• Mon, May 21 2007

A Miracle Cream at What Cost.

la cremeI have used moisturizing creams that have cost as very little as $1, to the ultimate in Luxury, La Creme from Cleau de Peau Beaute  at $700 for 2 oz. .

Now, I will tell you that the cream I purchased for $1 was awful, and that the luxurious La Creme was amazing. La Creme did wonders for my skin, but not enough for me to keep using at such an extreme price. Maybe my expectations were too high.

I hear about so many that swear by Creme de La Mer that retails for around $100 for 1 oz. I haven’t had the chance to try anything from La Mer yet, and wonder if the “wondrous miracles” it professes ring true.

My miracle cream of the moment is StriVectin-SD. StriVectin-SD retails for $135 of a 6 oz. tube, which seems more reasonable than most of the other luxurious creams. And it is certainly not marketed as a luxurious cream. Just a miracle cream.

Do you have a miracle cream that you swear by? And how much would you pay for your ultimate miracle cream.

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