Thread Lifts.

Have you heard of the thread lift?

face liftA friend of mine, in her fifties, had a thread lift last year. I saw her about a week after the procedure, and I noticed some swelling to her cheeks. I honestly thought that maybe she had just had her wisdom teeth pulled, and thought not much more of it. Then a month or so later when we got together, she had two dimples on each of her upper cheeks, on each side, so four in total. I then had to ask her what she did. She explained that she had a countour thread lift, and wondered if I thought it was too tight. Her doctor wanted her to wait out a full three months before making any adjustments, but she ultimately decided on getting the threads loosened, just about two months after the initial procedure. Once loosened, she had a bit of swelling again, but within about a week, her face looked back to normal – just a bit more refreshed.

She was pleased with the procedure, saying that it caused little discomfort.

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    • Gauri

      Wow, the whole idea of face lifts scares me, and my reaction to the thread face lift isn’t any different! Having had braces and work done on my teeth for years and years I will never again do anything that requires anesthetic for purely cosmetics reasons! But that’s just me. Great post :)

      • Expemewatsame

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    • Icy

      Wow, freaky idea. Fishing line with multiple hooks running through your skin ^_^

    • Teri

      Icy – I agree, it seems pretty extreme, especially for something stated to be so easy.

    • Teri

      Gauri – Thanks for the comment. The thought of it all scares me as well, even if it is supposedly less invasive.

      • dolarhoy

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