Stephen Tyler’s Beauty Regime


Um, yeah. I’m not sure if Stephen Tyler can *blame* his looks on a good beauty routine, lots of makeup or bad plastic surgery, but this is what he says makes him look so good at 59 (OMG Stephen Tyler is 59):

“I have a beauty regime. I have special cream I put on under my eyes every night. You have to look after yourself. “I stay slim by having sex – and sweating a lot while I’m on stage.” [Source]

So what do you think – plastic surgery or not? He sure does look odd to me… And I hope hes not planning on having an exercise session with Dita, she doesn’t look too interested to me. LOL

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      He is a bit strange looking himself. But he sure has some beautiful daughters.
      I’m glad to read he is aware of the importance of eye cream, but don’t care to think about just how he keeps slim.

    • helen

      Well, Dita sure had some weirder guys before.

    • Christina Jones

      Hey David – great to see you!

      Helen – amen on that one! ;)

    • Hsien Lei

      ROFL at everything everyone has said.

    • Kristi

      When I look at Stephen Tyler I see a very hansome man; who appears to be very kind with a light in his eyes that shows the beauty of his soul.

      • by Kristina

        Very well said