Get Her Look: Ashley Tisdale is Cute & Casual



We agree that Ashley Tisdale is beyond cute. Don’t we? She can pull off casual like no other Disney sweetheart.

To get Ashley’s look, shop for her David Bowie tank ($38) at 80′s Purple. You can pick up a pair of Skinny Jeans from Levi’s ($58) or stop by Delia’s, where you can get a pair for around $30, and in a multitude of colors. Finish off the casual chic outfit with a pair of Pull-On Boots ($80) from TopShop.

Now, go get your celeb look on.

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    • teri

      ur syt is good but i want 2 no how 2 get ashleys hair style 2!!!! if u can pls put that on.

    • Lexi

      Meh. It’s very normal. Nothing too unique, more like something i’d see on my little brother’s girlfriends. He’s like elleven btw.
      It’s just very very disney.

    • gemma

      all you really have to do is get a side fringe, die your hair that blonde(unless it already is that colour)and then tie it back.

    • jordy

      pretty cute! im not so crazy about the tank, the face is kinda creepy!

    • Cindy

      SO CUTE. But ur right, all mi friends where that stuff, cute boots, skinny jeans and some sweater or tank. Personally, I’m more jeans, adidas sneakers and abercrombie sweater…its more together.

    • Cazzie

      No offense but that outfit is rather expensive! I live in th UK and you could get that whole outfit for about $65 over here. Woohoo for the British Highstreet!

    • adeen

      u r simple but trendy u luk fabulous ash

    • http://no nelly


    • sasha williams

      You dress pretty imature for 21 or 22 year old atleast dress like vanessa hudgens PLZ i mean who wants to get your disney look and get a nose job !

    • ooiiggee

      shes had more noses than MICHAEL JACKSON!!

    • Samantha

      I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hannah

      Thats a cute outfit.I have bought it,and everyone complimented me! But,how do I get her hair-style? I love it! It’s so cute. Please tell me?

    • gemma

      its realii easy, just curl the bottom a bit then tie it back