#1 WTF?!? Outfit from the VMAs

WTF?!? Lil’ Mama
Lil’ Mama or Lil’ Bo Peep?

Welp, dahlings, here it is. The Be All and End All WTF?!? outfit from the MTV Video Music Awards. And you thought Britney looked bad…

Word on the street is that the “Lip Gloss” rapper, Lil’ Mama, was only dressing the part, yanno, since she’s known as the “baby” rapper. Baby as in young. I guess. Whatever. Baby or not, there’s nobody, nowhere that needs to be having a tricked-out pacifier like that. Particularly at an awards show.


Okay, time for my midday dip into the liquor cabinet. See you at Happy Hour!

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    • http://www.offbeathomes.com Jennifer

      I honestly don’t know if I should laugh or cry. I need a drink now and all I drink is coffee and water. I’ll have to try one of those other deals you’re always downing full force :)

    • http://www.snarkstress.com Liberty

      Is this not the most wretched thing ever? I don’t care what image you’re looking to project, a get-up like this has no place at an awards show.

      Now, dear Jennifer, where shall we meet for drinkies? My treat. And I’ll go easy on you. We’ll start with a Long Island and go from there, mm-kay? *mwa-ha-ha-ha!*

    • klassygirl

      I’d join you for a couple guzzles girls. This makes me think of those comedy shows where they put your face in a stroller making you look like the baby. I would freak out if I were her mama lookin’ in that stroller. Hey, is that a pacifer by her mouth?

      sweet dreams!

    • http://www.snarkstress.com Liberty

      Hey klassy – that is HILARIOUS! Now that you mention it, dahling, that IS what this train wreck looks like. Ha! Imagine seeing THAT after a few drinkies. Whoa.

    • http://www.myspace.com/hoodstudd young j get money

      wats up!i love ur pics and muisc.i also love ur show”american best dances crew.”

    • Tashala

      Whateva all of yall are just hatin on my gurl cause you would have neva thought of that and thats what most people like about her because she’s different. And I’m sure she doesn’t care about yall talkin because millions outnumber 3.

      * Wanna-be Biggest Fan*

    • The Fly One

      I don’t dig the outfit but I respect any trend setter. A real trend setter will wear anything and could careless about any hater comment. (Look at Andre 3000.) So yall stop typing all that hatered.

    • Alesha

      OMG please stop with all of the “Hating” crap. Please understand the purpose of a blog is to post your OPINION love it or hate it. I admire trendsetters as well but my OPINION is that she looks a hot mess.