Funky Nails Everyday with Nail Art Philippines!

Nail Art Philippines

Calling all spa owners and entrepreneurs!

If you’re interested in owning a nail (and flowers and mobiles and other stuff) printing service (or you’re just obsessed about having colorful nails all the time!), then you guys might be interested in these!

Nail Art Philippines Ltd is the exclusive distributor of Nail Art Printers here in the Philippines. They have three (3) different printers for nail art printing.

The First Generation Nail Art Printer aka Flower Printer.

Nail Art First Gen

This printer model can paint on one (1) fingernail (and toenails, too!) at a time, can also print on mobile phones and specializes on flower printing! It doesn’t come with a monitor, though, so you have to have your own computer.

The Second Generation Nail Art Printer.

Nail Art Second Gen

Basically the same as the First Gen, but instead of printing on one fingernail at a time, it can print on five (5) fingernails at the same time! You also need to have a separate desktop computer since it does not come with it’s own computer.

The Third Generation Nail Art Printer.

Nail Art Third Gen

Same as the Second Gen, but this one is perfect for salon and spa owners since it has it’s own 12″ or 15″ monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. No need to attach it to a computer!

All printers can print up to 3,000 nails using different images, either pre-defined or customized!

For more details, visit Nail Art Philippines.

For interested parties, call +63.918.6619411 /  +63.918.3813371/  +63.915.9800468

Oh, by the way, they ship overseas, too!

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I think it’d be cool to have one of these at home for your personal use! Just choose a pattern, an image or whatever, load and have it printed out! On your nails, your mobile phone .. or flowers, hahhaah :)

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    • Hazel

      I’d be interested in one for home use. Haha.

    • Lia

      I know, right?! Hahahah. I want one :P

    • anne

      kindly email us the nail art printer pricelist. Thanks!

    • Lia

      Hi Anne, you didn’t leave your email… :) Please visit for more details! :)

    • Lanie

      Thanks for the feature dear. i really really appreciate it. :)

      For inquiries please email :
      or contact (63918) 6619411

    • nanze ramos

      i like this idea,how much is the cheapest and or the unit price for each..Do you have delivery charge?Wheres your nearest location in quezon city.

    • http://n/a Cecille

      I’m interested to have one. Can you tell me how to get it?

    • toei

      i am interested in this kind of you also have nail paints and accessories asside from the printing machine? where could i inquire personally … so that i could see how that good it to make business regarding the nail art?

      toei internet

    • Lia

      @cecille and toei

      Please contact nailartphilippines at
      or contact LANIE at (63918) 6619411

    • Dedith B. cielo

      I like the funky nail images,,,,
      Iwant to try but i don’t if where I will buy that,,,,, can you send as more example,,,,,,,pls…

    • Dedith B. cielo

      please send me more example at sexy_2499,,,,,,,
      or send that picture on our place at sta. cruz, himaao, pili, cam. sur, Philippines,,,,,,,,,
      I’m sure my other cousins and barkadas will like that

    • mharyhana

      how can i buy that funky thing..if i’m from region 5 at goa,camarines sur.’,

    • dhyz

      hey can you plz email me the price list of these…I am really interested of it…


    • alexandria

      hi! i like this thing! so cool, how much would this machine cost? please do send me details naman po, thanks!

    • charey

      kindly e-mail me the pricelist of nail art mschines thanks :)

    • cham

      saang malls may gnyan na??

    • johanne

      Hi! Can you please email me the pricelist and details? :) thanks!

    • ghe

      pls send me price of the gadget

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    • olan

      can you send me the price of the product?

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    • kim much po?…where to buy.

    • giselle

      Hi! Please send price list and pics for the printers (all models). I’m interested in getting a unit. Which salons in Metro Manila have it na?

    • joey

      hi there . can u send me the price list for the printers at .. ASAP! .. tnx poh ..

    • mhickaella

      holler!!! just do email me the price list under every pics of each printer model available you have ok… thanks

    • chichai

      ` how much is d’ gadget ? how can i get it ??

    • Dexter

      please send me price list =

    • Digital nail art

      4rth – 90,000
      3rd- N/A
      2nd- 60,000
      1st- 50,000

    • Jessica Viña

      Hi! How to buy the nail printer?
      I’m from Tagbilaran City, Bohol.,.
      Thanks for replying my inquiry!

    • Digital nail art

      Please leave your email or visit
      09186619411 / 09183813371/ 09159800468

    • spyke

      kindly send me pricelist of the printer and which stores have it already.. thanks…

    • spyke

      send me pricelist of the machine as soon as possible thanks…

    • Digital nail art

      Kindly leave your contact info.

    • PIA

      hi. i would like to ask if only the nail art machine itself will do for the nails or you need to use nail lacquer also?hope to hear it from you lanie or lia. thanks.

    • Digital nail art

      We use a special oil to detect the fingernails and other objects. kindly refer to the website

      thank you

    • Belle

      I’m interested! Price list please…especially the 3rd Gen. Nail Art Printer?

      I’m from Davao. Is it available in Mindanao? Which stores have it already?

      Hope to hear from u soon…thanks!

    • Belle

      Here’s my add. —

    • melba

      which is better for a spa a 3rd or 4th gen nail printer? pricelist pls of a term basis. want it asap.


    • shalemar de jesus

      can i have the complete info? please send it to my email. thanks a lot

    • lolet

      hi, how much does each machine cost. free demo included? pls reply asap tnx

    • Pinky Maja Almaden

      hi how much is your 3rd and 4th generation??;) im interested;) i am based here in cagayan de oro??do you do shipping??; thank you very much..;)

    • Likke

      Hello, can you please send more info regarding purchasing to me?

    • let me

      please email me the prices of them all!!?

    • ruth

      pls.send me the price list and some info about it..where store can we find it..tnx

    • Rochelle

      can you email me the price list for the nail art? thanks..

    • carysse

      can you please send me your location in manila so i can go there and personally buy of your products

    • carysse

      can you please send me the price list and some information


    • chato realuyo

      please give the prices and the accessories. am interested with the 2nd & 3rd generation.

    • adona

      i would like to know the prices of the availale digi printers, kindly send a price quotation with model and specs.

    • kristin

      im interested with the product pls send me the price quotation and where to buy

    • nico masilang

      i would like to know more about the price of the printer.. i am actually an avid fan of nail art but due to typhoon ondoy, my fave spa closed and now i am looking for a new spa to do my nails…

    • liza

      been calling the numbers above, getting a hard time reachin’.. can you pls email me contacts to
      send me exact address too. thanks. m interested in buying the product

    • Susan

      Hello there,

      God afternoon. Can you please send me the prices for each model? I am very interested to purchase one.

      Many thanks.

    • rose

      gud interested w/ ur product can u send me prices of each printer?

    • kat

      hi. can you send me the price quotation of each model?
      thank you.

    • jave e. domingo

      hi can you send me a quotation for the nail art printer, im interested to have one,

      thak you,

    • Maria


      We will be opening a salon,i am VERY MUCH interested about your nail art printer. Can you tell me the price and where,how to get this? I would love to get 4 or more printer…

      CP# 09083919580
      Thank you.


    • Grace

      hi! i am very much interested of the product (Nail art printer) could you send me the quotations thru email :) thank you so much!

    • Khristine

      Hi! I’m also interested in your printers. Kindly sent me the quotations through email as well. Thanks!

    • dhie

      hi my name is dhie and i am very much interested to know more about the nail art machine..please send me more info at my email address that would be highly appreciated..send me the price qoutations & warranty..thanks..

    • Nu Style Salon & Spa

      Please give me a quotation for the 3rd generation nail art printer.



    • mike

      how much will it cost me for a first, second and third generation nail art printer???


      Please email me the prices of them all. thanks.

    • jona

      im interested so please send me the prices… thanks

    • jona

      please send me the prices…

    • Cathy Chong

      could you send me the prices for your nail art machines (1st, 2nd and 3rd gen)? thanks!

    • Farida I. Ebrahim

      kindly quote me the price of ur nail printers because am interested to purchase one . thank you very much.

    • mahi


    • Gen grace

      Where is your store & how much is the 3rd gen machine? I hope to buy in person & bring home the machine on the same day…ASAP for my spa-salon

    • Awie

      is this available p?..please send me the price..thanks..

    • badichi


      Please send the following details to

      1. Printer prize, second gen and third gen printer
      2. Ink prize,availability
      3. How much is the cost of ink for 10 or 20 nails
      4. How much is the suggested price per customer
      5. Other pertinent details in the operation of the machine.

    • Joicy

      Please send me the price for 3rd gen. i’ll wait for ur email! Thanx!

    • jeenadine

      please send me the prices.. thanks

    • rye


      Ms. Khristine, what would be your consideration on buying a nail printer?



    • benjie


      may I know where is your shop and what number I should call you?