OLD NAVY : Summer Arrivals


Just like GAP, Old Navy’s Summer Must-Haves consist of plaids, stripes, slip-on shoes, printed boxers, linens, with the addition of distressed jeans, board shorts, and tees into the mix.




GAP, OLD NAVY and Banana Republic are all in the same company so it’s no surprise that their lines are pretty much mirroring each other. Anyhooo, do get your summer groove on. Before you know it, the season is here :) .

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    • Melody

      In the late summer of ’07 I bought a pair of shorts from an Old Navy outlet store in Park City, Utah. I only bought 1 pair. Can I find them on line since they are no longer sold in the stores? There are all of these different numbers and codes on the tag inside the pants, but do they mean aything in terms of helping me find these shorts? Should I just try calling Old Navy’s corporate office somewhere?