Babies and Girls Ear Piercings @ Claire’s

emma-ears.jpgMy daughter got her ears pierced when she was 8 months old. We had it done at Claire’s. The major requirement for infants’s ear piercing is that they have gotten their 3rd month’s shots. For $22, Claire’s provided the the piercings, the pair of gold studs and cleaning set. With the studs, you can pick from either gold or silver. I would’ve picked the silver but since my Mother-in-Law paid for it, I compromised when she picked the gold studs. The lady at Claire’s will instruct you on the proper care of the ears pierced. Just kinda twist the earrings around, and pour a little bit of the antiseptic solution on a cotton ball then apply it on the ears, front and back, everyday for 6 weeks. After that period of time, you can change the studs into another set of earrings if you want. But for precautions, make sure to still use studs instead of hoops coz their little finger are very curious. You don’t want your baby sticking her finger into the hoop opening while she’s sleeping at night. So stick with studs until you are confident your baby girl doesn’t pull on her ears constantly. Also don’t worry about the earrings from Claire’s. I was hesitant on the gold pair coz I juust had a feeling my daughter is like me when it comes to fake golds. Claire’s infant studs are real so your daughter won’t be allergic to it. Plus the antiseptic will help out a lot. I had a pair of another gold earrings that I put on her ears after 6 weeks but it turned out not to be real so she had a problem with ‘em. Now she’s back to wearing the gold studs from Claire’s. For anow anyway. I have 2 pairs of silver hoosp for her. One pair was a gift from her Godmother. My Mother-in-Law also bought her a pair of pearl studs. NIIICE. Once I’m confident she won’t pull on her ear too all the time, I’d put her in any of those new earrings.

Anyhooo, if you’re wondeirng where to get your baby daughter’s ear piercings done. go to your local Claire’s store. The handle kids as well. And make sure she’s had her 3 months shots done.

WARNING : Your Baby Will Cry, but she will be alright. Trust me, I was nervous as hell. I was glad my husband wasn’t with us coz if he heard her scream he would’ve stopped the whole thing. I do believe it’s better to get their ears pierced before they turn 1 yr old. Babies skin and pains tend to heal faster.

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    • Jeanne

      Thanks, Dexie! I chickened out on my youngest daughter’s ear piercings (got my older one’s done when she was 8 months old and because she moved, one was off-centre and needed to be redone when she was like 8 years old).

      I’ve been regretting waiting for the younger one’s piercings and now I read this, I’m really regretting it. Plus, she saw this and was like, “I want earrings.” If they can talk, they’re probably too old to “forget” LOL (she’s 4).

      Moral of the story: try to get them done early. Now I’m terrified… lol

    • Dexie

      Jeanne, hey, she said she wants it..LOL. Just hold her down in the chair and bribe with an ice cream cone after wards :)

    • Star

      Can’t wait until she’s old enough to wear enjoy the hoops! :)

      I got my ears pierced (the first time) when I was 3 months old, or so the story goes heh. I imagine I’d do the same if I ever have a little girl. The younger they are the less they’ll remember the pain right? ;)

    • Dexie

      Right! :)

    • Delilah Jurek

      My daughter is 11months old and will be 1 may 15 2008. I really want to get her ears pierced because regardless what I put on her (clothing wise) people think she is a boy SAD she is so beautiful and to me of course looks nothing like a boy. I am scared because of the pain but reading this makes me want to do it more because she won’t remember this.
      Always Delilah

    • ivy han

      i had my piercing done when i was in first grade but took it out after a few months because it kept getting in my way. long hair and sports and such.
      i didn’t think i’d want it again but got it pierced when i turned 19.
      my second time wasn’t just a passing fancy at a trend or to enhance my beauty. i think it’s important to have the choice of whether or not i wanted the piercing.
      and pain shouldn’t be an issue. if a person wants a piercing, hopefully they are at a stage in their life where they are willing to go through a little pain to get it done.
      i understand that as parents, we don’t want to our children to be in any pain. but the choice and the small amount of pain is worth the understanding and maturity.
      but then again…they may just want it as soon as their friends start getting one.
      just a thought~

    • http://n/a gaby


    • Judith

      was thinking about taking my 5 month old baby girl to get her ears peirced today, still neverous no matter what. Daddys not impressed, but we just want it over with lol so my mother is taking us and I’m just going to have to walk away, as soon as I hear her scream, I’ll more then likely cry :(

    • Judith

      Thanx for the motivation!

    • Jane Hill

      Beware – The assistant at Claire’s said that she wouldn’t do the procedure unless we signed in advance to say that it was satisfactory.

      It’s supposed to be done in a sterile way but she continued serving customers in her sterile gloves while I was reading the form!

      I was disgusted and walked. I don’t know anything about ear piercing but I do know that when a company asks you to sign away your legal rights before the procedure happens – tehn you don’t have anything to do with it.

      Find an ear piercer who has your child’s welfare at heart – not it’s legal section.

    • Mother of 5

      I think piercing an infant’s or child’s ears is sick. What right do you have to put holes in someone else’s body without their permission. You don’t OWN your children’s bodies. It is sickening to inflict that pain onto a baby like that. And the excuse of, they cry but it’ll be ok, is just ignorant. You could smack a kid around some too, they would cry, but be ok. So let’s do that too while were at it! Let your children grow up and decide for themselves whether or not to get their ears pierced. After all their ears belong to them, not you.

      • Chrissy

        Are you seriously comparing piercing ears to child abuse? Thats like saying if you dye your hair you’ll start to use crack. thats the craziest thing ive ever heard. Just because someone doesnt view the same morals as you doesnt mean that their decision to pierce her ears is SICK. that is so rude. You should think before you type people could take great offense to this.

      • CDG

        So I guess you oppose vaccinations as well????

      • 2girlsaremyworld

        I get a kick out of these parents and people who say “what right….” “parents don’t own their children’s bodies” BLAH BLAH BLAH! Neither one of my girls cried, flinched, or freaked and my oldest was 4 months old and had them done one at a time. Have you ever tried to clean and disinfect a school age child’s piercings? Would you feel “safe” depending on a 13 year old to take proper care of them? I know I sure the hell wouldn’t. It is so so much easier to clean an infant’s piercing. You can do it well while they sleep… so get the hell off your high horses… moronic hippies

      • DeAndra

        SHUT UP!!!

    • Morgan

      My daughter is 2 years old. My personal opinion is to let your daughter decide whether she wants to get her ears pierced or not. Also, if you don’t want your baby to feel pain, you can rub some EMLA cream on her ears an hour in advance and wipe it off when you get there. It numbs so you can’t feel a thing!

    • Patty

      My daughter is 5 1/2 months old, We got her ears pierced at Claires yesterday. We got her gold studs with her birthstone. She Cried for at least 10 minutes or longer But she was also tired since she went to see santa and we woke her up from her nap early to go do that. So I think she did pretty good for being kinda on the cranky side. My Husband was there… He was Livid he didnt want her to get her ears pierced but I talked him into it. When she cried for 10 minutes he was pretty upset, I was a little stressed but all in all it went pretty good haha im just scared of the studs jabbing her neck behind her ears and keeping them clean because she’s squirmy and its a little hard to clean. But Im glad i did it when she’s young.

    • Patty

      Oh btw I paid $47 and it came with the anticeptic

    • judi

      got my daughters done at 5 months, i have another post on here about getting it done
      she was amazing! she only cried because we had to hold her head still, and she didnt like that to much. We got them done at peoples jewelers. I would advise everyone to get them done there, they have special backings that are closed and rounded off so theydont poke the baby behind the ears, will cost alot more, but you know they are GOOD earings and a good gun and anticeptic, i think it was $60 for cubic diamonds!
      so cute!!

    • judi

      Mother Of 5:
      its a peircing, NOT a tattoo, if they decide when they are older that they do not want it, so let it be, let them take them out and HEAL OVER! unlike a tattoo, it heals over!
      its no different then the baby going for a needle! except that theres a stud involved. If it was bugging my daughter, i would have taken them out, but there not, so I’m keeping them in!

    • Susan

      My daughter is 13 months old. And i want to get her ears pierced at Claire’s. Do I need to take an appointment for that? Or should I juz walk in?

    • Dexie

      Susan, just walk in :)

    • http://Claires alisa

      I went to Claires today to get my ear piercings today. It o.k but Lillian Villarruel was nice to me!!!!!!!

    •, Kaley

      I’m 12 and i just had my ears pierced at Claires. I have to say, it wasn’t so bad, and even though I cried, it was BEFORE the actual piercing. The anticipation was killing me.
      Basicly, the waiting was the worst part of it all. Getting my back-to-school shots were worse than the ear piercing. But it still took me about a day for the pain in my ears to go away, and I couldn’t get to sleep cause when I tried to turn to my side it felt like my ear piercing experience. The pain just stopped today.
      But now for the babies ear piercing thing. I personally think that yes, a baby’s ears should be pierced at a young age, between 8-12 months of age. They don’t get that awful feeling in their stomache while they’re waiting for it to be done, because they don’t know what’s about to happen, and then the pain is one spilt second, and boom! It’s done and over with. The baby won’t even remember the ear piercing, and now that their ears are pierced, when they go to school they won’t succumb to peer presure as everyone else’s ears get pierced. It is possible that they will become one of the most popular kids later on, and this can boost the child’s self-esteem. So this is why I agree to early ear piercing.

      • kay

        i agree with you totally i had my ears done as a baby i had my ears done again at a salon and the girl messed them up by putting one to high up because i was scared and jumped when i heard the gun sound then i went to claries a few months ago and got it fixed they did a great job with my ear i love them now

    • Karenza

      This is all wrong! please do not take your child to claires to get their ears pierced, do some research of places in your local area. Claires use piercing guns which are very unhygenic, as is piercing someones ears in a dusty shop window. Training given in piercings to those that work in claires is minimal and the advice that they give afterwards can cause infection to earrings such as ‘make sure you twist the stud morning and night’, you should not do this as it moves dirt back into the piercing. I had my first ear piercings done when i was younger in a reputable jewellars who used proper gold studs, not cheap ones. it only cost £4 more than at claires and was definately worth paying the extra money. I never had any problems with the piercings and the piercing was straight! This is just my advice, you don’t have to take it but just thought it might help someone

    • Karenza

      I am talking about claires in the UK by the way. by readin the article it sounds as if claires in the USA give better quality earrings and are better trained/safer

    • Karen

      NO! Not Claire’s! They use a gun that is impossible to thoroughly clean and their earrings can jam. My daughter had her ears pierced at Claire’s almost 10 weeks ago and we can’t get them out. The backs are jammed on. The school nurse couldn’t do it. The local Claires store manager couldn’t do it (she tried, even though she wasn’t supposed to) and I was taken aback about how casually she “cleaned” her hands before trying to remove the earrings. My husband tried to get them out using needle nose pliers! They’re still in and we’re thinking we may have to take her to the doctor. No Claire’s!!!

      • Peter

        Serves you right for treating your daughter like the family pet. I feel sorry for the poor kid. I hope she sues you and Claires for the cost of the plastic surgery if she wants them restored later!

      • Lainy

        Seriously, you psycho whats with all the wanting to sue?? Leave people be you piece of trash!

    • Sammi

      This should be the choice of the child, when they’re old enough to make a decision – why hurry?

    • megan

      I am 10 and my friend had them done at Claires I am about to get them done for cristmas holidays but I am not very sure about getting them done at claires or at this place I know called Face and Figure apparently they dont numb your ears up . My friends earings turned out fine and she said they dont hurt but on the other hand ALL of my other friends are saying that I should get them done at Face and Figure. But I would natrully prefer to go to Claires because I am used to Claiers. My cousion had them done at Claires and said they didnt hurt. Im afraid of the pain the most I can`t even stand having a tooth pulled out WHAT SHOULD I DO??? they look so pretty yet I just can not stand the pain I am sooo gonna have my teddy to hug please help me :(

    • Ashleigh

      What a terrible idea to get your daughters ears pierced and putting her at risk of getting hepatitis! Ear piercing guns are the second leading spread of hepatitis! You cannot autoclave a piercing gun, all they can do is wipe it down between piercings!!! Leaving plenty of blood and grossness behind.

      • Cristabel


      • Melissa

        yes they use a one time use gun and the ear rings you buy are the needles so now how again can they be spreading it. the ear rings come in seal bags and last time i got my ears done i had to wait cause the girl that was trained was on lunch break and they wont let any one else do it.

      • Peter

        Some people like to treat their babies as though they were the family
        pet: Get the dog’s tail cut. Get the cat de sexed and get kid’s ears pierced. It doesn’t matter to them that she is another human being, and will be living with it for about the next 90 yrs. I think it is a very selfish attitude and should forbidden by law up to an age where she can decide for herself.

    • Michelle

      Not sure about the required “3 months shots” as stated above…all 3 of my girls had them done when they were 8 weeks old- there are usually 2 months shots, 4 month shots and 6 months shots….not sure about “3 month shots”…none of mine have ever had a problem and they all 3 thank me for doing it when they were babies!!!

      • melody

        i agree i think babies should have their ears pierced when they are very small so that they dnt remember anything and can then just enjoy buying the accessories, im having my daughters ears pierced 2moro in claires and although i know it will be sore at the time im sure she will appreciate it when shes older

    • Wendy

      How can the earrings be “REAL” if your only paying 22 dollars for the whole service?

      • Julie

        Yeah thats weird I paid 60 and they are 14k.

    • Peter

      Gee, it’s good to see you gave her a choice in the matter, seeing as she is the one that will be still living with it for about 30 years after you’ve gone, not the family fucking pet, to be modified according to your whim. What if she doesn’t want daggy holes through her ear lobes. If she doesn’t, I hope she sues you and the place that did it for the cost of restoring them!

      • nettyo

        have you given your baby a choice as to whether or not she wants vaccinations???? vaccinations do just as much harm as good but i bet you are okay with that….

      • Julie

        You are such a moron

      • wagunn

        Could you repeat your idiotic comment a few more times? I think there are a couple of folks who don’t realize what an a-hole you are.

    • Sara

      People need to stop arguing. This topic will never have a right or wrong answer. It is a cultural thing. I grew up in nyc and it’s completely normal for baby girls to have pierced ears. I honestly never noticed that my friends’ had pierced ears. It was weird for me to see girls without them growing up. However, my boyfriend grew up in arizona and he hates the idea of our daughter getting her ears pierced. We’ve fought about it on multiple occassions and can’t seem to agree =/

      • Peter

        Why don’t you get her de-sexed and micro chipped while you’re at it. It’s good to see you wanting to treat her like the family pet. It doesn’t matter that she is a human, who will be still living with it for about 30 years after you’ve gone! Good on you! If you do it I hope she sues you and the place that did it for the cost of restoring them if she doesn’t want her ear lobes spoiled.

    • Diana

      I support all baby girls having their ears pierced. We have two daughters and took both of them to have their ears pierced at three months old. There are a lot of advantages to having them done really young. It is good to get this little job out of the way, it is far easier to do it when they are babies than when they are older, they grow up used to wearing earrings, they can be taken out for school games and other activities, it hurts less when they are babies etc. etc. Also they do look really sweet. My daughters are now 8 and 6 years old and love their earrings. I realise that not all parents will agree with it but please do not criticise those of us who did decide to have our daughters’ ears pierced as babies. In my circle of friends we are definitely in the majority.

      • Peter

        Why didn’t you get her de-sexed and micro chipped while you’re at it. It’s good to see you treating her like the family pet. It doesn’t matter that she is a human, who will be still living with it for about 30 years after you’ve gone! Good on you! I hope she sues you and the place that did it for the cost of restoring them if she doesn’t want her ear lobes spoiled.

      • Jack A.

        @Peter, fuck off

    • Diana

      It is brilliant that Claire’s will do ear piercing for baby girls from about four months and after they have had their first set of shots. I think Claire’s have a virtual monopoly in piercing baby girls’ ears here in the UK although a few other places will do it from an even earlier age. Many of us think baby girls should have their ears pierced as babies – please do not criticise us if we decided to do this just as we do not criticise parents who decide to wait until their daughters are older to make this decision

    • Pam

      I agree with those mothers who decide to have their daughters’ ears pierced when they are babies. We had two daughters and took both of them to have their ears pierced at a local hair salon when they were each six weeks old. It has all worked out well for them and we have not had any problems. Our older daughter has now had her first baby, a little girl, and took her to have her ears pierced at Claire’s last week – she is five months old. She looks really sweet. Six weeks may be a little young for little girls to have it done but between four and six months seems a good age. Some families I know who waited till their girls were older – even teenagers, have often had lots of problems having it done at that age and our girls are both glad they had it done as babies.

    • Susan

      Makes me laugh how you all talk about ear piercing ‘best to get it done at a young age’ as though it is compulsory! Uneducated bad parents is what you are! How about you get your daughters belly button pierced or maybe her nose? Oh that’s totally diffrent you say, how is it diffrent!? Because you think ear piercing on a tiny child looks cute HA news flash it looks CHEAP and NASTY. Secondly inflicting unnecessary pain on an infant is CRUEL. It is for your own cosmetic shallow TACKY needs. Let babies be babies!! If they want a piercing when they are old enough to understand and choose that then fine but at 6 weeks old? Have you ever tried sleeping with no pillow (if your smart enough to know babies shouldent have pillows) with earings in? Because let me tell you it’s uncomfortable!! Let your babies be babies because your making them grow up FAR beyond there time so when your tacky ass kids come home drunk and pregnant at 15 then cry me a river !! Hate all you like you selfish cruel second class mothers but babies are beautiful and do not need metal hanging off there faces!!!!!

      • sladja

        you ought to be ashamed of yourself and shut your darn mouth because no one asked you for your opinion. a woman bore a child for 9 months and went through intense labour and she can if she wants to, pierce her own childs ears if that’s what she prefers. you clearly have no respect for yourself. and a child shouldnt even need to sleep without a pillow. i’d be more vulgar with you but i have more respect from my self, which clearly you dont since youve degraded yourself with your own comment.

      • Ricky J Hamilton

        you all forgot the most important part of this-that child is an independent human being that didn’t choose whether or not it got impaled with sharp objects. fuck your noise about a mother’s right to make that choice, my child is getting her ears pierced at 7 by her own choice.

      • wagunn

        WTF? You state that your daughter IS getting her ears pierced at 7, by her own choice. If you’ve already decided that she’s getting them pierced at 7 yrs. old – how is it her choice? Doh!

      • Boom

        Susan, your post is hysterical. Thank you for the laugh. I love how you give the impression that you are educated, yet your post is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. You are ignorant, arrogant, petty and unintentionally hilarious ;)

      • Carla

        After reading your comment, Susan, I am starting to wonder if you are on crack or simply just have sp=omething shoved up your ass….like really??? Second class mothers? Tackey? Nasty? These little girls aren’t exposing their bodies…they are getting their ears pierced! I had mine done at 3 months old and my mother is sure as hell NOT a second class mother! I was never a drunk as a teenager nor did I get pregnant as a teenager. I am 24 years old, married and I have successful career. Please if you dont know what the hell you are talking about then PLEASE do everyone a favor and shut your f***ing mouth. Poeple like YOU disgust me. What makes you think you are smarter or better than everyone else????? Do you realize that your post has more spelling and grammatical errors than anyone else on this forum????? Everyone, this is what you call an UNEDUCATED, IGNORNANT BITCH

      • bdc

        you’re a nut job susan. Lighten up

    • taylor

      I also agree with getting them peirced at a young age I personally had mine done at the age of 10 and It sucked! I would have much rather had it done at an early age, Im going to get my ddaughters ears peirced soon she is 8 months.

    • Carla

      My sister had them done as a baby and my mom took good care of them. She has never had any problems with them, and she is an adult now. I had mine done when I was 10, and it was horrible. I didn’t take care of them well and they closed up. I had them done again when I was 12, and while I took better care of them, I still have a problem with the back side of the piercing closing up if I don’t wear earrings for a while. I wish my mom had done mine when I was a baby, and I will get my daughter’s ears pierced before she is 14 months.

      People who think piercings lead to teenage pregnancy and is equal to cruel treatment either have never lived in the real world or are delusional. Frankly, they make me laugh.

    • Cece B.

      Im 13 and I have a 1 year old daughter I got hers done at 3 months and now she plays with them all the time I just luv her I got pregnate at 11 and had her at 12 I am now 13 and don’t regret it one bit lol luv her 2 death:)

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    • http://Claires alisa

      I went to Claires today to get my ear piercings today. It was o.k but thanks to Lillian Villarruel was nice to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jenny

      Judi – I wish mine would heal over. How do you do that?