Granny Panties!

Admit it – you wear Granny panties. They are large, roomy, and comfortable. Seriously, when is the last time you wore a thong or little bitty bikini panties?

I only wear a thong when I am dressing up and need to hide the panty lines. Besides then, it is all about comfort for me. Seriously, I have been married to the same man for 18 years, and he could care less (let’s face it, they like us out of the panties, anyway!).

granny pantiesMy comfort panty of choice is the Victoria’s Secret High Leg Brief. And I never considered them to be granny panties, because well, they are from Victoria’s Secret. But when I was folding laundry the other day, my 7 year old asked why I only wore granny panties and wanted to know why my undies were so big. My first question to him should have been “Where the heck did you learn about granny panties?”, but I just said that they were very comfortable and it really was none of his concern.

Then it hit me – I am officially my mother, and I wear granny panties!

So, fess up…how many of you wear granny panties?

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      I call them period panties. Also good for wearing on fat days.

    • Rhea

      I wore low-cut ones until very, very recently. I recently introduced the big ones. They are comfortable. Not much to look at though.

    • Teri

      Period-panties! That’s a good one! That was the only time I wore them in the past. But these days, comfort is key!!!

    • Teri

      They aren’t too pretty to look at, now are they, Rhea? But VS has some really cute fabric designs, at least. I am such a sucker for the bra having to match the panty that I am mostly a solid color girl. Boring – I know!!!

    • Mary Jo

      Am I the only one who wears sexy panties around here?

      I finally found some comfortable thongs, and that’s all I wear. I may be old, but I’m going down swinging!

    • Teri

      Mary Jo – I think that is AWESOME! I have just never found a thong that is all that comfortable for me.

      What brand do you wear or where do you purchase your comfortable thong?

    • Mary Emma

      I’d never heard the term “granny panties!” I must be way behind the times…or haven’t gotten there yet!

    • Teri

      Mary Emma – You are too funny, and obviously not ready for them yet. Be thankful, my dear!

    • Mary Jo

      My current favorite is Hanky Pankies. They have several styles, and I prefer the standard style. It’s low enough that you don’t have anything showing above a low rise jean, but it’s long enough for us long waisted girls.

      I’m also hearing raves about a new Europeam line being carried at Victoria Secret, but haven’t had a chance to check them out yet.

    • Teri

      Thanks, Mary Jo. I will have to try a Hanky Panky Panty or two – for $18/each…wow! But if they are comfortable, then they would be worth every panty, I mean penny. ;)

    • Mary Jo

      Yeah, they are a bit spendy. I try to get them at Nordstrom when they go on sale. Usually they are about $12/per then.

      But they fit me well, are super comfortable, and are sexy as well. That’s a lot of value for that price.

    • Teri

      I will indeed check them out, Mary Jo! Who can resist a sale at Nordy’s anyway?

    • Dane

      I think full cut panties aka granny panties as thier called now are sexy I never found thongs to be anything glamourous,I also find it obsurd how so many people women especially that want to tell someone what to wear especially underwear,and yes I”m a man and theres nothing sexier on a lady than a pair of silky granny panties.

    • KrissyT

      I have to admit I love Granny Panties! Believe it or not Granny Panties are making a comeback. I found a really cool site, that lets you post pics, videos, stories and more of your favorite Granny Panties. Its a lot of fun, you should check it out or even post your favorite granny panty pic!

    • Kenny

      Whoever invented the term “granny panties” displays a lack of historical perspective and assumes that whatever is the rage now is all there is. It’s sort of like having a cultural amnesia regarding anything from the period before one was born. The “granny” of today may have been a babe of yesteryear. The nylon, silk and rayon panties of the 30s, 40s and 50s were incredibly hot because they left more to the imagination and were ultra feminine, many with touches of lace, ribbon, and embroidery. Ginger Rogers in a pair of side-buttoned tap panties from the 30s or Marilyn Monroe (ala The 7 Year Itch) in a pair of lace edged panty briefs were incredibly hot. The modern generation should toss their sexless thongs which, while they reveal more, destroy the aura of mystery and innocence which panties are meant to convey. Vintage panties are a hot commodity on EBay for this very reason. A beautiful woman looks great in whatever she wears, but no more so than when she’s dressed in vintage style briefs or tap panties.

    • matt

      i wear em! love to see them on a bubble butt.i gave my friend some recently.she thought they were cute…hope she wears them!

    • Carl

      It depends on who’s doing the looking. I love to see a woman wearing granny panties, especially nylon briefs.

    • Chad

      I also love nylon briefs.