• Tue, Aug 21 2007

My Psychotic Eyebrow Obsession, or: A Rant on Sienna Miller’s September 07 Vogue Cover

I have, in the *ahem* past, been accused of being eyebrow obsessed. Maybe I am – just a tad. I just hate overdone eyebrows, I really do. I think they are a very important feature, and when I see them too BIG and too LONG, and even too skinny and, God forbid, too far apart – especially on models – it just drives me ape-y. So, I always love articles and features about eyebrows and what do you know, the NY Sun did a great little article on eyebrows today, The Pampered Brow, and as a bonus it was featuring my dear friend Elke – long known in the beauty community for her Beauty Newsletter, and more recently as the founder of The Beauty Blog Network – which I know you all keep an eye on – right?

So anyway, In the article they mention all the latest and greatest eyebrow beautifiers by my beloved Bare Escentuals, Anastasia, Lorac et. al, but what really catches my eye, and what has caught so many other eyes over the last few days is yet another reference to the truly gruesome cover of Sienna Miller on Vogue this month. What do you think about Sienna’s eyebrows?


Here, lets take a closer look:


Do you love this? Am I the only crazy woman that thinks this is hideous? Maybe I am. I am sure you will tell me. I only hope that Keira Knightley’s fans aren’t Sienna Miller fans too, or I am toast. By the way, Keira eyebrows look fabulous after looking at this disaster. ;)

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  • http://www.gunslingingeisha.net jaine

    Either the Vogue airbrush team severely messed up, or the make up artist is terrible; her eyebrows don’t just look bad, they look unreal/unnatural. They really look airbrushed though. Hahaha.

  • alicia Benefiel

    thats not how her eyebrows are in real life it’s just for the picture..the were trying to create a dramatic effect, which they did..it’s just for character..in the name of high fashion, it looks like runway makeup..

  • http://lifeofaladybug.typepad.com Toya

    I think the color is way too dark for her skin and hair, however, I do love the return to a thicker, more naturally-shaped brow. I can’t stand overplucked brows or (the bane of my existence) a shaved brow that has been penciled back in. Augh!

  • http://shopaholicsdaily.com SP@ShopaholicsDaily

    Suddenly, mine don’t look half bad! Whatever the reason… they aren’t working for me at all.

  • http://sheknowsbest.com dexie

    i could say something about how the eyebrows are scary but i just can’t stop there. i’ll have to mention the fact that whoever associated this woman to the words “fashion icon” must be shot.

  • Rebecca

    As an esthetician, I also have an eyebrow obsession. I have had both dreams AND nightmares about eyebrows! These are too, too much. Completely overdone. Her eyes should be the focal point of the picture, not her eyebrows!

  • Kelly

    They are photoshopped in–they have to be! It’s for dramatic effect, definitely, but I think they look ridiculous. On the other hand, the dramatic edge to high fashion often is ridiculous.

  • http://www.ebeautydaily.com/ Christina Jones

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, ladies! I am glad I am not completely cracked up on this one. Kelly – you do definitely make a good point about the ridiculousness of high fashion. :) Thanks so much for your comments – I will read over them and be happy when the Sienna Miller fans show up to lambast me. Does Sienna Miller have fans? I am not so sure. ;)

  • http://www.thescentedlife.com amy

    I thought it was an homage to Audrey Hepburn for some reason.

  • http://www.beautybanter.blogspot.com beauty banter

    sienna is hot… her eyebrows look fake… why, oh why would they do that to her?

  • http://www.ebeautydaily.com/ Christina Jones

    LOL BeautyBanter – maybe she pissed off the divine Ms. Wintour in some way? ;)

  • http://frappelattes.com Marsadie

    I think the brows may have been purposeful here…afterall it is the BIG issue, and extra defined brows are supposed to be hot this fall.

    They are a bit theatrical, but maybe that was the point.

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  • http://beautymaverick.com lily

    I totally agree that in a real-life situation, eyebrows should be well groomed and appear natural.

    With that said, I think that this cover is more about the dress and playing up the couture element of the piece. It seems to me that the stylist and makeup artist were going for a ’50s elegance with a modern flair in Sienna’s look.

    I think she’d look a bit silly walking down West Broadway with those brows, but in this case I think it works.

  • http://www.carolclifton.com Carol Clifton

    What in the world is Vogue seeing here with this awful pic. My husband always says that a few men that hate women assemble in a room and claim a retched trend all while laughing. EyeBrows are meant to frame the face in a beautiful, subtle, alluring way.
    All you see in this picture is EyeBrows!

  • http://www.disneyrollergirl.blogspot.com rollergirl

    Well, they do look OTT but I guess it IS high fashion. What gets me is her lips are really heavy too. I thought the golden rule was eyes OR lips, never both! Tut tut…

  • http://www.jewelryandbeading.com/ Tammy

    Wow! Those are some whoopers!

  • http://www.savvyskin.com Jeni – Savvy Skin

    Horrible!!! I know bigger eyebrows have been “in” for a while, but UGH!!!!!!

  • natalie

    wow. its a picture on a magazine not a picture taken w/ a disposable camera in her house. its a piece of art not a “this is exactly how she looks” picture. notice how her eyebrows, eyes, and the letters on the cover are all black…thats so they stand out. she is gorgeous. besides i think the person whos job it is to put that picture on the cover of VOUGE knows a little more about beauty and fashion then all of you.

  • Rebecca

    I don’t think there the worst I’ve seen. I have met some women in real life that look like they took a marker to create a brow from nothing. Or those that shave their brow and only sport the drawn line. lol Awful! I just hate that, and want to tell them how to do it the right way. I myself have a small brow naturally, so I have to fill in every day. Sienna’s aren’t that bad, the strong brow is in this season. I suppose that’s the idea they were creating.

  • http://bionicbeauty.blogspot.com BionicBeauty

    The eyebrows might not have been too bad size-wise (heck, I’m trying to say something positive here); but the color is all wrong. I am not quite sure that strong and *solid* of an eyebrow would work on anyone.

    And the funniest thing? Who sat around the table at Vogue and decided that was a good look for their cover?!?

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  • groovygirl

    Hi – I actually really welcome the return to thicker eyebrows. I know Sienna’s eyebrows look to thick in this picture, but it is sooooo much better than the too thin look.

    I also have an eyebrow obsession and I totally dislike the overly plucked eyebrow. I think a thin eyebrow usually makes a face look harder. A larger eyebrow, so long as it is not too large actually seems to soften a face and make women look more sultry.

  • Kellie

    I’m also an eyebrow fanatic . . . but I kinda like her brows here (shape wise). Clearly , the color is too dark compared to her hair . . . but as others have said, I think it was only for the magazine.