• Tue, May 15 2007

The Bob is Back

I have friends roaming around out there that are probably chuckling as they read this, as they know I have always chastized “the bob.”  When I think of the bob ( the haircut, not the b.o.b.  – laugh with me if you know what I’m talking about, ladies), horrific visions of the upside down triangle with a perm from the 80′s plague my vision and truly prevent me from being able to embrace a bob.  Can’t we call this thing something different now that its 2007??

The poshest gal in the world is sporting a might darned cute layered bob these days (Victoria Beckham, of course), as are a ton of other celebs.  The Houston Chronicle has some great suggestions on how you can pull off this haircut without looking like a throwback. 

Seek a professional: Have a stylist determine which bob – layered, inverted, choppy, etc. – is right for your face and hair texture.

Grow your hair out: At least to the ears. That’s what makes it a bob, Spiller says.

Think layers: A good bob is layered, so the cut may not work if your hair is thin and fine.

Get a color job: Professional hair color can kick the cut up a notch.

Use products: Try a smoothing serum for curly hair, a texture or clay balm for straight hair. Also, use a heat-seal product to protect your hair from heat and humidity and a light hair spray for the finishing touch.

Whether I care to admit it or not, the bob is a haircut that ANYONE can wear.  I disagree with this article a little bit above where it says a bob might not work on someone with thin, fine hair.  There is a bob that works for you, I guarantee it.  There are tons of different options in cutting them that will accentuate the good, and minimize the bad.  A good bob can make fine hair look thick, and incredibly thick hair act manageable.  Get thee to a good hairdresser who will help you find you way into a haircut that is flattering, low maintenance and (*gasp*) terminally cute. 


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  • lee

    i agree – a bob looks good on most people and never dates – but victoria beckham posh? smart? well dress? oh please nooooooooo, no no no

  • http://www.ebeautydaily.com/ Christina Jones

    LOL Victoria Beckham is Posh (by name, at the very least), and I am pretty sure I didn’t say smart or well dressed. ;) Agreed all the way, lee – thanks for the comment. ;)

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  • http://Suzzann.com Suzzann

    Oh, I love it when I get to laugh, and laughing I am!!! ‘Cause you knows I loves me some bobbed hair!! True, I am guilty of the ’80s Dynasty asymetrical permed bob, which was the only style I ever clung to, and cling to it I did…as much as I’ve even been guilty of clinging to any hairstyle–which even you must admit,I’m pretty good about changing it up (long to short short short, brown to red, blond to red, red to really really red, and back again). But I do love a bob, low-maintenance, easy to style up, or just wash, flip, and fly. And I do seem to recall wearing that very bob that Posh is sporting!!
    By the way, in case I haven’t mentioned it lately—I LOVE MY HAIRCUT!!!

  • http://www.ebeautydaily.com/ Christina Jones

    Hee hee – I’m glad you like your haircut – the bob is definitely your look and it gives me much more affection towards that oft annoying ‘do. Thats for sure. :)

  • Valerie

    I have fine hair, a lot of it but very, very find and I have had my hair cut like this a bit before she did..LOL…but I am just me, no one cared about little ole’ me, she created this from what I have read….LOL….here I thought my stylist was just amazing!! Anyway, it works for my hair just fine! It is tailored just at the base of the ear and slants towards my jaw line….I love it!! Easy to work with and since I can’t do a thing with my hair….about time something works!!!

  • http://VictoriaBeckhamHairstylePictures Cindy

    Go ahead and make fun of the bob. It has always been one of my fave’s. Even though people say I remind them of Eva Longoria I look better with shorter hair. Rock on Victoria!!!

  • http://TheBobisBack Cindy

    The Bob has always been one of my favorite hair-do’s! I have worn it many times, in different decades. People say I resemble Eva Longoria, but my hair looks MUCH BETTER on the shorter side. The Bob for me is PERFECT! Rock on Victoria! Thanks for the come back of the Bob!

  • Jeanine Guzman