GoJane review

I received my items from GoJane.com in the mail yesterday and while it was pretty much what I expected for what I’d purchased, there were a few things I was NOT expecting. For instance, the plastic rhinestones from my “Babs Top” were ALREADY falling off even before the package was opened! (Red arrows point to missing/fallen embellishments.)


At the end of the day it’s nothing a hot glue gun can’t fix, but, again, I always say you sometimes get what you pay for, and if you want to buy cheap, you will sometimes get just that: cheap, but …uh… I mean if I had paid $7 for the top I’d shrug it off, but it was definitely not worth the $34.99 that I paid for it. And I know I said I would rock the top as a mini dress, but in reality, seeing it in person, it is wayyyy too short to do that. Ix-nay on that.

The second top I purchaed, the “Agostino top” was fine and exactly as it appeared both in the online pic and in person. The material is light and perfect for those balmy summer days.

That said, I wouldn’t discourage anyone from shopping at GoJane.com, but just as a dear friend told me (in the comments section of the original post) be wary if you’re ordering anything with embellishments and use extreme caution when washing their clothes.

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    • http://dulce7.blogspot.com Nyree (dulce7)

      Hate to say, “I told you so!”. Girlie, we’re cut from the same cloth. Once, I bought a dress but when I got it, it was waaayyy to short to even wear as a dress. LOL! Anyway enjoy rockin’ your new wears!

    • http://www.hotmamadaily.com Pascalle

      LOL! Yep, you sure did tell me! I should make sure to check with you before doing any online shopping b/c I know you’re the QUEEN of the internet shopping! What was I thinking! LOL! ;)

    • http://www.flyjane.net Amy

      Hey ladies! I just tried out this new site http://www.flyjane.net. They’ve SUPER CUTE shoes and accessories and the prices are reasonable. I’ve bought from them 3 times so far and all of my items came just as described. Also theyve got this really cool program called The Hookup where when for every 7 pairs of shoes you buy you get $50 towards you next purchase. Check it out http://www.flyjane.net

    • Chibi

      I have worked at Gojane

      The babs top is one of those tops that get sent to our us in bad condition. I have damaged out a lot of Bab’s tops for the rhinestone problem. Some of the enthuse dresses were having zipper problems a few months back, and there have been other items that came in damaged as well. I admit the clothing is poor quality, and it won’t last long before it starts smelling and getting pulled apart. Most of the items are in nondamaged condition.

      The babs top only costs about $3.00-5.00 to make, and the price is marked up to twice or more times.

      All of the items come from wholesalers of clothes from Los Angeles, if anyone wanted to know.

    • http://GOJANE.COM Tbabe

      Hey everyonee…
      alright..so, I was thinking of purchaseing the UGGS knockoff from gojane.com..I was just wondering if its worth it?

    • Sparkledust

      I’ve bought two pairs of ugg knockoffs from Gojane and I feel that they were worth it. I got my first pair for 14.99 and the second pair for 9.99, you can’t beat those prices! Especially if you find a coupon code (just search on google for it) you can get them for even cheaper. The quality isn’t fabulous, but for $15, I wasn’t really expecting anything more. I would say go for it

    • http://gojane.com jasmine

      well is it worth buying the dresses here for like prom?

    • Betsy

      Hey Ladies,

      Check out this site http://RunwayAtlanta.com
      They are having a huge sale!

    • jessica

      DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM GOJANE.COM! I have never received such poor customer service before. First they shipped out the wrong item. I was fine with that; I just thought oh I can just exchange it. Then they shipped out the wrong item AGAIN! like are you kidding me? Then for the items I did return, they didn’t even refund me the correct amount. Now they’re telling me they can’t even give me free return shipping for the second WRONG item and all the mistakes you made?! All you can say is you apologize? Thanks GOJANE.COM like you’ll ever see me buy anything from your website again.

    • http://www.gojane.com Jessica

      i got some boots from go jane and it came way sooner then i thaught they would and they are very nice. I LOVE THEM infact im wearing them right now. the quality is good, for now.

    • Anita

      Personally, I don’t think anyone should buy any apparel from Go Jane…all of the clothing looks pretty tacky.

      The shoes however…the shoes are a different story. I’ve purchased 3 pairs, and they are all wonderful.

      Skip the clothes and go for the shoes, ladies!

    • chelly

      I think Gojane.com are very reasonably priced. Its great for those who are on a budget and wants to look decent. Matter of fact, buying the shoes are the best!

    • Frankie

      some items i have received are fine, you get what you pay for. i did recently receive a dress where the seam had come undone. i called and asked what would be the best way to resolve the situation. i only heard back that if i pay for shipping to send the defective item back and shipping for the new item, they would send me a replacement. shipping would be as much as the dress… what are they thinking?

    • Kelly

      I was wondering if the shoe sizes run small, or if they fit perfectly? I’m thinking about buying shoes but i don’t know what size to choose. I’m looking at boots and flats. Thankss!

    • Julia

      I agree with the reviewer who talks about the shoes. Super cheap and cute. You can be trendy without breaking the budget. And if you end up not liking something, no big deal–you didn’t spend a lot. Definitely order the shoes, but not the clothes!

    • http://gojane.com Ivette

      Well im thinking of getting my prom dress from there is it worth it or not???

      • Tracy

        Depends if you know exactly what you want. I bought my dress there, but I got it altered and slit added to it. Personally I love the dress. But if I didn’t get it altered and customized I wouldn’t have liked it. The quality isn’t GREAT. But it’s definitely suffice.

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    • Michelle

      check out this website http://www.jimastyle.com. they have cute outfits at great prices. i recieved my first order a couple of says ago. their stuff is awesome.

    • jessyka

      GOJANE products are a waste of money and their customer service is the WORST IVE EVER DEALT WITH. there crap comes already damages and falling apart, you don’t even get what you pay for because its not worth a dime. I hate gojane. They sent me damaged ballet flats and i had to pay 12 to send them back, even after talking up a storm to the “manager” on the phone. then they offered to send me a coupon. i’m like are you joking me?! save it because ill never order this shit again.

    • Dmac

      OK – I thought GoJane.com had some cute dresses. Told my daughter to pick out a dress and I’d get it for her birthday and she could also wear it to an upcoming wedding. Took about 2 weeks to get the dress and it was made smaller that what we thought – sent it back the following day after receiving it costing me $10.95 priority+insurance. Waited seven days after I sent it – no email telling me that it was rec’d or being processed. Went to post office and found out that it was rec’d 10/1/09 by Go Jane….Called them they had no record then said it takes about 7 days to process. Waited and called 7 days later said the same thing. Called them this week Mon 10/12 basically told the same thing then told I should be receiving an email in a couple days because it was being processed. Called again today 10/15 told they didn’t have any record………then after several accusations made by their customer service…..finally said it was rec’d but damaged but couldn’t discuss the damage with me……All I know it was in perfect condition when it was mailed back. They said if I needed immediate resolution of this problem to buy the dress in a larger size — which was the purpose of the return…and was told the process of the return would take 30 days. What the “H” 30 days…I don’t have 30days to the wedding and what if their is a problem with the second dress…..Supposidly I have been bumped up to the top of the return list and will receive an email of shipment in 2-3days….sounds like the same bull….Oh and yes to get my money refunded – another 30 days. Will I buy from them again…. I just want the one exchanged and mailed…. Oh and buy the way the “sparkle buckle embellishment” plastic…. yes plastic.

    • hal

      do the clothes run true to sizing or on the small side? Like if I wore a medium at wet seal, should I get a large?

    • Kate

      I’ve been looking for boots for the last couple months and ended up ordering a couple pairs from piperlime.com and one from endless.com. Spent around $400 in total. Received all of the boots and was disappointed in their quality (for all of them being real leather/suede, they looked plasticy and fake) and comfort for how expensive they were! Decided since they were so spendy and I didn’t LOVE everything about them I’d return them and find cheap knockoffs (if I can’t get the quality I think I’ve paid for, I might as well save money, right?). Just ordered 6 pairs of boots for $137 and used a free shipping promotion! My expectations are very, VERY low, but I guess we’ll see what happens when they come! I’ll post my experience here when they arrive!

    • Kate

      Oh, and I went and looked at http://www.jimastyle.com that someone suggested. Don’t waste your time. Very little to choose from and what’s there looks even worse than gojane.com clothing!

    • Evelyn

      I’m hoping to order a pair of cute, cheap boots from GoJane (“slouchy cowgirl boots”). I noticed that most people who commented liked the shoes, if not the clothes. To echo Kelly, any notes on the sizing? Thanks!

    • http://Gojane.com Wendy

      I have been purchasing Go Jane for a while. I heard of the company through a work Shoe Club. I have always been please with the shoes in the past. My last order, however, was a complete disappointment. I had placed the order well before my holidays so that I would be able to pick them up on my way home (I am a resident of Canada). My order was delayed and held due to security confirmation, which I completely understand. I was unable to contact them in time so I figured my order WAS NOT placed and I would not worry about it as it was only 5 days before my trip and it would not arrive on time. I will simply order it on another occasion.

      At the hotel I check my email and what do I read? “YOUR ORDER HAS SHIPPED!” I was confused as I was not able to contact them to verify my order so why has my order been shipped? I emailed them immediately to cancel the order, as it hasn’t left transit yet. I was told via email that my request cannot be honored as it was shipped.

      GoJane and I corresponded for about a week with no luck of a compromise after my package was recieved. I live over an hour away from the border and the duty cost was not worth the order. I didn’t feel it was my responsibility to absorb the additional cost in full as I never was contacted and verified the order.

      You would like that a company that requires confirmation would recieve it before continuing the order as they claim it is for security reasons. So if by chance your credit card is compromised and you are unable to be reach be assured that the order will still be placed after less than a week of ‘attempting’ to contact you.

      The customer service and means of accomadating their customers are horrible.
      The value and shoes may be adorable but the security is lacking.DO NOT BUY ANYHTHING FROM GO JANE.

    • hal

      to those who ordered shoes? how do their shoes fit? if i wear 7 1/2 should I get 8?

    • http://Gojane.com Patrice Dixon

      Gojane clothes are just cheap and tacky. Most of the tops i purchased are just to be worn once. I bought a purple top and wore it once then decided to wear it again today after washing it. It was a disaster, all stretched out at the bottom which is banded and also the stitching on the left sleeve is falling apart. I had to throw it in the trash. I am so disappointed and upset. My advise if you need good quality clothes don’t be tricked by Gojane and their cheap prices. With regards to their shoes the quality is much better in terms of durability but tops is a no way for me.

    • beena

      I am so far disappointed with GoJane.com… and I have not even recieved my order yet! I placed an order on the 26th of Dec. and they did not even ship it out until the 29th of dec. and my tracking says I won’t get it until the 6th of Jan. Really, c’mon does it take that long???? 15 days total to get it together!?

    • G

      GoJane is a really bad website that has zero costumer service and has no regard for the mistakes they make. I used to recommend it to everyone but everytime I order from there I have an issue that they take no responsability for. I do not recommend it to anyone.

    • http://gojane malissa

      I am from Canada and i want to buy shoes from gojane for the first time . i wants some new advice about them . should i buy the shoes or not?

    • Meghan

      GoJane.com is a headache! I ordered a pair of shoes from them, they e-mailed me that they were out of stock. That’s fine, it happens, I checked on the website for a replacement pair, and the pair I wanted was still listed as available. A month later, I get a box from them in the mail. I was sent and charged for two hideous pairs of shoes that I would never have ordered. I sent them back, two weeks ago, and only received my money back because I e-mailed them yesterday…. And I still have not received my original order.

      • Peggy

        You are correct THEY BLOW!, cheap stuff. Rude customer service. save your time and money people. I will never ever do business with them. They always mess up a order. and god forbid if you have a exhange and have to deal with a credit back… talk about a hassle.

    • Mel

      Unlike the majority, I had pleasant dealings with GoJane.com. I ordered both an escort gown last year and a grad gown this year,both of which were recieved within a week and a half of ordering. I will admit that things were sized smaller, but that can be expected with anything. Luckily we had predicted such problem and just ordered a little larger. Even with the alterations it still worked out cheaper than buying a gown where I live. We were extra impressed to find that all of the beading was actually hand stiched as opposed to the stuck on ones we had seen in other stores… Overall it was a pleasant experience, a real cost saver, and, without being self absorbed, my grad gown was one of he nicest in my class and everyone wanted to know where I got it. Online shopping is online shopping… even shopping in person has faults…

    • dermai

      gojane.com has some really cute clothes and shoes..i have never been disappointed with their clothes and shoes..their shoes are true to size..i wear 8.5 and ordered 8.5 and it fits perfectly..their clothes however are a little bit smaller in the chest part for me but it happens..i love gojane.com..

    • Cara

      GoJane absolutely sucked! Which was a huge disappointment cause they have really cute clothes on their. I ordered like 5 dresses because I wanted to pick the one I liked the best, and they were all cheap, ugly, and looked nothing like what they looked on the website. I also ordered a pair of boots that were ok, but they were awkward and uncomfortable. I returned EVERYTHING.

      • Brooke

        I completely agree. Their clothes are cheaply made, garish, and fall apart easily… suddenly an $18 shirt doesn’t seem like such a good deal anymore. Save your money and shop for better quality clothes, it’s a way better value in the end!

    • ADELL

      i’m seeing all these bad reviews but honestly havent had a bad expericence with them ..been ordering with them for a while and i have always gotten what i expected..love gojane!! its so much better than AMI CLUBWEAR for sure ….so try it out for yourself thats what i say….

    • Gynaves

      I have never had a problem before shopping at Gojane.com, I got free shipping and the items where exactly the ones I choose. Everything that a bought fit perfect!

    • Toumi

      Their customer service isn’t good. I order things online all the time and I’ve never had a company not give me a return slip. GoJane expects you to pay for return shipping. It’s ridiculous. I had to pay $14 to return the shoes I bought from them, and I waited close to a month for them to restock on the size I needed. If I had known I would have to go through all of this, I would’ve just gotten shoes from somewhere else.

    • Arieanna

      i am looking for a prom dress and its this really nice dress i see on this website but im cautious of buying it because i once got scammed from a fake website and i doubt my mom will buy from a website again. so i was just wondering if this website is real & are their dresses GOOD quality ?

    • P

      Omg! I’m pissed as fuck!! I was sooo excited when the dress came, but they gave me the wrong size! WTF? Now I have to pay the goddamn shipping fee to exchange it. This sucks!! ):< HATE this website so much! Never will I shop at this place again!

      • amanda

        OMG same here! sent me the wrong size!!

      • Lety

        Did you exchanged it? If so how long did it take to ship out your new item?

    • NJ

      How strange for everyone to have such problems. I ordered a pair of sunglasses in the wrong color so I emailed the customer service asking if they could change it to the color I actually wanted and they did. They responded back fast and the package came in about 3 days. So far, I’m pleased.

    • steph

      just a quick question on the the fly jane website, when you order them online, how is the fit of the shoes…do they fit small? tight? oversized?

    • Michelle

      Jessica check out http://www.Jimastyle.com! i agree with you. gojane has disappointed me a few times too, i shop at jimastyle and i love it. trendy clothes that you dont see EVERYWHERE!lol

    • tracy

      to whom this may be
      I was wondering if the wholesalers from Los Angeles have websites where i can look? I have a very small local business in the middle of a small town.. We do not have easy access to clothing like this. I want to have a bit of selections so that shopping for cute clothing wont be 1 hour drive!!!


    • Jai

      GoJane has AWFUL Customer service. I am currently in the same situation at DMAC. And am getting NO response from GoJane about my return, I have confirmation from UPS that is has been received, but gojane will nto confirm receipt. I am filing a complaint with the better business bureau and my credit card company today.

    • Natasha

      Hi Kate!
      How did you make out with those boots?

    • Maleya

      I totally agree with that. Skip the clothes, the shoes are REALLY worth it (at least the 6 pairs that i bought). LOL!!!

    • Maleya

      The shoes are true to your size. I wear an 8, but when I order online I usually get an 8 1/2 JIC. I did that with my first purchase at GoJane, however, the shoes were a little big. All the other shoes that I purchased have been an 8 and they fit perfectly. So get your exact size.