• Wed, Feb 7 2007

Special Things For Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is all about beauty and romance – this isn’t the time to stock up on fancy new appliances, or even techy gadgets (although the way to my heart is, no doubt, techy gadgets). This is a great time to drop hints for things to splurge on to make you look and feel more beautiful, and things that will bring you and your honey closer together. So, I bring you a list of some great Valentine’s ideas:

Kama Sutra is known the world over as the masters of the romantic gifts. This year they have a new Body Souffle that is water based and edible:


These come in tasty “flavors” like: French Vanilla Creme, Chocolate Creme Brulee, Strawberry Creme and Cool Mint. Yummy, no? These retail for $18, and can be found in many retail stores, or online at Amazon.

Booty Parlor is another company with some magnificent Valentines Day products – you may remember I was loving me some BootyParlor back in the fall – and this is perfect for right now – the Dust Up Kissable Body Shimmer:

This is a gorgeous shimmer – not sparkley, but perfectly shimmery – and my favorite flavor, Don’t Call Me Honey, is tasty too! Perfect for some slow dancing and sweet shoulder nuzzling. ;) It also comes in Punch Drunk Pink and Crusin’ for a Bronzin’ and is $28 for the cutest round container you have ever seen. No kidding. :)

Now if you don’t want to get too romantic for Valentines Day, or if you are looking for something for your daughter, this is the cuuuuutest hair dryer ever:

Hot Tools Bugg Series Travel Hair Dryer 1100 Watt HT1040LB

This is the Hot Tools Bugg 1100 Watt hair dryer. This is a travel sized dryer- it is lightweight and folds up and lQQk! – it has the cutest raised lady bug on it. This picture does it absolutely no justice. I love this – it is precious, and is only $24 on Amazon.

Last, but certainly not least, if you are feeling super indulgent, or want to feel indulgent, try out some amazing new skincare from Steven Victor, MD. This is the ultimate luxury beauty gift – this line contains 7 products that are formulated with the latest and greatest skin care technology for anti aging. If you want the best, go with Steven Victor MD:


You can find StevenVictorMD products at Saks, at Bliss and at Harvey Nichols in the UK. Scrumptious!!

I hope you get everything you wish for this Valentine’s Day – I know you deserve it!! And snuggle up with your honey – that is what it is all about. :)

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  • http://www.queenofcosmetics.blogspot.com/ Amy

    Great stuff!

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  • jobert

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  • http://www.myallsports.com Tomphewers

    Dear Friends, Happy Valentine’s Day!!!