Yay or Nay : Skinny Jeans

levis_skinny.jpgOn the upcoming June issue of Men’s Health magazine they featured a How-To article in wearing a denim. Adam Levine from Maroon 5 was their model. He is wearing Levi’s Capital E Stacked Skinny Jeans. It’s priced at about $180. Let’s forget the price for now. If I can’t wear a skinny jeans because of my huge hips from having 2 babies, eating rice and all my favorite dishes, then I’ll be damned if my husband can. No freaking way. LOL. Not only that, but unless you’re a British rocker still stucked in the 80′s or 70′s or whenever, please say NO to skinny jeans. I don’t care if you’re a front runner of a band and can very well afford a $180 jeans that needs to be dry cleaned coz if you wash this kind of jeans it will shrink, obviously. It is even stated in the Levi’s website:

A tight, skinny fit with a slightly low, pitched rise and riveted five-pocket styling. Leg is extra long to stack at the ankle. Our Golden Haze finish is dark, black-casted denim with a warm golden tint. Rigid Stretch is a dark warm shade of denim that’s tumbled for softness. Dry cleaning is recommended for Rigid Stretch. If washed, jeans will shrink approximately 1/2 inch in the waist and 2 inches in length.

Reading that quoted description, it’s just not practical no matter how you think your ass might look good in it. Sorry, but it’s a resounding NAY.

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    • http://ambrand.com Ambrand Dot Com

      Skinny jeans for men shouldn’t even be manufactures, they look disguisting.

    • http://www.sheknowsbest.com Dexie

      I agree :)

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    • http://myspace.com/lullulovesspongebob Luisa

      i think skinny jeans are okay if they suit.
      they look good on adam levine for example. so i think skinny jeans are cool for skinny men.

    • http://none.com jess

      oh skinny jeans on guys are really hot! how do they look disgusting? if women can show off their legs why cant men? they are definitely worth the extra cleaning effort, mmm. :)

    • COLBY




    • http://www.justaguything.com Christian

      They only really suit skinny guys. I think for most normal blokes – skinny jeans are a resounding NAY. I personally would never wear them even if I could pull them off, if only because my junk would have no room to move!

    • sarah

      YAY FOR SUREE!!!!!!! i love skinny jeans and i think every1 should wear them =]

    • Don

      I love skinny jeans and I’ve been addicted to them ever since I bought my first pair over a year ago. I’ve got them in all different colours now. I also wear skinny trousers, skinny ties and skinny shoes in the office! OK true, I live in London but I’m not a rocker. If I put on a pair of normal jeans now that don’t show off my butt and thighs I feel so unsexy I may as well be wearing my dad’s clothes! LOL

    • http://www.maybellestyle.com M

      Personally I think men look better in skinny jeans. While most women are too curvy (or self-conscious) for them, men are usually taller with slimmer hips to balance off the look.

    • http://WWW.URMUM.COM NORA GET 2 NO

      i love men in skinnyz was rong wiv it???

    • shga

      Just because you are too fat to look good in nice pants, why hate on others? As the other comment says, baggy pants make you look fat. Skinny jeans forever!

    • Damian

      I wear skinny jeans, I wear my fave pair almost everyday.I also own a pair of black female skinny jeans that everyone just adores me in.Alll in all I have to say tes to skinny jeans, I’ve been an addict for close to four years now.

    • Steve

      Larger women or women with less than perfect figures tend to think skinny jeans are bad because they look bad in them themselves and do not want to look bigger or fatter than a man wearing them.

      Why is it that many fat or larger women tend to wear tight jeans anyway? They look terrible and they have the cheek to say that men should not wear them. Women with decent figures look great in them but that does not mean all women should wear them. When we see slightly big women in tight jeans we are usually just thinking – wat a fat ass. Why don’t they wear a skirt? This goes for all women that are slightly fat or out of proportion. I guess women feel the same way about men.

      Only slim men and women should wear skinny jeans if they happen to like that style. Personally I don’t wear really skinny jeans, even though I am slim, because they are uncomfortable and not my style.

      I’m not saying that larger or fatter people cannot look good – just that they should not wear skinny jeans. Its just common sense really.

    • http://www.youporn.com junerock

      as a 40yr old male who looks like a late 20s-early30something 5’6″ 165lbs, and after losing 30lbs eating right , working out and leading a healthy lifestyle for about two years now, i thought i would never be able to wear anything near skinny jeans. but the breakthrough came when tried on a pair of gap “williamsburg” jeans. i loved them and i am hooked on slimfit and skinny jeans. now everything i wear is slimfit including shirts.
      viva looking fly.

    • http://www.myspace.com/tweasle_nut Peter

      Personally, if ur a skinny guy then skinny jeans all the way! I bought a pair about a year ago and can’t imagine going back to baggy!

      The thing that sucks is chicks skinnys are so much cheaper, guys skinnys are nearly twice the price. Not cool, but its worth the extra money:-)

    • Gary K

      Oh, come on, why the hell not. If you can fit into them, wear them. I love the rocker feel to them, and you don’t have to be an aging Brit rocker to love them. I’m a fit 50-plus-year-old man who switched to skinny and slim fit jeans a few months ago and I cannot stand to wear my looser jeans anymore. It’s also made me re-evalutate my wardrobe and realize that a slimmer fit in everything just looks cleaner and nicer. The thing is, too, most skinny jeans, if you size them right, are not all that skinny. They stretch, for one thing, after a few wears, and all that concern about men showing off their packages is more than slightly exagerated. The skinny look is based on the original classic Levis straight jeans of the 50s and 60s, and that, may I remind you, was all about showing off. That’s what jeans are made to do. If it bothers you, wear some baggy khakis and stick to your golf courses.

    • Juhaa

      Skinny jeans are so cool – my indie friendgirl told that i’d look terrific in ‘em, and made my old black not-so-skinny jeans really skinny, you can look f.e. Kirk Hammett’s pictures.
      Now im totally hooked on ‘em, and wearing baggyjeans just feels so stupid and usual that i can’t wear em.
      But, on the other hand, im skinny as hell, so they fit me great. Seeing for example a really fat girl wearing ultra-skinny jeans disgusts me, it’s just not right.
      But definitely a YAY to skinnyjeans!

    • Arsenal FC

      Skinny Jeans are AMAZING!! the baggy look really doesnt look good anymore. erm i live in canada can anybody tell me the best store to get some more pairs of these wonderfull pants

    • AlexRockz

      I disagree. I think skinnys look good on most people, guys or girls…Not to mention that they’re WAY hot!!

    • twister

      Im 15 im thin I just bought my first pair of skinny jeans n I love them if u can pull it off DO IT!! I don’t think im going back to baggy pants

    • Anna

      EWWWWW i hate skinny jeans there so UGLY

    • Tristan

      C’MON! what has the media done this time? skinny jeans are the bomb on men, i say if can pull them off go right ahed! who cares if they call u gay or metro. it just there opinion, and there the peak of fashion. i say skinny jeans on men are awesome. go skinny jeans! go to hell haters!

    • j

      ok I’m a guy that likes skinnies and first off u can go to hot topic and get a pair for about 20 to 50 bucks and they don’t have to be super tight I have a pair that is comfortably snug as in perfect around the waist. The thing I like about them is that they look good in my opinion. I and if u haven’t tried them, if you get a good fit like rude fit there very comfy and awesome

    • Julius Ceaser

      Skinny Jeans look effin sweet. YAY

    • Steven

      I think skinny jeans only look good on skinny men, fat men look like clowns with them on. only younger people too…..not older people. it think they look good because they show the shoes more, not everyone can pull them off.

    • Lee

      iI think alot of places in the uk especially towns and villages are not as far infront as the cites. In the towns people are very close minded about fashion.

    • KaylinNickJonas

      I love skinny jeans on guys. I think if they have the legs for it, than they should go ahead and wear them. In my opinion they should be worn with either converse or keds sneakers. But, I do not like skinny jeans on guys who are a little husky. It makes their legs look bigger than they already are. Therefore, if a guy has nice legs than they should definitely wear skinny jeans.

    • TheKewlSceneKid

      ok im a dude and i wear skinny jeans because they match what i wear. u need to have style if u want to wear skinny jeans.

    • Phil

      i’m thinking about getting a pair just to check em out, but the only question i have for you is how do y’all have room for your junk in them? they look rather constricting in that department..

    • Dylan

      i am in love with skinny jeans. i got my first pair last year. they are amazing. i love them. im a guy and idc if people call me gay because i know im not and i love them. everyone says i look good in them and i cant imagine ever going back to normal. i tried some of my old ones on and i look so fat! its so wierd how jeans change how thin you look. definatly get skinny jeans. hot topic unisex jeans are pretty good and only 30-40 dollars. not bad.

    • Jordanne

      Um, hi.
      Skinny jeans are amazingly hot on guys,
      And i dunno where you’ve been but like EVERRYYYY guy is in some alternative band now. Maybe not british or whatever, but still.
      I say neither ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ to skinny jeans.
      I say YEEEEE.

    • http://www.splendicity.com Da Real Speaker

      I think that all men should not be allowed to wear skinny jeans because it makes them look like women in tights. Thats as real as it gets. SORRY GUYS!!!
      I had to speak my mind.

    • kid retro

      i just bought my first pair of skinny jeans last week and i love them…i will not be going back to baggy any time soon. I love the way that they show off the shoe

    • jeremyddddddd


    • BetterThanEver

      i picked up my first pair today and i feel great in them i feel like my confidence boosted and im easily considering getting a couple more pairs im going to give skinny jeans a thumbs up^

    • ya boi

      First off,
      im a guy and i wear skinny jeans and i don’t really see what all the uproar about guys wearing skinny jeans is about. Some it’s a yay, some a nay. yay for me
      Some guys are like “you don’t have enough room for your package”. Wrong, they give you plenty of room unless you wear them half way up your torso.
      Some ladys oppose to the idea of, personally i think they get alittle jealous because some guys can pull them off better than they can so it infuriates them.(But hey you don’t see me bloging about certain girls and how they shouldn’t wear thongs. Don’t hate, thats my opinion). Thats just whats on my mind

    • http://www.creatine-breakthrough.com Mark Martinez

      Dude, I gott’a feel comfy in my jeans, I like ‘em loose. So you just gave me another excuse to skip this for real: “if you wash this kind of jeans it will shrink”
      Mark Martinez,
      Testing out hypergain like the energizer bunny

    • http://www.creatine-breakthrough.com Mark Martinez

      I gott’a feel comfy in my jeans, I like ‘em loose. So you just gave me another excuse to skip this for real: “if you wash this kind of jeans it will shrink”
      Mark Martinez,
      Testing out hypergain like the energizer bunny

    • Bob Ford

      Excuse the comment. As a gay guy, one would appreciate the sight of a package – long since gone since the 1970s – beccause guys wear skateboard baggy pants or regular lowrise pants – nothing to be seen. If things are as tight as twisting a testicle, seems like there would be more mention of the package. I have not seen guys pants that look tight so today I will have to have a closer look.