BADgal Blue Mascara



Benefit’s new BADGal blue mascara came into my inbox the other day. At first I blew off the email, I mean blue mascara? Didn’t I wear that in 1988 or something? I even remember wearing it in my hair (remember Pizzaz?)

However, what caught my eye was the benefits of wearing blue mascara that Benefit listed in the email.


*Makes eyes appear brighter.
*Makes the whites of your eyes appear whiter.
*Makes hazel eyes appear greener.

I am always looking for things to enhance my eyes because I so love my hazel eyecolor. Of course, I started using a well known trick that I will talk about when I write my review of Lumiere mineral makeup. However, what can be bad about further enhancing your eyes?

Am I wrong to think I will look too retro wearing blue mascara and be ridiculed by high schoolers as a thirty-something trying to relive her youth? Or will people be too busy remarking on how awesome my eyes look?

To purchase or not? What do you think?

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    • Sue

      How blue are we talking here. Baby blue or navy. I have blue eyes and can wear navy but anything softer makes me look blue all over.

    • Shannon

      It’s hard to say which color blue, because they don’t show you on the website. The picture is above is all I could find.

      Also–when you wear blue mascara, which color eyeshadows do you then wear? I wear lots of browns, coppers, pinks and plumbs. I’m not sure I want to look like something that belongs in an art museum for its splash of color. ;)

    • Tina

      I have it and I love it! It is a blue violet color and it really makes my brown eyes pop! You actually cannot even notice it is actually blueish mascara when you place it on your eyelashes…it just gives your eyelashes a certain sheen and its lovely. I think everyone should at least try it!

    • Becky

      I’m 52 & love bright blue mascara…everyday & I mean everyday…someone tells me they love my mascara. The best compliments come from 20-something year olds. I have only had one person laugh & say I’m trying to re-live the 70′s. You should see her bland makeup…she could definitely blue it up. I have blue-green eyes & light hair. Black mascara is way too harsh…with brown mascara, I love “weak eyed.” Blue eyes & a smile make my eyes sparkle.

    • Alix

      I’m a make-up artist for Benefit and to be honest I was very skeptical when I heard about our “blue” mascara. It brought me back to middle school where the mascara literally turned my eyelashes bright blue. But the BADgal Blue is not that intense. It has a black base color to it so it honestly looks like black mascara with a hint of violet blue, very sheer, but enough color to whiten the whites of the eyes. I love it!

    • Shannon

      Hi Alix,

      Thanks for posting a comment and letting us know! We must be the around the same age, as I also remember blue mascara in middle school and that is what I was nervous BADgal was.

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    • Julie

      It sounds like it was a winner, how did it turn out? Did you like the mascara?

    • Shannon

      It was a mixed review. You can read it here:

    • Kristen

      I sometimes wear a deep navy mascara and it makes my eyes pop. It’s very subtle but different.

    • Trudi S.

      Sorry… but I don’t think I’d like to wear blue mascara.

    • Krisssy

      Thanks for the heads up about Benefit’s new blue mascara. I’m hoping this is IT! In high school circa 1982, Shiseido sold a wonderful bright blue mascara. In the sun it made my black eyelashes sort of “glow” blue. I LOVED it! Shiseido stopped selling this wonderful color and I’ve been looking around for a replacement since then. I think I’m a stylish Macy’s INC/Anne Taylor/White House Black Market/Old Navy/Cinnamon Girl(Hawaii) 42 and always looking for accessories that bring out my best features, bring attention to myself in not too shocking ways, and make me happy. Back then I always got compliments from younger, same age, and older men and women and now still remain in search of the brightest blue mascara I can find! Now I’ve just gotta find it!

    • Cheryl

      I used to wear it all the time. People always complimented me too. Maybe its because I also have hazel eyes. Anyway, I have been looking and looking in the stores and can’t find it anywhere. I want the bright blue though. I have very pale skin and thin eyelashes and it just makes my eyes show up much more. I put it on very lightly so it doesn’t look harsh.

    • wonderwoman?

      i have dark brown eyes and my friend baught me this for christmas.
      Will it go with my eyes?