Hollywood Stylish Man: Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe arrives in Japan to promote Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix. He nixed his alter-ego’s robe and opted for a black pinstriped suit over a red(or is it pink?) undershirt with a black athletic shoes. I don’t really understand the idea of wearing a haggard-looking shoes but the suit and bold solid color undershirt works just fine :) .

daniel_radcliffe.jpg daniel_radcliffe3.jpgdaniel_radcliffe2.jpg

Whether it’s a red or pink shirt, it doesn’t matter, really. Each color has it’s own merit in making the whole outfit pop. Living up to Harry Potter‘s adventurous persona eh? . If it’s a pink undershirt, Daniel must have read our REAL Men Wear Pink series. :)

*edited, thanks to Joe: arrival pictures, not premiere.


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    • Joe

      Or those are pictures of him just arriving at the airport in Japan.

    • http://www.sheknowsbest.com Dexie

      Thanks Joe, appreciate it. Corrected it now :)

    • nancy

      super cool !!

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    • Haco2

      When I first saw Danielle Radcliffe I thought more on the lines of Jake Gylinhal.

    • Destriani

      daniell kapan keluarnya Harry Poterr ke-7

    • number one Dan Fan!

      I LOVE DAN ! <3

    • Pimpa from Thailand OvO

      I’m fanclub Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson

      (Harry Potter)

      I t h i n g f o r y o u . . . >\\\<

    • angel

      i love daniel so much oh u r so hot and sexy