Lumene Beauti-full Plumping Lipshine


Lumene Beauti-full Plumping Lipshine was the first lip plumper I tested. I chose it to be the first because it looked more like lipstick than gloss. Plus the color, Smiling, was really pretty.

What they say:

3D plumping effect: Maxi-lips ingredient helps to stimulate collagen, which makes your lips look fuller. Unique blend of light reflecting, wet shine pearls intensify the plumping effect. Brilliant Bright Smile gives your lips extreme wet-shine finish with sheer colour and it is enriched with lip moisturizing emollients. Anti-aging lipshine contains protective, anti-oxidant vitamins A, C and E. SPF 8.

I applied the lipshine and waited. And waited. And waited. I wondered if I hadn’t put enough on because my lips felt nothing and they remained the same size. The color was marvelous and the shine was fabulous, but after an hour I realized that this lip plumper wasn’t going to offer me any plumping action at all. I made sure to ask my husband if he noticed any difference in my lips and he reported that they looked exactly the same.

Even though this plumper fell short of plumping, I will still use it as a nice shiney lipstick.

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    • Alistrand

      I use this as a lipstick. I think it does give you a fuller look. Its not a miracle but its a modern lipstick look, not cakey or dry like lipstick of yesterday.

    • Ashley Samantha

      Oooh this looks prettyful. I’m always on the lookout for “modern” lipsticks that aren’t too drying and Cakey like Alistrand remarked. I like glossy lipsticks.

    • Trudi S.

      You love lip plumpers don’t you. Your last three posts were about the same thing. It’s okay, we all have our addictions. Mine happens to be lip gloss.

    • http://B5Media Adrienne

      I read a book recently just jam packed with ‘How not to look old’ information, and one tip advised looking for and using lipstick or lipglosses with ‘Palmitoyl Ogliopeptide’ , “Which research shows may have a permanent plumping effect over time.” What I want to know is how on earth to find and READ the ingredients in a lipstick or lipgloss!! (sigh) signed, Lipless in Modesto