The Hunt Motto
      Labor Omnia Vincit
      Work conquers all.
      (or in my case Family Research Work Conquers All)

    • Judith Di-Sandolo nee Hunt

      Ps Correction: I am the 11x great grand daughter of the 15th Earl.

    • Judith Di-Sandolo nee Hunt

      In reply to Ms Mitchell

      I have now had time to re-read the copy I have of the letter written in 1611 by the Dowager Countess of Oxford which you mentioned in one of your earlier responses.

      The Countess wrote to, amongst others, Earl of Salisbury the Lord High Treasurer of England; Earl of Northampton the Lord Privy Seal; Sir Robert Cecil and Lord Henry Howard, with regard to the wayward behaviour of her son Henry the 18th Earl of Oxford who was delinquent in his pageboy duties to King James 1st. She named John Hunt as the enticer of her son and she likened John Hunt to the Ivy plant and she compared her son with an Oak tree, in her letter she requested that ..… in her words….. this ivy to be plucked away from this young oak whose growth is so much hindered by it…..

      I must make the comment that Henry died 1625 without issue aged only 32 years, but John Hunt (1585 – 1657) became one of the 49 Officers in Cromwell’s Army and had issue. Today there are hundreds if not thousands of his descendants living across the globe.

      I think you must agree that the Ivy of John Hunt proved to be more tenacious and enduring than the Oak of the Earl.

      As previously mentioned I am
      11x great grand daughter of John 15th Earl
      8x great grand daughter of John Hunt
      2nd cousin 10x removed to Henry 18th Earl

      Both Henry and John were great grand sons of John the 15th Earl of Oxford.
      And were second cousins to each other.

      And a good time was had by all if the shenanigans of the letters are to be believed.

    • Kaaron Mitchell

      I do have the “distinction” (not sure whether that is good or bad, yet) of being related to HRH Nicholas De Vere. His grandfather and my great grandfather were brothers, hence me picking up on John Weir’s dates. I have checked out a fair bit of his research, and so far I haven’t found any mistakes (except for the bit about the descendants of Major Thomas, which is proving to be hard info to find). While we do call ourselves Weird, I do find it insulting for someone else to do so, especially when they don’t know us.
      Well, Judith. Great debate, I hope we both learned something (as well as many others) from our discussion. Sorry if I upset you, I do have a habit of going in hard. Just remember, any living descendant of the noble De Vere family, has a very distinct family tree, and they are bound to find many, many ties to most of the Royal families, even the modern one. It is a wonderful thing to know your roots. It gives a great deal of satisfaction when you can finally put the pieces together correctly, and I do enjoy a challenge. My family tree has been my “challenge” for many years now since I took over from my grandfather. We are finding it to be a very great challenge living in Australia, but we have made a great deal of headway over the last 3 years. It also makes it even harder when your own cousins who live in the UK don’t want to know, and won’t pass on any family stories or anecdotes. We have searched blind for many a year, and we are also waiting on a DNA test, which will prove beyond a doubt which line of the De Veres we come from. It will also be of great interest to anyone who thinks cousin Nicholas is full of his own bluster. Either way, it will be of great interest. Maybe I should start selling tickets now??? (haha) I am sure lots of people would love to prove Nick wrong. Good luck all you others out there. Maybe you will find your own royalty, somewhere.

    • Judith Di-Sandolo nee Hunt

      The Earls of Oxford were a rare breed. Edward the 17th Earl (1550 – 1604) is often attributed with penning some if not all of the Shakespearean plays, and I believe he entertained Queen Elizabeth 1st at his ancestral seat Castle Hedingham. He was certainly her Lord Chamberlain.

      When Henry the 18th died 1622, without issue the title devolved to the issue of Aubrey De Vere (Jane’s father), Aubrey being the younger brother of the 16th Earl.

      The long and colourful history of the Earls of Oxford, (1st creation), show that they in the most part, well served their country and their Monarchs. Many of the Earls were knighted. John the 15th Earl was knighted on 16 August 1513 by King Henry VIII himself, at the Battle of The Spurs in Guinegatte, Northern France, and later in 1527 he was made Knight of the Garter. There is also a stall plate in his name a St. George Chapel Windsor, Stall S7 (7).

      However there was the occasional incarceration and a beheading or two, or more. Such was the fate of 3 generations of De Veres. Richard De Vere the 11th Earl of Oxford was relieved of his head at The Tower of London in 1417. His son John the 12th Earl suffered the same fate on 26 February 1462, as did his son who was beheaded a few days before him on the 23rd.

      I live in constant fear that Richard’s fate could be the fate of anyone who refers to themselves as being Heir or Pretender to the Throne.

      In the Lewis Carroll tale, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the Queen shouts, Off with their heads, Off with their heads. That is the scream which echoes in my nightmares.

    • Mickey

      Does anyone have information on Robert Weir who married Elizabeth Ferguson in the 1800′s? My aunt did an extensive geneology search which I was supposed to receive upon her death. Somehow it has turned up missing. Her name was Mary Jean Weir of LaMesa, CA. I’m trying to piece things together and have very little info to go on.

    • Suzy Camborne

      Kaaron Mitchell I find your comments extremly rude, sounds to me you ARE trying to claim fame for yourself alone, who cares if you are or are not and anyone else for that matter, in the line!!
      what are you trying to prove, how smart you are or just displaying your manners?
      You make comment of your cousins not sharing with you..wonder why? I would be embarrased to be related! also do you offer to pay some compensation to them to help with the expense of the research?..I think not!!! ..just expect it to all drop in your lap with no idea what has gone into getting this far back.
      I would like to know have you proven your line with certificates at least [3 documents] back from your self? you may be shocked to find you are not in the line you thought..has happend to many researchers! even the diligent ones!
      People who take [steal] trees from the web add them to their own trees and call them their own with out permission are not really people you would want to share with anyway.

    • Kaaron Mitchell

      Suzy Camborne… I was trying to prove a point to Judith that it is not only she who has a link to William the Conqueror and the De Vere line. It shits me off when people have the wrong information and go off half cocked. I do have certificates for our line, and also DNA proof now. I have stolen no trees, I have compiled my own with my research and my grandfathers research. The rellies who will not share have no interest in the family tree… there was some family feuding in the late 1800′s and this resulted in the family dispersing to different countries.

      As I said in one of my last letters “It is I admit very exciting to find out that you are related to nobility, but don’t get too excited. There are also many more people who have a better claim than we.” And this still stands true. While the De Vere family is a long and noble bloodline, there are still more claimants who have better lineage than ours.

      I am not trying to claim fame for myself, I just want the research to be done correctly. Not much of this research has fallen into my lap as you call it. Any research I have encountered that has matched my own, I have asked the owners permission to copy from their work. Dont make assumptions on a few letters Suzy. I questioned Judith because she has my part of the tree posted on several different sites and each time it came up wrong because I have the certificates to prove her wrong. She admitted it was a typo (I think), so I simply corrected her and let that part lie.

      You may keep your embarrassment to yourself, you dont know me and you have no idea of how hard I have worked on this research, and you do not know me.

    • Suzy Camborne

      Your Quote; of Judith
      [She admitted it was a typo (I think), so I simply corrected her and let that part lie.]
      and Your Quote to me;
      [I was trying to prove a point to Judith that it is not only she who has a link to William the Conqueror and the De Vere line. It shits me off when people have the wrong information and go off half cocked.]
      I see you made a typo error as well but Judith did not mouth on to you, that’s my point we are all in this together and can be polite and compassionate about it, We all make errors, what do you get by using volga expression toward her or anyone else? you could be far more polite and ask did she make a mistake?
      You mention DNA tests proving it…who did you test it against and where? I am interested in this process as we also have an illegitimate member in our line, we have been told it is not possible to prove so far back, would appreciate how you were able to get a conclusive result and was is it expensive.
      How did you prove your line prior to 3/4 1837?

    • Kaaron Mitchell

      Yes I made a typo and I corrected it myself. In all honesty I think Judith and I have sorted this all out, as this happened months ago. Why do you come in now and start throwing accusations all over the place? I am not about to divulge my information to you, as you seem to be very pushy and rude. I apologised to Judith for ‘going in hard’ and it has stayed that way. Dont open up old arguments.

    • DavidAubrey

      Attn Judith Di-Sandolo

      Dear Judith soory to ask but I need some help with the Australian branch of the Hunts
      namely one William Augustus Hunt arrived 1837 to NSW on the ship “John” think he could be my 3x G father ?



      • george doswell

        hi david ,I believe you are my cousin

        and were living in belgium last time we met. I think you were in touch with Ralph. Have you any more information about william aubrey? I have some info on Grandmother Mary Aubreys father if you send me your e mail address.

    • Judith Di-Sndolo

      Hi David
      You can contact me via email
      Shall be plesed to help if I can.
      J D.

    • C Durant

      Attn Judith and David

      I’m also an Australian line of the (de Vere) Hunt Family with John de Vere Hunt (death in 1850 on way to Port Phillip) being my 4x Grandfather with his daughter Jane mary married to Anthony O’Connor and have only found out resently.
      I’m Interested in sharing info.
      Regards C Durant

    • kathy de Vere

      In relation to The creation of Herbert Asquith’s Earldom title.
      Earl of Oxford.Later annouced Earl of Oxford and Asquith

      Taken from the Newspaper
      The Daily Sketch 28th January 1925 Page 2

      Mr Harold de Vere.

      The article state that there are Family Graves at Barking Essex.

      Some years ago I have over the years trace a Male line of de Vere’s back to mid 1600′s

      Baptised at Barking 1677 William Vere son of Henry Vere(died 1693 Barking Essex) and married Priscilla Hipper 1704.Priscilla’s Brother was Capt.Joshua Banaster of Lttle Ilford and Barking.

      Other Surnames -Leigh Humphreys Lorrod Healey and Morgan

      If anyone else has any information because we would like to know which line of the de Vere’s my family are from, I would appericate it

      • Edward Vere Walrod

        We are of the same Family only you still use the term De even though De Vere and Vere are the same thing. Vero Nihil Verius

      • Michele Botticelli


    • lailani

      i only found out that i had royal ancestors when i was 43 so i’m still coming to terms with it and the fact that my parents didnt cristen me because of personal conflicts. i would only give up my royal ancestry if a catholic prince decided that he wanted to make me his bride.with the ring the announcment and pictures. love lailani

      • Roma

        That is so sweet! Why don’t you get baptised and confirmed in the Catholic Church of Prince Nicholas de Vere? There are dual classes for this accomplishment. By the way, I have a Catholic brother who is GORGEOUS, however, Nicholas de Vere will probably tell you that you have to connect with him mystically and be ever so divinely loving for all time and untime. Your name is beautiful by the way, I know it’s roots.

    • Penny Kempin

      I have just started my geneology, my great grandfather was Aubrey de Vere Hunt, my great grandmother was Sarah Gertrude Edmands, my GG Grandparents were Vere Dawson de Vere Hunt & Elizabeth Walker. I am having some difficulties in tracing ancestors since it appears difficult to obtain info from Eire where John Hunt & Vere Hunt settled after the death of Charles I, Vere Hunt was an officer in Cromwells Army and given land when the war was over, his father John Hunt a Capt in Charles I army (“one of the 49 officers”) was grandson to Henry Hunt of Gosfield Essex. I am now trying to find my ancestors “in the middle” !!! That is how I found this site by trawling the nett.

      Many thanks
      Penny Kempin

      Any info/dates would be of immense help.

      • david Hunt

        If you are from Vere Dawson de vere hunt and Elzabeth Walker, then you must have a Dam Buster relation. And the de Veres of Curragh chase are not direct ancestors of yours . Please get back to me, David hunt- descendant of Henrty Hunt of Gosfield etc

      • Not John Kerry, but I liked ‘im

        Why would you stick “Hunt” on any name, that is stupid. Hunt is strictly for Jewish castup. 0:

    • Annette Wilkinson

      Hello Everyone.
      How are you all.
      I have a lot of Royal Connections, and I am very proud of it.
      My 7th great grandfather is Sir Robert Harley, Earl of Oxford and Mortimer. I am also a 7th cousin to Queen Elizabeth II.
      And a direct discentant to King Robert de Bruce and the Plantagenet Family.
      It is an honor to be here.
      Thank you.

    • james sadleir

      my ggg grandmother was georgina margaret hunt whose father was henry davis hunt, his father dawson vere hunt. georgina margaret hunt married william sturgess and there daughter was anna georgina who married nicholas sadleir of brookville tipperary, immigrated to australia in 1852. The sadleir are related to sir ralph sadleir knight barronet for henry 8th, has anyone any information on this line. thankyou.