Moisturise with Dry Oil Mist in Olive

Olive Dry Oil Mist, The Body ShopImagine taking a long luxurious bath or a refreshing long shower, I’m sure part of you would wish the experience wouldn’t end, yeah? Personally, I love the feeling that a shower or bath leave on me, which somehow made me wish I knew some way to trap all that in.

I toyed with Baby Oils when I was younger and I had given Neutrogena’s Body Oil a go a few years back, though, I had found it greasy. I don’t want that “oily” feeling underneath my clothes or the idea that oil gets absorbed by the fabric I’m wearing. Gah.

Then I discovered The Body Shop’s Dry Oil Mist in Olive. Oh, boy. I’ve never looked back.

Olive Dry Oil Mist, The Body Shop

Spray on this skin-softening mist and the watch it disappear into skin, leaving it extra smooth. With bonus sunflower seed oil.

You can use this product on wet or dry skin. Personally, I prefer applying it after taking a bath or shower cuz, somehow, it creates the impression that you trap water or moisture in. Thus making your skin feel refreshed and cool for an extended period of time. And not to mention, your skin ends up smooth, supple and scented, too.

I love the scent of Olives that is left on the skin, which is a great alternative to perfumes or colognes.

This is a great option for individuals with dry skin since it promotes moisture retention. The organic Olive oil from Italy helps to condition the skin.

Bento Beauty Tip: Apply after bath or shower then just pat excess moisture with towel. Don’t use if there’s an imminent sun-exposure expected.

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    • Rico

      So… olives in a body wash product… this makes the skins salty? :twisted:

    • Sasha Manuel

      I’m not sure what you mean… isn’t the skin naturally salty? LOL

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    • wade

      hi where can i buy this product , that will ship to ireland

    • Chrissie

      i also love Olive Dry Oil Mist from Body Shop. I’ve been using this since college and my boyfriend the ( who is my husband now) really loves the scent!this is the ultimate love oil.

    • Sasha Manuel

      Wade: I’ll look into it. Will get back to you.

      Chrissie: Good testimony. Good to know you’ve found benefits unique to yourself. ;)

    • paul

      Any update as to where you can get this product???? I have had my PA looking for weeks as bodyshop no longer stock it.

    • Sasha Manuel

      Where are you based, Paul? Cuz here in Manila, most of the TBS around have them in stock. :)

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    • t

      grrrrrr. i cant find this product anymore. I hate it when they discontinue my favorite stuff!

    • Melissa Plumb

      I love this product!!!!!!!!, I live in Australia and I carnt buy it anywere. Can someone help me .

    • debby

      Did anyone work out where we can buy it in Austalia