• Wed, Jul 25 2007

Hollywood Stylish Man : Wentworth Miller

wentworth_miller1.jpg wentworth_miller2.jpg

Prison Break star Wentworth Miller wearing a white long sleeves dress shirt which he decided to roll up and cuff for about 3/4 sleeves, light wash denim jeans and THE athletic shoes to have, the classic blue Chuck Taylor’s. Wenty, as I fondly call him is very casual on this get up. Very handsome I might add. Now I don’t know why he is doing this “hand on pockets, with one leg forward” pose but whatever, right? LOL. He was probably being playful with the media.On another note, I am going on vacation for a week so I hope you miss me. I was going to set up scheduled posts but I don’t feel right not responding right away to your comments. I’d rather let you all know I will be gone for a week. “See” you all in August :)


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  • Star

    Ahhh, he’s so yummy. :D

  • jess.x.

    a woman can dream to her hearts content with this guy.haha. hes the best thing since masturbation was discovered.haha

  • http://www.shirtsandtie.com Shirty

    Nothing is as crisp as a white shirt and jeans for a man. I like to think of it as the casual man’s version of an LBD! The failproof option that always looks good and can be used for so many occasions. Good one, Wentworth

  • http://www.sheknowsbest.com Dexie

    jess.x, if you say so…LOL ;)

    Shirty, definitely a good ensemble. Wenty never disappoints :)

  • http://www.celebs101.com manoj

    hi nice style ok……….

  • katy

    he is great yummy with these angelic eyes…..with his sexy body………..he is a dream

  • jess.x

    CANNOT believe that prison break has had 2 breaks in the series already, when five had prison break none of these stupid breaks took place, but now sky one has pinched it, its very depressing and really annoying for all wenty fans, am i not right? roll on jan 21st. and hope to see him around after prison break, keep up the good work wentworth. x jess.x

  • http://hotmail lizz k

    i wish i had wentworth miller for xmass all 2 ma self

  • chris

    cute body

  • julieta


  • kayla

    omg i lov3 how h3 dr3ss3s i lov3 hiz show an lov3 him!!! good look wentworth!!!:)

  • roka

    went is SOOOOOOOOOOO HOTTTTTTTTTTT& He is SOOO slimmmmmmmmmmmmm .He is wearing same shoes I have so we have the same shoes

  • http://WWW.wentworthmiller.ch roka

    went is SOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOTTTTTTT &SOOOOOOOO SLIMMMMMMMMMMMMM . He is wearing the same shoes I have , so we have the same shoes

  • http://Fam Leydi Raquel Quiros

    qiero decirte que sos muy buen actor y aparte de eso guapicimo, soy una buena fam tu ya y quiero decirte que te admiro mucho

  • whereonica

    hot hot hotty!!!!!!!! would look awesome in anything. those innocent eyes n that innocent look. love u miller. simple n sweet. wish i meet u someday

  • http://...... nazi

    WENTWORTH i love u

  • http://yahoo.com carlos

    You r so sexy love u sexy ass boy

  • masha

    i from uzbekistan and i wont go to wentworth miller. i speak englesh very full how can i see wentworth miller.
    went if you read this leter pleas wright me on my email
    wmashka@mail.ru PLEAS.my name mariya and i wont be actres.

  • masha

    it mirakle

  • nhu

    wentworth miller very beautiful . I love You . wish he would succeed in your career and later life .