Tuesday’s Tips – Do it Yourself Foot Bath.

graphic tuesdaystipWith open toed and backless shoes quickly coming into season, I have found myself concentrating on my feet – toes, and heels especially.

Over the weekend, I went to plug in my bubbling foot bath, only to find that it was no longer in working condition. I was quite bummed, as I had my evening of foot pampering already planned. So what to do? I made my own foot bath.

I took a really large stainless steel mixing bowl, and filled it with very warm, almost hot, water. I added a few orange and lemon slices to the bowl, and then went looking for a few other goodies in my kitchen cupboard. I found some sea salt, which I added a good tablespoon, and some rosemary, so I added a few teaspoons of that too. I then added a few drops of Vitamin E oil. The scent of the bath was calling my name.

I soaked my feet for about 20 minutes, and used parts of the course sea salt to scrub some dead skin off my heels.

Let me tell you, this simple foot bath had my feet looking and feeling great.

Do you have your own foot care or foot bath recipe you would like to share? I would love some more suggestions, as I plan to make my own footbaths from now on.

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    • http://www.arizonaspagirls.com Lisa

      Hey Teri,

      All you were missing was a shot of tequila (in the foot bath, that is!). Here’s my Arizona-inspired take on the ultimate foot soak:


      As long as your heels have no open cracks or cuts, massage half a lime on them before you soak to help slough off dead skin cells. For an overnight treatment, finish up by massaging feet and toes in grapeseed oil and sticking on old socks.


    • http://www.prettybynature.com Teri

      Thank you for sharing your fabulous foot bath recipe. I am afraid that the tequila would never make into the bath, though! ;)

    • http://www.beautyandfashiontech.com Carleenp

      Sounds nice! I would maybe add some olive oil to it, or rub some oil on my feet after.

    • http://www.prettybynature.com Teri

      I actually used some Ylang-Ylang Oil afterwards – I swear by that stuff!

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    • dawnys

      Hi there. I have a fabulous idea. I recently had a girls spa night at my house and we started with foot baths. I went to the dollar store and bought 8 blue(spa colors) tubs foot size. Then I filled them with about 15 pretty clear and blue marbles each. Then i added the water and dumped in Tahitian Calgon body oil in each tub. smells amazing. Softens the skin amazingly. We drank wine while soaking and I handed out all their foot products to scrub away! etc. Absolutley a major hit and very very relaxing. Thats how we started the spa day.

    • http://none Amanda

      you know chopped up bananas works great with all the and you can also put honey in

    • http://none Amanda

      the best mask is…
      1 cup of yogurt
      1/4 cup blueberries
      1 peach

    • http://none Amanda

      blend it okay

    • Trish

      Had a major problem with calloused feet after a reaction to medication that caused swelling/etc but “life” required need to t”trudge” on etc…Years back had come across , think Adell Davis reccomendation, CASTOR OIL…NIghtly regime of slathering feet, old socks to protect “bedding”..with in 2weeks, babby soft feet , was amazing. Was also reccomended for “scalp” problems, and true, again a mess over night, but amazing and one more, due to the allegic reaction to a percribed medication, got in return “HIVES” on body from one end to other and CASTOR OIL was the ONLY thing that worked to alleviate the “itches”. I consider it a miracle product for sure…works for hands and body. (uh, think it too used “internally” , think for constipation or etc, but have not used or had need for that treatmenting , LOL…big salda/veggie/fruit eater here !!)

    • zio ledeux

      the most blissful footbath i have found is washing soda (and to a leeser extent biicarb). this can be found in the laundry detergent section of your supermarket. simply put a handful of the soda crystals into a bucket of water as hot as you can stand it , cover with a towel to keep the heat in and just relax for 20 minutes or so. you can add more hot water when it cools but 20 minutes is a good amount of time. what this does is to remove impuriteis from your body. rinse and dry your feet well and you will feel like you are waliking on air. throw this water into your washing machine as it helps to clean the pipes in the machine. very enviro friendly and very cheap! enjoy…

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