$15 NBA Sneakers : Starbury Team Collection

 And here are the shoes from the Starbury Team collection :






You can buy any of these shoes at Steve and Barry stores located in your area.

Thank you to Steve and Barrys  for granting us permission to use the pictures.

Starbury I High Top Collection is right here…

Starbury II Low Top Collection is right here… 

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    • http://www.ktio.org REV.WJ. BELLAMY

      This reminds me back in the 60s when we wore [converse]. They did cost as much and it was a great shoe. I think this is the greatest for the kids. Because they can now afford them and their parents do not have to go outside of their budget to chose to put food on the table or buy a shoe for the kid.

      I have just returned from Kenya and I visited the [Niki Trainning camp for their Runners] and it would be a great idea to have your [Trainning camp] there in Kenya to have these great [Runners] ware your shoe. Even the poor kids in Kenya could get your shoe. Let me know what you feel. Great job..