• Tue, Mar 27 2007

The Budget Fashionista vs Steve & Barry’s

bitten by Sarah Jessica ParkerOy, more blogging related scandal. I love it! Ha! Katheryn Finney, author and the wonderful owner and operator of seasoned fashion site, The Budget Fashionista, is into it with Steve & Barry’s over images that were leaked onto the internet, and used by Katheryn, of the new S&B line, Bitten, by Sarah Jessica Parker. The clothes are blah, at best, and one wonders if Steve & Barry’s would be so concerned about Kathryn taking them down if they were cute and getting rave reviews? Hop on over to TheBudgetFashionista and weigh in your opinion of whether Kathryn should remove the photos or not.

I guess Steve & Barry’s don’t subscribe to the “any publicity is good publicity” thing? They should. These clothes have a definite market, even if it isn’t The Budget Fashionista’s readers – S&B *should* be happy for the attention. That said, they sure don’t look like SJP designed them… not a bit. :)

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