• Thu, May 31 2007

A Wrinkle Fighting Pillow


Huh. What will they think of next? Dr. Cynthia Boxrud has manufactured a pillow to help combat “compression wrinkles” that form as you sleep on your belly with your head mashed into your pillow ($58, available here). Do you sleep like that? I admit – I do. Always. But never thought about it giving me wrinkles! This is what they say about the Anti-Wrinkle Pillow:

A creative collaboration between Cynthia Boxrud, MD and Scott Powell, MD (Orthopedic Surgeon), the ergonomically designed (patented technology) Anti-Wrinkle Pillow has been clinically tested and proven to:

* Minimize morning patterns of compression wrinkles
* Provide a pressure free space for eye and orbital area
* Eliminate Stiff neck and shoulder muscles
* Protect the eye after orbital surgery

This looks somewhat like the other ergonomically designed pillows on the market – might be worth a try, eh? As always, let me know if you do.

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  • http://www.thedivanetwork.com Sharon

    I wish I could take one for a test drive. It DOES look like other ergonomic pillows on the market so I wonder if the difference is the stuffing on the inside?

  • http://www.thegeminiweb.com/babyboomer/ Rhea

    So it just fights those temporary wrinkles you get if you sleep on your face, but not the permanent wrinkles you have all day and night. Oh, well.

  • http://www.ebeautydaily.com/ Christina Jones

    Sharon – me too – would be nice to try, but I guess you have to try it for a mighty long time to really reap any benefits.

    Rhea – temporary, yes, however, those temporary wrinkes will soon become permanent wrinkles if they are mushed up every night for a long time. ;)

  • http://www.cutiegadget.com Cutie

    Does this item can really rid the wrinkle? Or it just make us sleep in a certain position that minimalism wrinkle?

  • DeeDee

    Just means that it will stave off (new wrinkles) caused by sleeping on your side. I won’t prevent wrinkles, but will help with those caused by side sleeping which could turn them into “static” wrinkles over time. Make sense?

  • Ivy

    Those wrinkles from sleeping on my face USED to be temporary, but now I’ve got a permanent vertical wrinkle down the side of my face that I sleep on — none on the other side — and that side looks much more crumpled, too. I’m 52 and I’ve been thinking I’d better get something like this for the past 10 years. To me, this pillow looks like there’s more difference between the high and low parts. I’ve seen other ones that are a little different. http://www.savemyface.com. I’m definitely going to get some kind of anti-wrinkle pillow.

  • Marina

    I just don’t know which pillow really works …Cyntia’s or from savemyface.com…
    I am not sure i would be able to sleep on such a pillow.It looks very uncomfortable.

  • terry

    I do notice that i wake up after i’ve slept on my stomach that i looks like my face has more wrinkles. I would be interested in trying it out, but i’m not sur ei could help rolling over in the middle of the night ;)

    terry – http://antiagingden.com

  • Max Rosenberg

    There are a few pillows on the market that attempt to prevent compression wrinkles, since I did research before I bought one. I purchased the Myfacepillow, which seems to do a better job than the others. Like the pillow in the article, it prevents your face from being mashed into the pillow while you sleep.
    I don’t believe they have it in stores, but they have a website.

  • Danielle Oliver

    Hi all my name is Danielle im kind of new to these forum things but i want to share my experiences with you,
    Im usually the last to know about anything but i think this time im one of the first. I thought it was just
    a UK thing but Ive noticed they are now selling them worldwide.

    I recieved a gift from my mother about 5 years ago called ‘The Beauty Pillow’ Ive used it ever since, Its a
    small travel sized pillow with a satin case which you use with your normal pillows its quite unique not like the
    others Ive tried before this actually works, it has drastically reduced wrinkles and sleep lines on my face.

    Here some of the benefits Ive found

    1) It moves with your skin meaning your skin doesnt crease preventing sleep lines and wrinkles.

    2) My hair is easier to brush in the morning

    3) Its a really nice feeling on your skin

    Im finally happy I can share something with you all i think if you wanna judge for yourself you can find infomation
    from their website ‘thebeautypillow.com’

    • Patty

      Have you seen or heard about The Wrinkle Prevention Pillow? It is by far the best WRINLKE PREVENTION PILLOW ever!
      It prevents wrinkles, and it also helps prevent eye puffiness. I also had the best night sleep I ever had.

  • Sandy

    The wrinkle pillows can be uncomfortable and I really need my beauty sleep! I sleep on a DreamSkin pillowcase. It’s very soft and comfortable and the vertical sleep lines I had on my cheek are gone! I love it and bought it online. It’s a new doctor developed fabric technology that keeps the moisture in your skin at night so that sleep lines and wrinkles don’t form on your face.

  • Marilla Barton

    This looks like a good pillow, but I cant find where to buy it. Does any one have any ideas?