Best Lip Plumper?

Ok, I am finally ready to take the plunge and try a lip plumper. I have to tell you though, I am pretty nervous. All I can imagine is that my lips are going to feel like someone just stuck me with a needle all day long. I want a beestung look without the bee sting, if you know what I mean.

So I decided I wanted to enlist your help in choosing the best one for me. I absolutely hate to waste money, especially when it comes to beauty products. So I have created a poll in my sidebar where you can vote for the best lip plumper brand. If you don’t see the brand you love listed, there is a spot for “other” where you can tell me your favorite one.

Once you’ve voted (and that takes all of 5 seconds and is harmless–really!), please post a comment telling me why you think a particular brand is the best. Whichever brand ends up with the highest votes will be the one I purchase and try out. I’m only going to leave the poll up for a few days.

I look forward to hearing everyone’s favorites and will start checking out each brand as they get voted in.
LipFusion Micro-Injected Collagen Lip Plump - ClearMini Venom Trio by DuWopToo Faced Fat Kiss Lip Plumping Gloss Potion

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    • Teri

      For the plumpest lips, try Too Faced Lip Injection. It burns, oh yes it does! But my lips swell and fast. And the swelling lasts awhile. I think my lips actually look better as the swelling is going down, within the first few hours.

      DuWop doesn’t burn as much – it is more of an intense cinnamony hot. My lips swell with it too, just not as large as they do with Lip Injection. On me, Lip Injection lasts longer too.

      E-mail me, Shannon – I may have something for you.

    • Ellen

      I like Freeze 24/7, recommended by The Beauty Buyable. It doesn’t sting (like some others), just kinda tingles but it made the most difference



    • Julie

      I love LipFusion XL – I really notice a difference especially when applying it right before bed – and it tastes great too!

    • Samantha

      Ive tried many lip plumping product, and if I could recommend any they would be Napoleon Perdis Love bite & Too Faced lip injection- however these offer only temporary plumping. Chi Chi lip plumper and Bloom cosmetics lip plumper give you a long lasting plump pout with a less intense sting.

    • Jennifer

      I’ve tried CityLips and LipFusion (both the regular and the XL-version), and I must say I’m stuck with the LipFusion XL. It really works, especially when applying at bedtime. I do wake up with pumped up lips that are pretty pink and soft. Definitely a keeper!

    • yoyosushi3 (thu)

      im sorry dear, but i think almost all plumping glosses come with the sting! if you only want a slighttt plump, you should try clinique’s full potential lip gloss. gorgeous color, smooth texture and it doesn’t sting at all!

    • Trudi S.

      Luckily, I was blessed with naturally pouty lips, so I have no need for lip plumpers. Sorry I can’t help you on this one.

    • Ashley Samantha

      I hardly need a lip plumper either, but I really like Clinique’s plumping glosses, and MAC’s 3Dglass in kind of like the optical illusion of plumping? LOL

    • caroleann

      I like Transformulas lip gloss. It really does make a temporary difference and it’s not pricey.

    • Cynthia

      The best thing is to do what Marilyn Monroe did. She wore about 5 to 7 different lipsticks at one time. She would apply the darker colors first and put the lighter colors in the center. Without her lipstick on she had really thin lips! Who would have thought? I have a picture of her in a book without any makeup on and it really surprised me to see how thin her lips actually were. I must say that she was really beautiful without any makeup. Marilyn really had some wonderful makeup techniques.

    • keli

      I seen stacy london try this lip plumpler and i have hear it was the best ever, i will try it my sself when i get the money.

    • Cynthia

      I haven’t tried any but i’ve heard really good comments about Lip Fusion, the only thing is that it burns a little but it’s supposed to work for about 48 hours. Let me know which one you went for.

    • Elena

      I’ve heard that Celebrity Sexy Lips is really good because not only does it have short term effects but in the long run it also keeps them plump. But that’s only what I’ve heard. I’ve never tried a plumper but I don’t need on too much.

    • tanya

      love the fusion xl. I just tried it last night, my lips burned for like an hr and then I fell asleep. Woke up to a pouter lip, just like I wanted, I;m wearing it again and cant wait for even more results, love the flavor also.

    • penelope

      Why would you be afraid of a little topical stinging on your lips?? It’s no big deal for heavens’ sake, it’s not like you’re getting a filler injected….to me the more sting the better. it’s just cinnamon oil for the most part. I tried Too Faced Lip injection and was not impressed and it was highly recommended by Sephora…it doesn’t do much. I have tried so many and none of them really do a lot. I am going to try some of the others listed here that I haven’t tried yet….but to really get them plumped go for the Restylane.

    • denise

      celebrity sexy lip works quite well..guess i’m immune because none of these mentioned bother me with stinging…just slight passing tingle..celebrity sexy lip price has gone up tho…but it works best for me and has lasting affects if used regularly

    • clec

      Lip Fusion XL is worth every penny. ($50, Sephora, Ulta) I have been using this product for about 2 years now and have fuller, more defined lips. The taste is great and the sting is very minor and goes away after a few minutes. It is only available in a “clear” color but can be used over lipstick with the same results. The regular Lip Fusion ($35) works too (a few notches below the XL) and comes in many shades. I use XL every day. One tube will last you about 3 to 4 months if you apply daily.

    • senem koc

      Hi im from Turkey, i tried a lot of lip plumper and i think best lip plumper is too faced lip injection (clear color only-not other color) lip fusion not work,yes taste and color-shine is very well,however this is only collagen and work for that i recommended too faced only..Senem Koc

    • Rosebee

      My favourite plumper is Physicians Formula Plump Potion…it actually works, and for $10 dollars (average price) you cannot go wrong trying it. I have spent much more…only to be disappointed. Plump Potion comes in both gloss and now *NEW* lipstick. Physicians Formula is carried at most drug stores and at Target and Wal-mart. Keep in mind that everyone has a unique body chemistry and what works for one of us may not work in the same way for another. Good luck on your lip plumpin’ journey! One final thought… please keep it cruelty-free! (NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS)

      • Brenda Binkley

        Haven’t tried that one, but I see Physician’s Formula in Wal-mart all the time!! Really not sure what I’ll get, too many suggestions, I’ll have to think on what I’ll do, don’t want to waste money in this economy!! Thanks everyone!!

    • sara

      my friend, i think it wouldnt be so hard for you to find a good lip plumper. if you were in my shoes and you couldnt find any of these brands in your country what would you do? we have just Oriflame brand here.
      if i were in your shoes i would buy all of them and get the result. Good luck!

    • karoline

      hi guys
      I’ve been trying celebrity sexy lips for 3 days now and no result whatsoever.
      at first there is less than tingling and no plumping at all ( for me anyway)
      it’s a cute lip gloss but other than that it doesn’t work at all.

    • lisa

      has any one tried … cushy lips … its got the best reveiew , but then one says the best ones are with maxi lip in them? ive just tried that natural angel ( 2 weeks changes the lip and well , i dunno , looking for another ?

    • alininki

      Hi everyone,LIP EXPLOSION did work ? this gloss contain collagen?

    • dsafjljfjdslka

      Celebrity Sexy lips is a SCAM.

    • Ida

      Hello, I was reading all of these. I hope these are honest people sweetie. Because some of these comments seem like they are solicitations for the brand. I can tell you right now, I have tried atleast 6 of the brands listed here. None have truely worked for me. ESPECIALLY CELEBRITY SEXY LIPS!!!!
      The worst, not only do they lie about their product, but if you purchase it from their website, they con you into some type of VIP program that 3 months after your purchase, they link you to and charge your account 99.99. DO NOT BUY THAT PRODUCT. I have even tried the V.S. brand lip plumper. Doesn’t work. I can tell you that the Lipfusion XL is the best one so far, that I have used. It doesn’t do miracles, but it gives you the plump effect, and of course the slight sting. I wish you luck, hon. I will keep watching to see what you end up using and how it worked for YOU!. …. God bless. :^}

      • Brenda Binkley

        I was gonna try that one also!! I know U can’t also trust what ppl say, but what might work for one person, may not work for the other!! Everyone’s different!! Thanks for all the imput! Brenda, AR.

      • Jayne

        I totally agree, Lipfusion XL is by far my favorite. I am having a lot of trouble finding it right now though. I see that it was on sale on a few sites and now it’s sold out…I hope they haven’t discontinued it! A Sephora employee told me they are coming out with an even more effective formula, I hope shes right and it comes out sooner rather than later.

    • Paris Friday

      I’m all about me some sexy lips, not to mention addicted to product to the point that its a little bit crazy, but…. Tip: When you brush your teeth, brush your lips too in little baby circle motions, it exfoliates and stimulates your lips, makes them supple and smooth and swollen looking. Seriously, try it.

      • Summergirl

        Sooo true! My lips are always cracked and flaky, they were never smooth no matter the product until I ‘exfoliated’ them using my tooth brush! I do it pretty much every day now. I definitely recommend it to any who want perfect lips!

      • Brenda Binkley

        I’ll try that too!! Thanks, Brenda, AR.

    • Kim Cavanagh

      Forget all the liquid lip plumpers, I had very minimal results with quite a few. If your gonna spend $50-$70 get the Luscious Lips lip plumper by Cynthia Rowland……This device is amazing!!!!! You have a 2 week conditioning period and please be careful cause you can bruise your lips. I am 3 weeks into it and WOW……My lips are so plump when I get done with it. Money well spent for sure! And when they start to deflate I just go plump again. From what I read, the longer you use it, the longer your lips will stay plumped. Not painful at all!!!!!!!

      • Brenda Binkley

        I may try the Cynthia Rowland device, I hate to spend money on things I have to send back!! Are U sure this really works?? Let me know, here’s my email address!! Thanks Brenda, AR.

    • Tori

      I’m madly in love with Victoria’s Secrate Plumper. It’s quite pricey, but it’s the best I’ve tried so far (better then Sally Hansen Extreme Lip Inflation or Avon)

    • dione

      i am on a quest to find out where to order the lips you love pump device.every link i try will show the product but then resirect me back to the home confusing.does anyone know a reliable link to get this product? would really love some suggestions.thanks :)

      • chele

        Dione, I can end your quest right now by assuring yoiu that the damn thing doesn’t even work. I had nothing but trouble with it and the company. Save yourself the $100 or so American dollars and don’t even bother to buy the plastic hunk of junk.I finally had Juvederm injected into my lips, and believe me, it’s more than worth the money and the slight pain. Just save the $100 you’d spend on the junky lips you love device, which is not functional whatsoever. save the $100 and put it toward juvederm injections, which at least last–for about a year.

      • Kimberly

        Hi Dione Ive seen this product on a few websites like or or I bought it from the Lip Plumping Shop and it works – dont listen to the girl who got Juvaderm – lip injections are very painful and expensive…. I tried them before buying this product and would never go back to them.

    • Nicole

      Blue star ointment works better than anything. It’s dirt cheap too. I keep some in a little pink travel pill box. Sounds crazy but it works.

      • Kimber

        Can you get that at wal-mart? Are you sure that’s safe?

    • Lucy

      I have tried loads and nothing really seemed to work for me but recently one of my girlfriends told me about a website they sell some gloss that actually worked. I Thought it was a bit pricey but with the amount i’ve spent trying other plumping glosses so far I thought it was worth a shot. I bought one to give it a try and thats all I use now. They do last quite a long time too.

    • melissa

      i got motherplumper from walmart it has just the right amount of sting. its fairly cheep around 10.00. you have to keep adding it to your lips throught the day well i do i like the sting. its kinda sticky also if that helps any one. i dont like infallible 6hr my ass i thought it was good coming from loreal.WRONG

    • ranjit

      . The best lip plumping device gently draws fluid into the lips
      Best Lip Plumping

    • satyam

      No collagen lip plumper is part of the world’s most effective range Collagen Lip Plumper

    • Mandy

      OMG I have found the best lip plumper ever! It is a lip pump from the LIP PLUMPING SHOP, it isnt a lip gloss, it is a plastic lip pump that has a mouthpeice attached to it. You pump away and it makes the lips bigger and bigger! It isnt painful at all and it actually works!! I didnt think I would ever find one that actually worked! I dont care what anyone says, this lip plastic pump is the only one that undeniably makes my lips bigger! :) :) :) go to omg omg omg soo gooood!!

      • Alisha

        I have tried this as well, I also really like it :)

    • top_10

      Here is a list of the top 10 reviewed lip plumpers:

    • rana

      Hi shannon

      i just am looking for something to make my lips look a little bigger. but i hope nothing is a scam. i dont have money to save..if you can just help me i would appreciate it thank you

    • Sarah

      Hi Shannon – I use a product called Lips You Love as it is natural and works better than any other lip plumper I have used. It’s an actual lip plumping device & not a cream or balm. Anyways it works really quickly & the results are pretty amazing so Im happy to recommend it. Regards – Sarah

    • Misha

      Hi – found this new Lip plumping device online at lipsyoulove & ordered it & works better than anything else out there (I tried almost everything else). Its stupid they dont sell this in the shops or at the mall. I reckon this is about ten times better than anything else I tried. My lips are massive now… – Misha

    • alison

      that was .. helpful. lol

    • anna

      Err why write that then??

    • Michele

      I know, I just rolled my eyes reading that.

    • Cassie

      I also tried Lips You Love plumper & its a wicked product – my lips were massive after completing the lip conditioning program so it definitely works better than creams & balms. Cassie

    • karla

      It sure is a scam!! I sent it back for the guaranteed refund, and never received any money back! They have my receipt and the gloss and I have no proof now…lesson learned!

    • c-ko

      Ha, this is definitely the owner of “Lips you love” writing these 3 posts. Notice they use the words massive, creams and balms. They all sign their name at the end of the post. Twice the author uses “–” before signing her name and also after saying “Hi”. She also has a tendency to write “&” instead of “and” like most people do.

      I have looked for reviews everywhere for this product and found a bunch of stuff that just links to the main website over and over. There are no Youtube reviews which is suspicious, because the beauty gurus would be all over this if it worked. Nice try hon.

    • Mi

      Thanks for catching this. I was about to look the product up until I read your comment. It seems likely to be a huge scam.