Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Tints

sally hansen lip inflation


Back when my mom finally allowed me to wear makeup, I always remember seeing Sally Hansen products on the shelves of my local drugstore. Yet, somehow, I have never tried them. So a few weeks ago I decided to give their Lip Inflation a try. Sally Hansen now has Lip Inflation Tints and I chose Sheer Pink simply because I am a pink fanatic.

Sally Hansen says:

* Refreshing tinted gloss enhances lips’ natural color and shape by shape while adding brilliant shine.
* Peppermint “cools” and stimulates lips.
* Lips become flush and plump instantly for a sexy, pouty look.
* Vitamins A and E hydrate the lips.

What I thought:

Beautiful pink color–looked great on me. However, my lips only plumped slightly and didn’t last very long. I was really hoping for something more substantial.

Pricewise, it wasn’t a total loss. It was around $6, so I still can wear it as a great pink lip gloss, if nothing else.

Have you used this product? What did you think?

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    • Julie Q

      Shannon~ I tagged you for a meme, don’t know what that means? Check out my blog! I can’t say that I’ve used the Sally Hanson lip plumper, but I do love the MAC one called Bountiful.

    • yoyosushi3 (thu)

      I find that Sally’s products are pretty good for a drugstore brand. She also has solutions for everything we could want! Leg makeup?? Um, yea! At home waxing kits? A must have. I wish her packaging was prettier, but now I’m just nit pickin :)

    • Kristen

      The peppermint is tasty and the gloss is pretty, but once again, not much plumping! I love Sally products though…especially their nail stuff.

    • heyyah

      i tried this and i don’t think it plumped at all .. and the smell annoyed me. one time i was wearing it and somebody asked me what that mint smell was all about. lol. i do think they have pretty colors. they’re all nude. and it lasted a while.