Burberry Round or Rectangle Cuff Links? Take Your Pick

round_blue_burberry_cuffs.jpgWith it’s blue color and signature check print, this pair of round Burberry cuff links is certainly cool and refreshing. It also comes in Lilac color. I like it. Accessories venturing out to different colors instead of just sticking with either sterling silver, platinum or gold. A touch of color never hurt anyone :) .

rectangle_burberry_cufs.jpgFor a subtle yet elegant touch, how about opting for this one-side rectangle cuff links? The signature Burberry check accenting the silver plated cuffs brings out your dapper style a la Cary Grant and his present counterpart, George Clooney. This also comes in Brit Check(black) color by the way.

So, the round colored cuff links saying you are cool or the subtle yet elegant rectangle cuff links? I think the round colored ones are for daytime, casual suits while the rectangle cuffs are for night time, formal suits. Either way, you’re covered :)

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    • http://shopaholicsdaily.com She Who Loves to Shop

      If I had to pick, I would go with the rectangular cuff links. They have this touch of sophistication that I like. :) Oh, wait… now I’m drawn to the round version. Damn… looks like I will just have to buy both. ;)

    • http://www.sheknowsbest.com Dexie

      That’s why I suggest to get both. Round colored ones for daytime and the elegant one for night time :)