Caps ala Brad Pitt

bradpitt-greytweed-cap2.jpgMore inquires came my way regarding an item I featured here at She Knows Best. This time though, it didn’t have anything to do with our usual suspect, aka David Beckham :) . This time around, it’s the “newsboygrey tweed cap that Brad Pitt wore while strolling Central Park in NYC with daughter Zahara. You’d be happy to know that he wore the same cap at Deauville Film Festival promoting his new movie: “The Assassination Of Jesse James“. So per some of our reader’s request I went virtual shopping for newsboy caps. Here are what I found :

Brown/Gray Tweed Flat Cap with brown leather brim from Dolce & Gabbana. The logo design is embossed in the back.

More Caps after the fold……

prada-operata-cap-black.jpg prada-operata-cap-gray1.jpg
Lana Operata Hat from Prada. Pick from either black or gray.

Burberry Corduroy Cap. Burberry logo is embroidered at center back. Either pick a brown or black color.

I like the leather brim on the D&G brown/grey tweed cap.

*Brad Pitt’s picture from Wireimage

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    • jodan lee campos

      what brand is brad pitt’s newspaper boy cap?can someone please let me know where to get it and how much?

    • debra

      these hats are not the same as Brads gray flat cap who makes his and how can we buy the exact one obviouly not brads why is it such a myster ycant we ask brad the make and brand of his hat?

    • Emmy

      Actually, the hat that Brad Pitt is wearing on the picture is from Berlin – based Hat designer Fiona Bennett!
      She gave it to him when they met in 2007 when he stayed in Berlin for some time shooting a movie.
      Have a look at our website, where you can find the cap under the name Malcom.

    • Don

      The exact hat he wears is a Yves Saint Laurent cabbie hat that is made in Italy and retails for $245.00. I suggest ebay – probaby about $100.00 there.
      good hunting

    • Don

      I live in Austin Texas and he was just filming 1/2 hour outside there. A relative had the chance to meet him and saw for herself the brand name of the hat on the coffee table that he sat at as they spoke briefly.