• Wed, Apr 18 2007

Hairdressers are Crazy :)


But the good kind of crazy. Some of my dearest friends are hairdressers and you will never meet a more fun loving group of people in your life. Bravo has a new reality show, Shear Genius – have you seen it? It premiered last week, and is moving into its regular timeslot tonight – Wednesday’s at 10 pm Eastern time. Bravo is so with it these days, I adore that channel. Tick tock, I am still waiting for Project Runway season 4 – but its coming. :) In the meantime, do check out Shear Genius – nothing like a bunch of nutty hairdressers to properly entertain you. :)

Here is a clip to whet your whistle – come back tomorrow and let me know what you thought about the show!

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  • http://sheknowsbest.com dexie

    i love this show. when i first say the commercials during the Top Design run I was a little hesitant. i mena how are they going to showcase hairstyles every week?? after watching the 1st episode I understood how.

    that first guy eliminated, jean-somebody was too cocky. i couldn’t even decipher his accent. but anyway, i was watching the second episode last night but i was occupied with other things ;), so i’ll watch the rerun sometime this weekend. well i hope they air it again. Bravo is good with that :).

  • Stella

    I am slowly becoming a fan of all Bravo reality contest shows and I’m not afraid to say it. The amazing thing about “Shear Genius” is that you never know what factors of the stylists’ performance will effect the outcome. Last night, Theodore was called out for wearing a tank top while working on his model (I love that man-child, but seriously eeew. I can’t imagine having a man-pit in my face for two hours. good call, judges). Each challenge is a very subjective affair, allowing the audience a glimpse of the kinds of personality and skill one that one needs to work in the hair industry. I am not only talking about technical skill, but also people skills– making the client feel comfortable, being able to collaborate with the customer to yield the best possible hairdo for them. I LURVED Paul-Jean in the first episode. But when push came to shove, he was condescending to not only the judges but also to the group of models as well. I would not be super comfortable with putting my hairstyle in his hands because I don’t think that he would listen to what I wanted. On the other hand. I would still make out with him.

  • http://www.ebeautydaily.com/ Christina Jones

    Thanks for chiming in Dexie and Stella. ;) I love Bravo too – it gets better and better all the time. I sort of got in to watching Work Out last season, and am enjoying it this time too. I passed out cold on Sheer Genius last night, but I am sure they will rerun it – hopefully a lot, as it sounds like I need to check out Paul-Jean. Heh. ;)

  • http://transmissionmarketing.ca Mark Goren

    Speaking of hairdressers, check out this post over at MP Daily Fix, “Seven secrets to being as happy as a hairdresser”.


  • http://thescentedlife.com Amy

    What a great idea. It’s hard to find a good hairdresser. Many of the ones I’ve visited in my adopted hometown of Richmond are either uneven with the quality of their haircuts, just unskilled to begin with, or have some personality quirk that I don’t love. It’s mostly about the hair, but you have to be a certain kind of person to be a great hairstylist.

  • Ro

    I will being adding this to my TIVO season pass. Awesome!!!!

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