Naturally Beautiful.

Kudos’ to these beautiful celebrities who decided to take it off – their makeup that is – and pose for People magazine.

pic drew pic eva

Drew Barrymore couldn’t be more fresh faced and radiant, don’t you think? It is no wonder Cover Girl just signed her as their new model. Too cute! She is 32 years old, but looks not a day over 21 in her more natural state, if you ask me.

Eva Longoria is obviously naturally gorgeous with her soft features. But I do like her made up to be not so “even toned” and clean looking. She is a sexy woman, and I think her makeup needs to match her sexier attitude. Eva is also 32, but I think she looks more her age without makeup.

You can see more of the photo’s at the feature over at

The magazine says that these pictures are just regular photographer pictures, with no special lighting, effects, or touch-ups.

Hmmm. I wonder.

Which celeb do you think looks best sans makeup?

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    • Nappy hair

      I think Eva looks better.

    • Teri

      Let’s face it – they are both gorgeous girls, aren’t they?

    • Moe

      They’re all gorgeous but I have my doubts about not using special lighting, filters or other effects.

    • Moe

      I just finished looking at the other photos. Most of which are black and white. I find black and white makes everyone look better.