Your Choice Of Underwear Poll

skb_icon1.jpgInspired by the recent review of Hanes vs Fruit of the Loom underwear, I created a new poll. Please refer to the sidebar. If you would please be kind to let She Knows Best your underwear preference, we’d very much appreciate it. What’s the catch? Errr, nothing really, we just want to know ;) . Ex-President Bill Clinton usually prefers briefs. So I guess that’s 1 vote for briefs, no? Women can vote as well. Which underwear you prefer on your Man? Ok, head on to the poll. I meant the survey located in the SKB sidebar, not the stripper poll, *ahem* :D

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    • fred

      youd be suprised if you added thongs ,g string into the mens underwear poll

    • luke muir

      briefs are cute especially the pictured ones

    • Joe

      breifs are ok, thongs are gay, boxerbriefs are good, trunks are ok, and boxers are AWESOME.

    • Sarah

      Briefs are for MY dad–lets leave those to the grandpas. :) Boxers are #1 followed with Boxer Briefs at a close #2. I always buy my husband one of those. No G strings! No Briefs.

    • Eric

      Fruit of the Loom boxers all the way! Good brand, good price, very comfortable. I get mine at Target.

    • Jake

      Briefs all the way they are comfortable and hot

      They feel great on you

      When to wear underwear
      School-boxer-briefs boxers trunks
      Long Car rides-briefs
      Sleep-nothing I sleep commando(:

    • Derek

      I’m a straight man and prefer to wear bikini briefs, g strings or none. Why not women go w/o bras sometime and . What is wrong w/ straight men feeling secure of them selves and being comfortable. It is okay by society’s’ standards for guys to wear shorts falling off their butts, but not okay for guys to show some of their thighs?

    • Mens Silk Underwear

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    • Jeff

      Briefs and only briefs usually white, Hanes, FTL, BVD & Jockey

    • Johan

      White briefs classic hanes or fruit of the loom or ck

    • briefsguy47

      i wear fruit of the loom briefs