David Beckham, What Undershirt Are You Wearing?

A reader was quite impressed by my googling prowess when I found David Beckham’s Black Dior Homme Belted Jacket so he asked if I could help him out finding out what kind of undershirt David Beckham is wearing while running some errands with one of his sons and his equally hot wife, Victoria aka Posh Beckham.


At first glance, the undershirts look like just regular cotton shirts from Hanes. Or it could be from Fruit of the Loom.


But, since we’re talking about David Beckham here, he might be wearing undershirts from bigger designer names.

But then I could be wrong. So if any of you know exactly what brand David Beckham wears in undershirts, please let us know. It would be much appreciated. Thanks.

*Pictures from x17online.

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    • http://www.theparvenu.com/ Christopher

      I must admit this… I have watched David’s style closely and I really dig his style.

      However, besides a comfortable… or fashion talk, “Modern” fit, how different is he from the traditional American style? Tees and jeans are, no matter how much we hate to admit it, a staple in (American) men’s fashion.

      Love the top pic. White-tees always present a clean look (hanes loves me) and those jeans seems to fit his *damn* well!

    • http://www.sheknowsbest.com Dexie

      A man in a white cotton tee and jeans is definitely sexy. Suits are cool but casual look is always good :)

    • Toph

      T’s are easy… I’d be more curious as to the brand/style of jeans he has on in the first pick.

    • http://www.theparvenu.com/ Christopher

      Good to hear a woman with an eye for style say that, because that’s pretty much what I wear during the summer month’s!

      I actually been looking for those jeans after I posted. Found them on denimology, they’re Rock and Republic. I love that fit. Might have to raid the coin jar!

      Thanks for the reply too, Mrs. Dexie!

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    • Eric

      can anyone tell me where i canget one of these cardigans i have searched high and low but with no success thanks


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    • Sean Scott

      Did anyone ever find out what brand David’s t-shirts are. The ones that are very loose fitting around the neck???

    • thang juice
    • thang juice
    • Kim

      He should be wearing a RibbedTee undershirt:

    • Spartan

      American Apparel