• Wed, Aug 29 2007

Which Ed Hardy Skeleton Fleece Hoody Would You Pick?

Ed Hardy’s skeleton screenprint fleece hoody are FUN. The skeleton print is also imprinted on the back. So, are you the orange, navy or black type?




Pick your choice of color and graphic underneath the skeleton at Neiman Marcus. I like the navy myself :)

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  • jonny ray

    ya the navy

  • Mike

    Get the LRG one that you see Kanye rockin, LRG came out with this a year ago, Ed Hardy actualy copied LRG.

  • http://www.sheknowsbest.com Dexie

    Mike, eh, fashion is all about inspiration. A lot of people are copying celebrity looks, some go crazy but some are just inspired.

  • scott

    please help, i live in the U.K. and would like to buy the black skeleton hoodie. been searching all day and no luck in the uk yet. any ideas

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  • Anthony

    I have this vest
    but in the brown

  • http://steffmo8@msn.com Ed Hardy Fan

    great Ed Hardy Hoodie

  • Rob Ankrom

    Neither: ’cause anything with the “Ed Hardy”‘ name on it “fashion-wise” is really the work of Über Cunt Christian Audigier, attempting to ride out the dead horse of “biker chic” until that horse has been beaten into a brightly-colored, blood splattered pulp.

  • Maggie

    black one! deffinitely, i saw similar skeleton black and white tops online: