• Fri, May 25 2007

8 Cosmetic Company Secrets

false-claimsAmy Fontinelle wrote a great article about some secrets that cosmetics companies don’t want you to know. I don’t agree with her all the way, but each point is an important one to consider and keep in mind. Below are the 8 items, plus my commentary. See Amy’s article for her commentary:

1. Cosmetics claims are poorly regulated. This is definitely true. Consider each claim made on a product as a suggestion, not as a fact and you won’t be disappointed. Beauty companies are long since known to make outrageous claims, but for me, if it helps a little (with wrinkles, acne, dry skin), thats good enough for me.

2. The only real anti-aging product is sunscreen. I don’t necessarily agree with this, but there is certainly a great point to be made that the absolute best anti aging product is sunscreen. However, if you don’t start using it early, it doesn’t do you a darn bit of good. Well, maybe a bit, but it isn’t going to make you look 30 when you start using it at 50. So just start using it if you aren’t already, ok? And keep on using other products that will improve the skin you have, because there are lots of them out there that will.

3. Just because a product is “natural” doesn’t make it safer or better for your skin. This is so true – if you are really looking for natural products, get to know your ingredients and read the labels.

4. Makeup does not and cannot protect your skin from air pollution. You know, I haven’t given that much thought or research other than the fact that air pollution causes the free radicals that are implicated so heavily in aging. I am just thankful I live in the country – I have dusty, clogged up pores, but not so much air pollution to worry about. But make use of antioxidants, they will indeed help correct the damage done by free radicals.

5. Expensive cosmetics are not better than cheap ones. This is very true, but considering that half of the battle is *feeling* beautiful, sometimes a cosmetic’s value goes way beyond its ingredients. ;) In many instances however, cheap products are made cheaply. You can get a lot more wear out of a higly pigmented eyeshadow, for instance, than a cheaply made one with little pigment. And often, the higher pigment/quality costs more. An economic fact of life. ;)

6. There’s no reason to stick with all products from the same brand or the same line. I totally agree with this one too – they encourage you to use their products all together for bigger sales – but the important part is that you cleanse, maybe tone, and moisturize – as long as your products are getting that done, it just doesn’t matter if they come from the same product line or not.

7. Ignore department store cosmetics salespeople. Ouch, thats a little harsh. ;) While I will be the first to admit that many some of them are completely useless (*cough* Lancome ladies), finding a good one who is passionate about her job and YOUR skin can be one of the most beneficial relationships you have.

8. Cellulite creams don’t work. Ever. Period. While this is probably very true, these body toning creams are one of the fastest growing sectors in the beauty industry. I have several in my house to try, but Ill be darned if I can get myself to do it. It’s sorta like painting a house with an eyeliner brush – I need something a bit more, um, hardy at this point. ;)

Now, hop on over and see what Amy has to say about these items – she has lots of great points and references that you don’t want to miss. :)

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  • Lucky

    Christina, to which of these statements do you not fully agree? They sound logical to me, but I don’t know for sure. I trust your advice and I love your blog, so please let us know!

  • http://www.ebeautydaily.com/ Christina Jones

    I tried to explain them all up above (perhaps didn’t do such a great job…lol) – which one in particular are you questioning?

    And thanks for the compliment – thats very kind of you to say. :)

  • http://apples2apple.com Anne

    So sad to hear it but we do need to hear it from someone, aren’t we? We know there is no magic but we do have faith still… how sad…

    BTW… love your blog too although this is the very first time here. We’d love to invite you to join our network so we can visit you more often. Your blog will also be featured on Apples2apple from time to time. Feel free to email us for detail. (support at apples2apple dot com)

    Have a great weekend!

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  • kylie

    hello. wonderful entry. any input on the creme de la mer moisturizer?

  • http://www.ebeautydaily.com/ Christina Jones

    Thank you kylie – glad you enjoyed it. :) Honestly, I haven’t sprung the cash for the La Mer moisturizer, but I would. I have heard nothing but rave reviews from people I totally trust – I don’t think you can go wrong with it. There are some things that are expensive and not worth the money, but there are some things that are incredible, and I believe La Mer probably falls into the latter category. Please let me know if you end up trying it – I would love to know how you liked it!

  • Cindy

    Why all this fuss about cosmetics when women are putting lethal doses of Botox into their bodies. How about Microderm, its a dry alum that is scraped accross the skin or glycolic peels made from phenol alcohol. We submit our bodies to the open outdoors loaded with chemicals in the air that we continually breath in which also sticks to our clothes and skin and everytime we open the front door they reside in our home, or how about all the pestisides residues on our produce and the hormones pumped into our meat? Do you think it is safer to put Silacone in our breasts? I have never heard of anyone dieing from a little make up/ skin care or make up causing abnormalities in unborn babies. If cosmetics is whats causing such an uproar then by god we had better never eat, walk out doors, or use toilet paper again for that matter, because we are about to run of trees.

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  • http://www.afterglowcosmetics.com Leslie

    One of your points from the article is incorrect. There ARE makeup lines that include tons of antioxidants to fight free radical damage…I personally use Afterglow which includes tons of free radical fighters.