Britney at the MTV VMAs. Yay or Nay?

Britney Spears
Britney – Comeback Kid or Catastrophe?

Well dahlings, here she is. Ms. Britney Butt Cheeks herself. This is from the MTV VMAs last night, where Brit was supposedly going to rock the house by opening up the show with her dazzling comeback. Instead, I nodded off. I remember coming to long enough to think “I stopped working for this? What a jip!” (And yeah, I know the word “jip” is a fossil, but hey, I was in REM sleep for crying out loud!)

Anyway, so her performance was reminiscent of a twelve-year-old in her first talent competition. Whatever. What I’m here to talk about is the fashion. Or lack of it in this case. Now, if you’ve seen me talk about J. Lo, you know that I am usually most forgiving of the curvy chicks of the world, but damn, if you’ve got curves (which the ex-Mrs. Federline definitely has), dress accordingly. Accentuate the positive and the rest? Cover it the hell up! Nobody wants to see jiggles and bumps, no matter how many pairs of Spanx you’ve layered on. Brit’s had two babies. I get it. But if you’re a super star looking to make a much-needed positive impression, you goldamn better look like you mean business. Tone up or cover up.

These are my thoughts. Et vous? What sayeth you about Brit Brit’s sparkly get up? Pull up a Kamikaze and let ‘er rip…

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    • klassygirl

      hey girl!

      Just how much more can that girl F@#$-up? She should call it a wrap for herself (really she should be hiding behind one). Although, ya know, I betcha she does have some pearly white teeth thanks to her hygienist. HAHA!

    • Christina

      I have the one nice thing that there is to say – her makeup really looked beautiful. Thats it. No more good to say. I really had hoped she was going to try – if she had made an effort, I would have been so behind her (despite the god-awful outfit). But she looked like she couldn’t give a shit. Disgusting. And sad. Mostly sad. Love ya, my snarky friend! *muah*

    • Liberty

      Hey, klassy. I know someone else who has some blindingly pearly whites today, wink wink.

      Agreed. Time to call it a day for Ms. Spears. Definitely.

    • Liberty

      Christina, dahling. *mwah, mwah* So good of you to stop for a visit. I’ve been dying to have you over here, so mucho thanks for coming.

      Yanno, I SO agree with you about the makeup. Sometime during my sleepy haze, I did take note that her makeup looked fabby. At least SOMEONE did their job right.

      As for her comeback – what a disappointment. I understand nerves. Shit happens. BUT, when you are a very (VERY) seasoned professional, there is no excuse for a subpar performance…ESPECIALLY one that was supposed to convince the world you’re not the loser piece of Caucasian Refuse they now think you are.

      So you’re right, dahling. Sad is the best word for it all. Sad for her. Sad for her kids. Sad for her talent manager and record company.

      Stick a fork in the girl…she’s done. (But thank Neptune she at least has a good makeup artist.)

    • Schadenfreude

      I can’t NOT comment on the Britney Express, destination nowhere. This VMA deal–both the garb and the garbled performance–was so pathetic it’s almost hard to keep snarking. (I said ALMOST).

    • Liberty

      Almost. But any true snarky professional can ALWAYS find fodder with Ms. Spears. Just can’t be helped.

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