Loving Xen-Tan!

I took a new (to me) self tanner on my trip to Colorado last month, Xen-Tan .

xen-tan-travelTo be honest, I didn’t have really high hopes for it, as it wasn’t something that I have heard much buzz about, but I had a nice travel size tube of it (and, well, Nordies sells it – how bad could it be?), so off we went.

My initial impressions were good – the lotion, which gives you immediate color, went on very smoothly and streak free. And it smelled great – pretty much no DHA smell at all, and the scent that it had was not overpowering at all – just nice. Naturallly I didn’t use gloves, so immediately after the application, my hands were stained. No big deal, that is to be expected. I scrubbed and scrubbed, but still brown. Ok.

Well, much to my surprise, looking at my hands about 30 minutes later, no more stained hands. !! Hmm. Tan looks good, no stained hands. I like it. I applied it again the next day, same thing. Disappearing hand stain, great tan.

xen-tan-scrubSo my vacation wore on. I didn’t reapply at all. And that is where I found the coolest thing about the Xen-Tan, and something I have seen in no other self tanner – airbrush, lotion, whatever – the fade. This stuff fades like a real tan. No splotchy unevenness whatsoever. It just fades. Beautifully!

So, Xen-Tan comes in about every formulation you can dream of. Lotions, face lotion, mousse, and even a formulation for your spray tanner. They have body scrubs, tan extenders, a wonderful bronzer compact, and sponges for application. It is a little on the pricey side, but not out of the ballpark at all for self tanners – well worth the price for a beautiful, good smelling tan that fades like real sun. Love this!

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    • http://shopaholicsdaily.com She Who Loves to Shop

      A nice fragrance… that’s always a bonus. I have one right now, that works really well, but I really can’t stand the smell. I thought that it had gone off, bought another and it smells just the same. Will have to see if I can find that brand up here. I would kill for a Nordstrom close by.

    • http://www.thedivanetwork.com Sharon

      I usually hate the smell of tanning products but this sounds like it would be a pleasure to wear!

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    • http://ShoeBlitz.com KoriEllis

      Wow this sounds fabulous. I gave up actual tanning long ago. Maybe I’ll try this self tanner!

    • Sarah

      I just ordered Xen Tan after all the raves I heard…Just an FYI, You can get through the HSN site for 1/2 the price of Nordstroms! They were selling it for 19.50 (?), plus 4 or 5$ for shipping. Not a bad deal!

    • http://www.ebeautydaily.com/ Christina Jones

      Thanks for the heads up Sarah! You will love this product, I am still head over heels with it – the way it naturally fades is truly awesome and makes it really stand out over all the others I have tried – and man, have I tried a lot of self tanners!

    • Sarah

      Christina, I got my Xen-Tan and it’s awesome!!!
      It fades out like a natural tan! Two applications was dark enough for my fair skin too. I can exercise and swim, and it doesnt wash off. Great recommendation!

      PS. I saw your bio pic, I swear to God we look related…

    • http://m-stylefile.blogspot.com/ m

      I’ll def have to try this. I can’t escape the tanning smell from the spray tanning that I was doing religiously for a while. It got all over my clothes and bed and I got sick of smelling funky lol. This stuff sounds great.

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    • Rachael

      Big thanks to Christina & Sarah for the info! I followed Sarah’s advise and bought Xen Tan Dark Tanning Lotion (Item #254-803) at http://www.hsn.com for $19.50. New customers can get 15% off using coupon code C56574 at check out. You can also get 50% off of shipping if you buy two. Look it up by item # to avoid signing up for their auto ship program. Thanks a million Ladies! I love this stuff and had to look all over to get it cheaper than the Nordstroms price!

    • Chris

      The secret xen-tan doesn’t smell and does not leave blotchy skin is that there is very less DHA included. The bad thing about this fact is that it gives you nearly no tan. Buyin a 2$ tanner with a lot of DHA (the stuff that smells bad but makes your skin tan) and mix it with a good body lotion make you safe a lot of money. Unfortunately just another hype about a totally overpriced product :-(.