• Wed, Jan 31 2007

Demi Moore Accepts Aging; Ditches Punishing Exercise Regime

demi moore

Hollywood actress Demi Moore has turned her back on her rigorous exercise regime, because her body can’t take the punishment anymore.

I have to agree. While I would love to have the body that I had when I was in my twenties, lets just face it… it’s not gonna happen. My aim now is to eat right and yes, I will still exercise, but I won’t beat myself up about the fact that I’ve changed!

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  • SPBragg

    My daughter and I were watching Breakfast Television this morning and someone of the show asked if we (women) competed with our daughters and to my amazement I would have to say yes. I never thought about it before, but part of me still believes that if I exercised harder, I would have her waistline. My daughter pointed out to me, that I am nearly 30 years older than she is and the fact that I have had two kids. No wonder she has a flatter stomach and smaller waistline than me. I know this, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to simply… try harder.

    Is it only me or are you competing with your daughter?? And here I thought that I was pretty smart about this aging thing lol…

  • http://cassie-b.buzzstuff.net cassie-b

    She still looks good. But I think that aging gracefully includes the changes that are inevitable.


  • http://teahouseblossom.blogspot.com teahouseblossom

    I’ll never look like Demi Moore..and yet I’ve never had kids and I’m about 10 years younger!! Oh, well. I gave up sometime in my 20s.

  • http://theaginghipster.blogspot.com Steve

    No question about it, we cant do the things in the same way or at the same pace we used to, and i think the best idea now is to eat right. A good post!

  • http://www.dancingwind150m.com DancingWind. Oregon

    I admire Demi, she is a woman! Just love yourself! I am 48, have two children 27 and 24yo and still have to show my drivers license in the store when I want to get a beer or wine. Even surprises me a lot. :)

  • BCA

    Nice tummy tuck. The belly button is about 3 inches off. Ha! Nice try though.

  • Jenny

    Yes i am almost embarrased to admit that i also am in my own little competition with my daughter, also 30 odd yrs older and i’ve had 5 kids. But i’ve never been over weight and have been told many many times i looked like i never had any children n much younger than my age..TILL I HIT 40!! (hen everything changed..LOL! (now 43) And its happening so fast now!! But thats when my daughter came into THAT age where she’s using my clothes and looking better in them than i do…that was it! Its a friendly competition and its keeping me young n fit again, so i dont see the harm, we’re both very sensible about it,we never diet,never deny ourselves, allways indulge, but in moderation with exersize done together, its fantastic!

  • Bill

    I’d card you, but not because I don’t realize that you’re 48. Thanks for telling us how young you think you are though…